Three easy steps to the smile of your dreams!


Step 1. Choose to Save

Is Dayo Dental right for you? Know before you go, then travel with confidence. Dayo helps you evaluate your Mexico destination choices, visit length, travel options and procedure costs vs. savings (including insurance plan savings).

If Mexico dentistry is right for you, we proceed to planning your trip and scheduling your appointment.

Step 2. Travel to Mexico

Choose the travel option that’s most convenient and comfortable for you.

Drive to the border. If you’re an independent traveler you’re welcome to drive yourself to any of our Mexico border destinations. Dayo provides detailed maps and directions. With this option you will park your car on the U.S. side of the border then walk or take a taxi the 2-3 blocks to your dental facility.

Ride our charter van. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride to Mexico in the comfort of a Dayo Dental charter van. This option even provides a tour guide to walk you to your dental facility and tell you the cool things to do in your destination town.

Fly to your destination. Coming long distance? Flying is the way to go. Dayo provides complete directions for your local travel, including nearest airport and where to stay. For resort destinations such as Cancun, we provide private concierge and local transportation as you start your dental vacation in Mexico.

Step 3. Meet your Dentist

Every Dayo visit starts with a free consultation with your dentist in Mexico. Once you’re comfortable with your dentist and agree with his/her treatment recommendations, you can begin your dental work immediately.

Don’t worry about a thing. Dayo is there for you every step of the way to the smile of your dreams!