Dayo Dental Optional Round-Trip Transportation to Mexico

Now, you can get a first transportation and initial consultation for dentistry in Mexico for free!

Dayo clients from the Metro Phoenix, Arizona area can now travel more conveniently to Los Algodones, Mexico. Dayo makes travelling to Mexico more comfortable and affordable by providing one-day round trips to Los Algodones through one of Dayo Dental’s Charter Vans. You can even bring a family member during the first visit for free. Because you don’t have to pay for gas or use your car, you save even more

Your Dayo Driver and Tour Guide will meet you at a pre-designated pick-up location in the Metro Phoenix area, drive you to the border, and walk with you to the dental facility. Take advantage of the most popular way to travel to Mexico for dentistry.

Dayo Optional Transportation to Los Algodones, Mexico
Regular Round Trip Extended Stay Round Trip
First Transportation Fee Free Free
Initial Dental Consultation Fee Free Free
Number of Hours in Mexico 4 hours 8 hours
Follow-Up Transportation Fee $45 per person $45 per person
Pickup Locations, Morning Departures and Evening Arrivals
Tempe, AZ Departs 6:00 AM, Arrives Approx. 6:00 PM* Departs 5:00 AM, Arrives Approx. 8:45 PM*
Avondale, AZ Departs 6:30 AM, Arrives Approx. 5:30 PM* Departs 5:30 AM, Arrives Approx. 8:15 PM*
*Arrival times may vary depending on traffic conditions and border crossing lines.

Call us (877-987-3296) or Sign Up To reserve a bus or van trip to the dentist in Los Algodones, Mexico.