Take the guesswork out of finding the right dentist

It’s your money, your appearance and your health at stake. So how do you find a dentist you can really trust? At Dayo, we choose only the top ranking dental professionals for our network. We continue to screen our dentists based on client feedback. And, your work is backed by a Peace of Mind Guarantee.


Don’t settle for less. Choose the best.

We’ve done the hard work for you. The Dayo Dental Network includes only the most respected specialists in Mexico. Our strict qualification guidelines include years of experience, advanced training, and track record providing successful treatments. Likewise, each Mexico dental facility is credentialed for A.D.A. safety and infection control.

Make your first choice a proven choice.

Until Dayo, choosing a good dentist was trial and error. But with out-of-country dentistry, that’s not practical. All Dayo dentists have a solid treatment record and follow Dayo’s Zero-Mistake Policy. If they don’t meet Dayo standards they’re removed from our network. It’s one more way we maintain superior quality.

Protect yourself with the Peace of Mind Guarantee.

Dayo’s elite partner dentists stand behind your dental care with their professional credentials and exclusive Peace of Mind Guarantee. That’s right. We require that each dentist in our network guarantee your dental work for 5 years. Choose Dayo and protect your investment, knowing you’ll receive top dental care in Mexico. Guaranteed.

Travel safely to a safe destination.

Patient safety starts well before you cross the border. Dayo chooses only the most tourist-friendly and safe resort and border destinations in Mexico. So travel with confidence and enjoy your stay, just like thousands of American and Canadian patients who trust Dayo for their Mexico dental care. Learn More.

Save, don’t compromise.

We don’t compromise and neither should you. You deserve the best, not the cheapest. You come to Dayo for U.S. quality dentistry at Mexico prices. We choose only dentists that use brand name dental materials and high-quality labs. So you save significantly, with zero compromise in dental care quality.