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Imperfect teeth got you down? Dayo puts your perfect smile within reach. No need to compromise dental quality for affordable rates. With several ways to save, the dental work you need is finally affordable. Dayo is proud to offer our innovative and truly affordable option to create your perfect smile.


Save significantly off your local dentist’s quote.

Putting off dental work because of the cost? Get your specialty dental care in Mexico with Dayo and save approximately 50-70% off your local dental office. For major and cosmetic dental work, those savings really add up. Imagine saving the price of a car and having a beautiful new smile, too! Learn More.

Save more with Dayo’s preferred pricing.

Dayo negotiates preferred (lower) pricing with top-ranking dentists selected for our network. You pay a lower price than what the dentists normally charge for most major dental procedures. This assures you of competitive local (Mexico) pricing for U.S. quality care standards. You get a great south-of-the-border price for your dental work – without the hassle of finding a dental provider and negotiating directly. Learn More.

Save even more with your dental insurance.

If you have dental insurance, great! Make your insurance work harder for you in Mexico, with Dayo. Use your dental insurance coverage to pay even less out of pocket for your Mexico dental care. We’ll help you figure out your coverage and co-pay amounts and even process your reimbursement. Learn More.

Free consultation …and Dayo’s free too.

Get a free consultation with any dentist in the Dayo network. Be comfortable with your choice — and your price. There’s no obligation or up-front payment on any dental work through Dayo. And don’t forget, our service is also free! How is Dayo’s service free and what does that mean for you? Learn More.