Is Getting Dental Implants in Tijuana Worth It? Exploring the Advantages and Disadvantages

Planning to get a dental implant in Tijuana? Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of getting your dental implant done in this Mexican city.

Dental Implants in Tijuana pros and cons

The cost of dental work in the US prevents many people from seeking treatment locally. This leads them to consider options beyond the borders.

One option is Tijuana, a city just across the border from San Diego, California. This Mexican city has become a popular destination for dental tourism.

But is it a good idea to get dental implants in Tijuana? This article will explore the advantages and disadvantages of getting dental implants in Tijuana. Knowing these pros and cons helps you make an informed decision for your dental health and your budget.

Advantages of Getting Dental Implants in Tijuana

1. You save thousands on your dental work

The cost of dental work in Tijuana is significantly lower than in the US. You can save up to 50–70% on dental implant costs by getting them done in Tijuana.

Dental Implants Cost Comparison: US vs Tijuana

Dental Implant Type Unit Average US Price Average Price in Tijuana Savings
Dental Implant with Porcelain Crown Per Tooth $5,000 $1,805 64%
Implant Post Per Tooth $1,850 $1,100 41%
Implant Abutment Per Tooth $800 $400 50%
Implant Crown – Porcelain Per Tooth $1,900 $480 75%
Implant Crown – Zirconia Per Tooth $2,650 $730 72%
Overdentures with 4 Implants Per Arch $20,000 $7,700 62%
Fixed Hybrid Bridge with 6 Implants (Acrylic) Per Arch $26,500 $11,800 55%
Fixed Zirconia Bridge with 6 Implants Per Arch $29,000 $14,700 49%
All on 4 with Hybrid Prosthesis (Acrylic) Per Arch $26,500 $11,800 55%
All on 6 with Hybrid Prosthesis Per Arch $29,250 $12,800 56%
All on 4 with Zirconia Prosthesis Per Arch $29,000 $13,700 53%
All on 6 with Zirconia Prosthesis Per Arch $32,000 $14,700 54%

Plus, top Tijuana dentists use the same materials and techniques as your best local implant surgeon. Their dental offices are modern, safe, and always up-to-date with the latest technology.

Tijuana Implant Tips:

  • Don’t go bargain hunting because you might end up with a sub-standard service.
  • Make sure the “dental implant” cost provided to you includes all the materials and procedures from start to finish.
  • Verify the brand of implants. The cost may be cheap, but if you are getting generic low-cost dental implants, you might end up with problems down the road. Top implant brands include Straumann, Neodent, Zimmer Dental, and Nobel Biocare.

2. You can afford to see a top implant surgeon

Newer dentists charge lower. However, you won’t get the level of experience and precision an expert dentist offers. You wouldn’t want to be part of the first 100 cases of complex implant surgeries.

You need to see the best implant surgeons for complex implant cases. This gives you the peace of mind that your health investment is done right.

Top implant surgeons charge a premium for extensive experience and proven success rates. We have had calls from patients getting quoted $60,000 to $80,000 for full mouth implants from their local US dentist.

Going to Tijuana allows you to see a highly qualified implant dentist without breaking the bank.

Dental Implant Dentists Tijuana
Dr. Marco Tulio, a top dental implant specialist in Tijuana, was a speaker during the 1st World Symposium for Autologous Tooth Block and Particulate Bone Graft in 2017 in Daegu, South Korea.

Dr. Tulio is an example. Many US dentists travel to Tijuana to see Dr. Tulio to get live implant surgical training. His office has the most modern 3D planning and milling machines that rivals any US top dentists’. He is also an international speaker and professor at several schools in Mexico and the US.

His Dayo Dental preferred price for an implant with a crown is $1,850. Compare that with $6000 with a top dentist in the US. You see the savings?

Tijuana Implant Tips:

  • Choose a specific dentist, not a dental clinic, for your implant surgery in Tijuana.
  • Verify which doctor will perform the surgery. You’d want an experienced and expert dentist for your treatment.
  • Research the credentials, experiences, and expertise of the dentist before your visit.
  • Explore the dentists in the Dayo Dental Network. We only work with Mexico’s top 5% dentists.

3. Full mouth restorations: You can get more implants per jaw for your money

Need full upper or lower jaw implant restorations? Going to Tijuana allows you to maximize your dental implant treatment. The low costs of dental work help you get more implants for your teeth replacement.

You can upgrade from 4 implants per jaw (such as with All on Four dental implants) to 6 to 8 dental implants. The more implants you have in your jaw, the more stable your teeth will be.

Plus, all additional procedures needed for your treatment also cost less in Tijuana.

Here’s an estimate pricing guide on the different dental procedures involved for your full arch dental implants:

Common Treatments Unit Average Cost in the US Average Cost in Tijuana Savings
Evaluation Per Visit $185 Free 100%
Periodontal Evaluation Per Visit $250 Free 100%
X-ray Complete Series Per Mouth $168 $50 70%
CT Scan Per Mouth $475 $150 68%
Panoramic Xray Per Mouth $115 $50 57%
Temporary Full Denture Per Appliance $1,050 $150 86%
Temporary Partial Denture Per Appliance $850 $150 82%
Regular Extraction Per Tooth $307 $100 67%
Surgical Extraction Per Tooth $485 $250 48%
Bone grafting Per Site $1,111 $450 59%
Sinus Lift Per Quadrant $4,075 $1,700 58%
IV Sedation Per Session $2,877 $650 77%


Note: Your individual case will determine which of these you need. You can discuss this with your dentist during treatment planning.

Tijuana Dental Implant Tips:

  • Did your local dentist recommend All on 4? All on 4 is not for everyone. Ask your Tijuana dentist for other options for fixed teeth replacement. They can help you choose what’s best for you based on your health and lifestyle.
  • Want to save even more? Ask for package pricing. This can save you thousands, especially if you need full mouth extractions before the implant placement.
  • These procedures are complex. You need to be meticulous about the dentist you choose. Choose only a dentist with an advanced level of experience and training, like the ones in our network.
Full Mouth Dental Implants Tijuana
Getting full mouth dental implants in Tijuana is a safe, practical, and convenient alternative. You get high-quality treatment while saving thousands of dollars.

You can even afford better materials for your fixed full upper or lower implants, like Zirconia and Pekkton. These are the gold standard in implant materials. However, they are often too expensive in the US.

4. Dental implant work in Tijuana is fast and efficient

Have you ever scheduled an implant consultation with your dentist, only to be referred to another periodontist? What’s more, there’s a long wait time and another consultation before the actual surgery.

What if all these can all be done in one day? That’s right—it’s possible in Tijuana.

Your Tijuana dentist knows you are coming from out of state. That’s why everything is prepared before you arrive.

You get your implant surgery done in 1 or 2 days on the first visit. You get your final prosthesis in 5–7 days on the second visit. That’s as efficient as possible.

Healing times and biology are the only limiting factors, not scheduling restrictions.

Tijuana Dental Implant Tips:

  • Block enough time for the implant surgery after the consultation to avoid an extra trip.
  • Find a dentist with an in-house CAD/CAM to speed up the production of your final prosthesis.
  • Be super honest with your dentist about your health conditions. This includes the medications you’re taking. This will prevent delays and rescheduling of your implant surgery.

5. You get guarantees on your dental work

Just because it’s affordable does not mean quality is compromised. In fact, you get guarantees for your dental implants in Tijuana. This is uncommon in the US.

Many Tijuana dentists provide guarantees for their work–usually around 6 months to 2 years. This means you can always return to them if your dental implants fail. This saves you money from revision surgery.

Did you know? Dayo Dental partner dentists offer a 5-Year Peace of Mind Guarantee for your dental implants. It’s the best guarantee you can find in Mexico. That’s because we at Dayo Dental want what’s best for you.

Tijuana Dental Implant Tips:

  • Ask for a written guarantee from your Tijuana dentist.
  • Follow the guarantee rules. This can include required yearly maintenance visits after the work is complete.

6. Tijuana is within driving distance

You do not need elaborate planning to get dental work in Tijuana. This is especially true if you live in a state that is within driving distance from the border. This convenience can save you a lot of time and money.

It’s as easy as three simple steps:

  1. Call Dayo Dental to choose a dentist in Tijuana
  2. Schedule an appointment
  3. Go to Tijuana as early as the same week

This makes Tijuana more practical than other dental tourism countries. Besides, dental implants require 2–3 visits to complete. Gas is always cheaper than airfare.

Driving Times to Tijuana from Major US Cities Near the Border

Place of origin Driving time
San Diego 17 minutes
Los Angeles 2 hours, 13 minutes
Yuma 3 hours, 10 minutes
Las Vegas 5 hours, 10 minutes
Phoenix 5 hours, 58 minutes

Tijuana Dental Travel Tips:

  • Call your cell phone provider to include data coverage in Mexico. It allows you to use your phone for texting and navigation while in Tijuana.
  • Mexican car insurance is highly recommended when going to Mexico. We recommend just getting them online through sites like Sanborn’s Mexican Auto Insurance.
  • Don’t want to drive in Mexico? No problem. Just park on the US side of the border, then take a cab or Uber to your dental office.
  • There are numerous parking slots on the US side of the border. The rates are $8–$10 per day for all-day parking.

7. Tijuana is much closer than going to Asia for dental implants

You might have considered going to Asia or other South American countries for dental implants. After all, these are the cheapest places in the world to get implants.

However, you need to consider the cost of travel and the potential language barrier. You’ll need to travel at least twice to complete your treatment. Getting guarantees from farther places also poses challenges to costs and accessibility.

Tijuana is easily accessible by plane or by car. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the language barrier. Many reputable Tijuana dentists, like the ones in our network, speak English effectively.

8. You get all your dental work done in one place

Many top dental clinics in Tijuana are all-in-one facilities. This means you don’t have to visit multiple facilities and can get all your work done in one place.

Your Tijuana dentists will not ask you to visit another laboratory for your X-Ray or CBCT scan. They have all the technology in their office to provide you with the treatment you need.

This is especially convenient if you need complex dental work, such as implants, veneers, or crowns. You can have everything done in one visit. This saves you the hassle of having multiple appointments with different facilities.

9. Enjoy endless touristy options and nice weather

Tijuana is a world-class city with amazing weather almost all year round. It boasts a variety of cultural experiences, scenic beaches, and foodie hotspots.

You get to enjoy many activities and delicious cuisines while you’re there. But remember, you’re there for dental work. Keep everything in moderation.

Dental Tourism in Tijuana
Many people go to Tijuana to get their dental work done. They get to save on costs and enjoy many cultural events, cuisines, and other activities.

Tijuana Dental Travel Tips:

  • Stay in a Tijuana hotel. The daily rates are $100 to $200 lower than San Diego hotels.
  • Choose a hotel with free breakfast. This gives you convenience when you have early morning dental appointments.
  • Stay in good health during your stay in Tijuana. Follow your dentist’s pre- and post-operative instructions. This way, you can get all your dental appointments within the schedule.

Disadvantages of Getting Your Dental Implants in Tijuana

1. You’ll have to deal with border lines

Border lines to go back to the US can be long. You may need to spend a few hours lining up during peak time.

Getting Dental Implants in Tijuana Border
Many people travel to Tijuana to get their dental implants done. Expect long lines at the border.

Tijuana Dental Travel Tips:

  • Cross back outside of peak hours. This way, the lines are shorter.
  • Get a medical pass from your dental office. This can help you shorten your time lining up to cross the border.
  • Park your car on the US side of the border. This will help you avoid long car lines. Crossing the border to the US by foot is a lot faster than by car.

2. You need a passport

Getting your dental implants in Tijuana is considered an international trip. Crossing the border to Tijuana does not need a passport. However, you need it to cross the border back to the US.

Getting your passport can also take time. But don’t worry; there are ways to expedite it.

Tijuana Dental Travel Tips:

  • Secure your passport and other documents (green card, visa, etc., if applicable) before you book an appointment.
  • Don’t have a passport yet? Here’s how to get your passport.

3. Dentists are spread all over Tijuana

Tijuana is big. The dentists are not concentrated in one area, unlike Los Algodones. It’s not easy to navigate the area.

Tijuana Dental Travel Tips:

  • Choose a dental facility with everything you need in one place, just like Dayo Dental partner facilities. This will save you time, money, and energy. You won’t need to move from one location to another to complete your treatment.

4. Hard to find a good dentist

All the dentists in Tijuana say they do dental implants. But which one is good? How do you know? How do you screen for experience? This can be challenging.

Plus, some of the top dentists in Tijuana don’t have good websites. This is something we’ve observed after working with them since 2006.

They are so focused on their craft or are already too busy that they don’t bother to have a website of their own.

Tijuana Dental Travel Tips

  • Connect with reputable dental tourism agencies like Dayo Dental. We’ve pre-screened Mexico’s top dentists and only work with the top 5%. These dentists are former and current professors, guest speakers, and organizational leaders who set the forefront of dentistry.

5. Dental implants take multiple trips to Tijuana

You need to take two or three trips to complete the treatment. This depends on the complexity of your case.

Here’s an outline of the visits you’ll take.

Dental Implants in Tijuana Process
Getting dental implants in Tijuana can take up to three visits. It all depends on your case and treatment plan.

The entire process can take up to 6 to 9 months. This depends on your healing time and recovery rate.

The length of your stay per visit also depends on your case. This will be determined during your onsite consultation with your Tijuana dentist.

Tijuana Dental Travel Tips

  • Send us your recent X-Ray, CBCT scans, and treatment plan from your local dentist. We’ll forward it to our partner dentist in Tijuana for pre-evaluation. This way, we can discuss their recommendations. This will give you an idea of how many trips to Tijuana you’ll need to make.

6. Some dentists perform procedures they are not qualified to do

Everyone will say on their website that they do full mouth implants. But very few have solid experience with such a complex procedure.

You need to be thorough with your research. Do not depend on online reviews alone.

7. No dental financing

Yes, you save up to 50–70% on costs by going to Mexico. However, the total costs can still be financially demanding. Sadly, many Tijuana dental clinics do not offer dental financing.

We know that the cost is a top factor for dental tourism. This is why we offer dental financing at Dayo Dental. It uses the same financing as your local dentist. You can save on upfront costs using this option.

Excited to check your eligibility? Take the leap and apply for financing using our convenient link: Dayo Dental Financing for Dental Work in Mexico.

Don’t worry, it’s a soft credit pull, so your credit score remains unaffected.

8. You get what you pay for

Some prices in Tijuana for dental implants are so low. Many get tempted to seek rock-bottom prices or base their decision on costs. Remember, the cheapest isn’t always the best deal.

The only justification for rock bottom prices is to use 3 things:

  1. Lower quality, lesser-known implant brands
  2. Lower quality laboratories
  3. Less experienced dentist

Tijuana Dental Travel Tips

  • Shop for prices. Compare the costs and what’s included in the packages. You might find deals that are at middle-of-the-road costs. Remember, it’s always quality first, price second.

9. Not as easy to drive in Tijuana

Tijuana is not like US roads. Roads are narrower and more confusing. There aren’t many street signs.

Dental Implants Tijuana Pros and Cons
Driving around during your dental vacation in Tijuana can be challenging. You need to be familiar with the roads, as well as the local traffic rules and regulations.

Tijuana Dental Travel Tips

The Bottomline

Are you ready to go to Tijuana for your dental implants? You’ll not only save on costs but also get high-quality treatment.

We understand; you might still have questions about getting your dental implants in Tijuana. Why don’t you contact us today at 877-987-3296 to book your free consultation?

We’ll pair you up with one of Mexico’s top 5% dentists. We’ll be with you every step of the way of your journey toward your dream smile.

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