9 Advantages of Getting Dental Implants in Tijuana

Planning to get dental work done in Tijuana?

Before and After Dental Implants in Mexico

Every journey in well-being should “start with why.”  

Answering the why question begins with knowing the advantages and disadvantages of going to Tijuana for dental implants.

Yes, you can join the thousands of people who travel to TJ (Tijuana, Mexico) every month for affordable teeth replacement. But, budget and costs alone should not determine your decision. You have to weigh factors such as qualification, convenience, safety.

So, as a mainstay of dental tourism Mexico, let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of getting implants in Tijuana.

1. You save thousands on your dental work

Yes, this is a given. The average cost of a dental implant with crown in Tijuana is $1,500 to $1,800. The average cost of the tooth replacement in the U.S. is $4000 to $6000.

cost of dental implants in Mexico
Cost of dental implants in Mexico

Plus top Tijuana dentist use the same materials and the same techniques as your best local implant surgeon. The dental offices are modern, safe and always up-to-date with the latest technology.


Tijuana Implant Tips:

  1. Don’t go bargain hunting because you might end up with a sub-standard service.
  2. Make sure the “dental implant” cost provided to you includes the crown, abutment, and implant.
  3. Verify the brand of implants. The cost may be cheap, but if you are getting generic low cost dental implants, you might end up with problems down the road. Top implant brands include Straumann, Neodent, and Nobel Biocare.

2. You can afford to see a top implant surgeon

Top implant surgeons charge a premium for their service because of their extensive experience and impeccable success rates. We have had calls from patients getting quoted $60,000 to $80,000 from their local dentist for full mouth implants in the US. A top dentist in your area wouldn’t be affected if you don’t accept the expensive treatment plan because he is already busy.

When you go to Tijuana, you can afford to see a highly qualified implant dentist without breaking the bank. 

But you need to see the best implant surgeons for complex implant cases so you can have peace of mind that your investment in your health will be done right. Newer dentists charge lower, but you won’t get the level of experience behind their work. You wouldn’t want to be part of the first 100 cases. These are reserved for simple implant procedures such as single tooth implant placements.

Two front teeth implants
Two front teeth implants


When you go to Tijuana, you can afford to see a highly qualified implant dentist for a fraction of the cost.

Dr. Tulio is an example of those dentist with impeccable credentials. Many US dentists travel to Tijuana to see Dr. Tulio to get live implant surgical training. His office is equipped with the most modern 3D planning and milling machines that can rival any top dentist in the US. He is also an international speaker and professor at several schools in Mexico and the US.

His price for an implant with crown with the Dayo Dental preferred pricing: $1650. Compare that with $5,500 with a top dentist in LA. You see the savings?


Tijuana Implant Tips:

  • Choose a specific dentist, not a dental office to do implant surgery in Tijuana.  
  • Research the credentials of the doctor online ahead of the visit.
  • Verify which doctor will be doing the surgery before you schedule.  You don’t want a newbie dentist showing up at the dental chair during surgery.
  • Explore the dentists in the Dayo Dental Network. Dayo Dental works with only the top 5% dentists in Mexico

3. You get guarantees on your dental work

Visiting a dentist in Tijuana
Visiting a dentist in Tijuana

Affordable doesn’t mean you have to forgo quality or guarantees. When you get implants with Dayo Dental, you get a 5-year warranty on the implant itself and on every dental work done in the office.

This is not common in Mexico, but we want our patients to know that we stand by our work. If you have any problems with your implant or dental work, though it never happens, we will make it right – free of charge. No questions asked.

Almost every product or service contains guarantees. Is it unreasonable to expect it from dental care? But yet, you hardly find a US and Canadian dentist that will give you a guarantee on their dental implant work. Even top dentists.

Yes, it’s medicine. There’s always that small percentage of complication risk. But what matters is that your doctor will be there from the start to the finish. Our partner dentists will take care of our patients every step of the way, from treatment planning to post-op visits.   

The worst thing that can happen is that your dental implant falls off after a few months of surgery and you don’t have any recourse other than to pay another dentist to redo the work.

Most Tijuana dentist provide some sort of guarantees – usually around 6 months to 2 years. Dayo Dental Network partner dentists are required to guarantee your work for 5 years. It’s the best guarantee you can find in the market, and it’s because we only work with the best dentists.


Tijuana Dental Implant Tips:

  • Ask for a written guarantee from your Tijuana dentist.
  • Follow the guarantee rules, such as required yearly maintenance visits after the work is complete.

4. Dental implant work in Tijuana is fast and efficient

Has this ever happened to you? You schedule a implant consultation with your local general dentist and he asks you to schedule the implant surgery with another periodontist who doesn’t have any opening for a few weeks. And when you do arrive, you have to do another consult with that periodontist and schedule the surgery on another day.

What if this can all be done in one day? That’s right, it’s possible in TJ.

Your Tijuana dentist knows you are coming from out of state. You get your implant surgery done in 1 or 2 days on the first visit. You get your implant crown or full upper implant supported denture in 5 – 7 days on the second visit. That’s as efficient as possible. Healing times and biology are the only limiting factors, not scheduling restrictions.

We have found that our foreign clients love this convenience. You can schedule your entire trip around getting your implants done in only 1 visit and stay in a beautiful vacation rental by the beach.


Tijuana Dental Implant Tips:

  • Ask your dentist to block enough time for the implant surgery after the consultation to avoid an extra trip.
  • Find a dentist with an in-house CAD-CAM milling machine to speed up the process of getting your final implant teeth.
  • Avoid taking any blood thinners 3-5 days before your first visit if you plan to get the dental implant surgery.

5. Full mouth restorations: You can get more implants per jaw for your money

All on 6 dental implants
All on 6 dental implants

Need full upper or lower jaw implant restorations? The more implant you can fit in one jaw, the more stable the teeth will be.  

Why settle with only 4 implants per jaw (such as with All on four dental implants) when you can get 6 to 9 dental implants per jaw? If one implant fails after 10 years, you still have 5 implants holding your fixed teeth.

Common Treatments

Mexico Cost

US Cost


Pre-surgery Cost








CT Scan




Blood Test / Surgery Checkup




IV Sedation


Implant Procedure Cost


You can afford to get better treatment since the cost of dental implants in Mexico are 50-70% lower. You can even afford to get better materials for your fixed full upper or lower implant teeth, such as Zirconia or Pekkton. These are the gold standard in implant materials, but they are often too expensive in the States.


Tijuana Dental Implant Tips:

  • Were you recommended All on 4 implants by your local dentist? Ask your Tijuana dentist for other options for fixed teeth replacement, including using standard vertical implants. See full teeth replacement options. All on 4 dental implants are not the goto procedure for full arch teeth replacements.
  • Want to save even more? Ask for package pricing to save on the cost, especially if you need full mouth extractions prior to implant placement. This tip can save you thousands.

Choose only a dentist with an advanced level experience and training. These procedures are complex. You need to be meticulous and picky about who you choose. Dayo Dental only works with the best dentists in Mexico. You can see our dentist’s full credentials on our site.


6. Tijuana is within driving distance

Streets in Tijuana
Streets in Tijuana

Going to Mexico for dental implants does not need to involve complex decision making and elaborate planning, especially if you live in a state that is within driving distance from Tijuana. Take advantage of the fact that Tijuana is within driving distance. You don’t need extra days off work, or to make complex travel arrangements. This convenience can save you a lot of time and money.


It’s as easy as three simple steps:

  1. Call Dayo Dental to choose a dentist in Tijuana 
  2. Schedule an appointment
  3. Drive to Tijuana as early as the same week.

Google maps app on your phone doesn’t stop at the border.  It will guide you from your doorstep all the way to the dental office in Tijuana.  It is super convenient – almost no thought process is required. Driving in Tijuana is no more complex that driving in any major city like Los Angeles (But with less traffic).

So why plan a trip to Costa Rica or some further destination when TJ is more accessible. Besides, dental implants require 2-3 trips to the dentist to complete. Gas is always cheaper than airfare.  


Driving Times to Tijuana

Place of origin

Driving time

San Diego

17 minutes

Los Angeles

2 hours, 13 minutes

Las Vegas

5 hours, 10 minutes

San Francisco

8 hours, 43 minutes


Tijuana Dental Travel Tips:

  • Call your cell phone provider to include data coverage in Mexico.  Some providers give this coverage for free, like AT&T.  Others give you a special temporary add on plan.  It allows you to use your phone for texting and Google maps without any extra roaming charges.
  • Mexican car insurance is highly recommended when going to Mexico.  We recommend just getting them online through sites like Sanborn’s Mexican Auto Insurance.
  • Don’t want to drive in Mexico? No problem. Just park your car on the US side of the border, then take a cab or Uber on the Mexican side to your dental office. Yes, Uber works in Tijuana. 
  • There are numerous parking lots on the US side of the border which charge $8 to $10 per day for all day parking. 

7. Tijuana is much closer than going to Asia for dental implants

If cost is your primary concern, you might be considering going to Asia or other South American Countries for your dental implants. After all, it’s the cheapest place in the world to get dental implants.

However, you need to consider the cost of travel and the potential language barrier. You’ll need to travel at least twice to your destination to complete your implant treatment. Also, the quality of care might not be as good as what you’ll find in Mexico.

Tijuana is only a few hours away by plane, and you’ll find dentists here who are just as qualified as the ones in Asia. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the language barrier or the quality of care with Dayo Dental.


Tijuana Dental Implant Tips:

  • If you’re considering going to Asia for dental implants, weigh the pros and cons carefully. Tijuana might be a better option, especially if you live in the Western US.

8. You get all your dental work done in one place

Top dentists in Mexico can handle all your dental needs, from simple teeth cleanings to full mouth reconstructions. This means you don’t have to see multiple specialists and can get all your work done in one place.

This is especially convenient if you need complex dental work done, such as implants, veneers, or crowns. You can have everything done in one trip and save yourself the hassle of coordinating multiple appointments. Your Tijuana dentists not ask you to go to another laboratory for your X-Ray or CBT scan. They have all the technology in their office to provide you with the treatment you need.


Tijuana Dental Implant Tips:

  • Ask if the dental office in Mexico has all the necessary equipment and technology to handle your dental needs.
  • Check if they have X-Ray, CBT scan, and 3D imaging technology in their office as these may incur additional costs if you have to go to another laboratory.

9. Enjoy endless touristy options and nice weather

Tijuana is not just a dental destination – it’s also a world-class city with plenty to see and do. You can explore the popular coastal city of San Diego north of the border. You stay in Tijuana, a city bustling with culture and charm.  Yes, Tijuana and San Diego have perfect weather all year round.

Tijuana is a foodie mecca. Many famous chefs in Mexico are in Tijuana. You don’t have to limit yourself to Mexican food. Just go in Yelp and find the type of food you like. And prices are pretty affordable – $10 to $15 meals for a nice restaurant. Tijuana also have several high end restaurants in the new Tijuana area for you to indulge and treat yourself after a long day of dental work.

Food stall in Tijuana Mexico
Food stall in Tijuana Mexico

Want to go to the beach? Take a $10 Uber ride to Rosarito. It less crowded that California beaches. And check out Puerto Nuevo. It is a ½ square mile town with dozens of restaurants next to each other – all selling lobsters galore. You can get 2.5 full lobsters perfectly prepared any way you want for $16. And it comes with sides of tortilla, rice, beans and a margarita.

Take a stroll around newly invigorated Revolucion street, where you find dozens of restaurants, shops, and bars. You’ll never get bored.

Tourists visiting Tijuana Mexico
Tourists visiting Tijuana Mexico

On your days off from dental work, cross the border and explore all the buzz about visiting San Diego. Check out Seaworld or San Diego zoo.  

Tourist have to pay a premium to stay in San Diego hotels. You are staying in the nice Tijuana hotels, and you pay $100 to $200 less per day. What a bargain!


Tijuana Dental Travel Tips:

  • Stay in a Tijuana hotel when getting dental work in TJ. The hotels are a lot cheaper than San Diego hotels. 
  • Choose hotel that serves free breakfast for convenience when you have early morning dental appointments.
  • Stay in good health during your stay in Tijuana. Hint: Beers cost $1 – 1.50 in Tijuana bars. Don’t get too drunk and show up at the Tijuana dental office with a hangover. Some appointments have to be postponed if you are not feeling well.

Get Your Dental Implants Done With Dayo Dental

Avoid going to a random dental office in Mexico. Dayo Dental is most trusted and popular dental tourism company with US and Canada-based clients. We are serving not only the Tijuana region but also Los Algodones, Cancunand other top dental tourism destinations in Mexico.

What separates Dayo Dental from other dental agencies in Mexico is that we only work with top 5% Tijuana dentists. We also have a team of dental coordinators to help you plan your trip and make sure everything goes smoothly. And we are based in the US.

If you are considering getting dental implants in Tijuana, schedule a free consultation with us today. One of our dental coordinators will answer all your questions and help you plan your trip.

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