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Los Algodones is known among Canadians and Americans as the dental capital of the world.  It’s a small tourist destination, but it welcomes hundreds of tourists everyday especially during winter months.  The year-round sunny weather draws winter visitors to relax and enjoy a day trip to Los Algodones.

Due to the overwhelming number of Mexico dentists in the area, finding the reputable specialist for your major dental work can be a challenge.  Fortunately, Dayo has the track record of sending thousands of patients to Los Algodones for successful dental work.  We even provide charter transportation to Los Algodones from Phoenix.

What to expect from your Algodones dentist

Los Algodones is home to a number of dentists located within a few blocks across the US-Mexico border. Choosing the right dentist can be overwhelming, especially if you need specialty dental care such as dental implants or full mouth restoration. Just like in any other location around the world, there are good, average, and bad dentistry. You just have to be a savvy consumer.

Dayo Dental goes beyond pre-screening Los Algodones dentists. We are the only company that screens dentists in Mexico based on actual client feedback and results. Those practitioners that receive bad reviews are removed from our network. We commit to this philosophy to ensure each Dayo client’s successful dental experience.

Learn more about how Dayo chooses Mexico dentists that you can trust.

Where is Los Algodones

Los Algodones is just right across the border from the Yuma, Arizona area.  It is located on the border of California, Arizona, and Mexico.  It is 3 ½ hours from Phoenix and 2 ½ hours from San Diego by car.

How you get to Los Algodones

There are 3 ways to travel to Algodones. First, you can drive there.  Second, you can fly to the nearest airport and take a rental car to Algodones.  The closest airport is the Yuma International Airport.  Lastly, you can ride Dayo’s Charter Van from the Metro Phoenix area to Los Algodones.

The dental facilities are 2-3 blocks from the US-Mexico border.  So you park your vehicle on the U.S. side of the border and walk to the dentists.

Map of Algodones, Mexico

What are travel options provided by Dayo

Aside from driving yourself to the dental facility, Dayo also provides a special charter van with tour guide from the Metro Phoenix Area to Los Algodones.  Learn More about charter van.

Corporate preferred rates are available in the Quechan Casino and Resort for Dayo clients staying overnight close to Algodones (on the US side of the border).

What are top things to do in Algodones
  • Buy affordable prescription medications and eyeglasses.
  • Dine authentic Mexican food at one of the several restaurants.
  • Shop for souvenirs all over town.
  • Stay at a new Quechan Casino and Resort on the US side with corporate preferred rates provided by Dayo.
  • Visit nearby cities in between your dental appointments, such as in San Diego, Phoenix, or Las Vegas.

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