Eat better, feel healthier, look younger with a Dayo Dental Smile

Dayo Dental offers you a comprehensive choice of dental procedures from our elite network of dental specialists. Since we include only the top-rated dentists in Mexico, you’re assured of the latest techniques and most advanced equipment for your dental work.

You expect, deserve and receive U.S. quality care from Dayo. All aspects of your dental work must meet our stringent quality standards. Dayo excellence applies to all dentist partners as well as the dental laboratories, brand and type of materials, and equipment they use in your treatment.

Our Core Competency Procedures
Full Mouth Restoration / Extreme Smile Makeover

Dayo’s service is ideal for people who need full mouth restorations. Oftentimes, full mouth restorations require a team of integrated dental specialists. We’ve worked with thousands of clients who have successfully received extensive dental work in Mexico. Don’t trust your smile to just any Mexican dentist, trust Dayo Dental.

Cosmetic Dentistry / Perfect Hollywood Smile

A smile can transform the way you look and feel about yourself. For a perfect Hollywood smile, you want a dentist in Mexico that can deliver movie star craftsmanship.

At Dayo, we understand that there are very few dentists in Mexico who can deliver amazing cosmetic dentistry results. This is why we choose only the top ranking Cosmetic Dentists who deliver consistently superior results. With Dayo you’ll never have to wonder if your dentist is good. You’ll have the smile to prove it.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are one of the most expensive procedures in the U.S. A single tooth replacement – which includes the implant post, abutment, and porcelain crown – can cost as much as $3,000-$4,500 in the U.S. In Mexico, your Dayo Oral Surgeon can perform the same implants procedure for about half the price.

At Dayo, we require our partner dentists to use only brand name dental implant materials, not generic brands. Likewise, only specialists will install your implants, no general dentists. You get U.S. quality implants from top-rated, affordable Mexican dental specialists.

Dentures Secured with Implants

Are you tired of wearing dentures or suffering with bad teeth? You may be a candidate for dentures secured with dental implants. With the proper placement by a qualified Implant Specialist and Prosthodontist in Mexico, you can have that perfect Hollywood smile and eat just about anything.

Implant-supported dentures are one of the most popular procedures Dayo offers. There is simply no room for error in this procedure. It’s a detailed process that takes some time to complete. And Dayo is with you every step of the way.

Multiple Extractions and Dentures

Extracting all your bad teeth to replace with dentures requires an Oral Surgeon. Unfortunately, Oral Surgeons are one of the most expensive dental specialties in the U.S. Plus, it can take weeks to obtain an appointment, leaving you suffering and in pain.

In Mexico, you can complete this procedure in just one trip. Since we have an extensive network of dentists, we can even schedule the extraction procedure as early as the same week. If you are in pain from bad teeth and want to have a fresh start, call Dayo to get immediate, affordable results.

Crowns and Root Canals

Get rid of your mouth pain and swollen tooth fast with a Dayo root canal. With Dayo’s quick scheduling, you can start your root canal process as early as the next day. You don’t have to wait in agony for the next available appointment with your local dentist.

The Mexico dentists in our network are required to work with only high quality laboratories that produce superior quality crowns. From porcelain crowns to zirconia crowns, you can expect beautiful and guaranteed results from Dayo Dental.

Pain-Free Surgeries

Whether you’re facing an extensive surgical procedure or are simply afraid of dentists, Dayo keeps you comfortable and calm. Pain-free dentistry is available in Mexico using IV sedation and general anesthesia. During the actual procedure, an anesthesiologist will administer the medication for your safety and complete comfort. Learn More.

Periodontal Treatments

Now you can reverse your periodontal disease/ receding gum issues without spending a fortune. Many people postpone periodontal treatments due to cost and end up compromising their health. Some wait too long and lose their teeth. Dayo’s expert Periodontists work to keep your gums and beautiful smile intact — while keeping more money in your pocket.