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Dayo Dental is the only dental network that matches you with top-ranking dentists in Mexico. With Dayo you get US-quality dental care at Mexico prices, saving you thousands over high-priced US or Canadian dental providers. We make your Mexico dental visit stress free and easy so you can relax.
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Saves you thousands

Even with insurance, major dental work costs way too much. But it doesn’t have to! Dayo Dental offers an innovative, cost-effective alternative. Dayo’s specialty dentists deliver US-quality care in Mexico at a fraction of the cost — 50-70% off. Finally, superior dental care you can afford! Learn more

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Connects you with top specialists

How do we know we work with only the best dentists in Mexico? Because we set stringent standards that our entire network must follow if they want to remain our partner. When you go Dayo, you can trust in the safety and security of both your health and financial investment. And, your dental work is guaranteed for five years with the Peace of Mind Guarantee. Learn more

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Simplifies your trip and experience

With Dayo you can relax, knowing you’re saving money, time, and the hassle of navigating Mexico dentistry on your own. We help you analyze your savings, choose your ideal dentist, and coordinate your trip. Dayo even provides special transportation and payment options. Your Dayo experience couldn’t be easier. And the service is free. Learn more

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Provides you benefits not available directly

Finding a dentist in Mexico sounds daunting, doesn’t it? Luckily, Dayo’s done the screening — and you reap the benefits. As a Dayo patient you’ll enjoy preferred pricing, insurance claim handling and no-fee debit/credit card payment options. Substantial savings and great dental care await you south of the border. Learn more

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Since launching in 2006, Dayo Dental has helped thousands of Americans and Canadians receive superior, low-cost dental care in Mexico. Let Dayo connect you to your perfect specialty dentist. Before you know it you’ll have that perfect healthy smile you’ve always wanted, but never thought you could afford. With Dayo, you can. Dayo is a patient-centric free service. There’s no cost to you. GET STARTED NOW!