At Dayo, we care about you. You get a dedicated Professional Advisor and Advocate you can count on. We take the time to help you understand if Mexico dentistry is right for you. Together, we estimate your savings, number of visits, and length of stay. When you are ready, we schedule you with the right dentist ideal for your case. Finally, we track your dental case from start to finish to ensure successful completion. With Dayo you can relax, knowing you’re saving money, time, and the hassle of navigating Mexico dentistry on your own.

Get a dedicated Professional Advisor and Advocate

From choosing the right specialist to planning your length of stay, our caring Professional Advisors take the time to guide you. We’ll be there for you all the way as you achieve that healthy and beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. We’ll even assist you if you have to go back for any guarantee claims or complaints. Choose Dayo Dental and get a lifelong partner in dental care.

Know the cost and steps with an x-ray pre-evaluation

We understand that knowing the cost is important to your decision. Call us and we can help you analyze your savings in one call. Need a personalized estimate? Send us your X-rays. Your Professional Advisor will coordinate with the dentist to create a pre-evaluation treatment plan with actual cost and steps.

Plan and schedule your visits efficiently

Dayo Dental saves you time as well as money. We work to minimize your length of stay and number of visits. We coordinate your appointments ahead of time so that when you arrive, you’re relaxed and your Mexico dentist is ready to make you smile.

Your Exclusive Benefits Through Dayo Dental:

Get comprehensive advice

Know if getting dental work in Mexico is ideal for you.

X-ray pre-evaluation

Send us your Xrays for pre-evaluation by the dentist. Get estimate pricing and procedures.

Follow-up support after your procedure

We'll even assist you if you have guarantee claims or issues with your dental work.

Emergency scheduling

Need a root canal? Get an appointment as early as the next day.

Plan the length and number of visits

Save time and money by planning your trip properly with expert advisors.

Know exactly which dentist you'll see

Review your doctor's training, background, reviews, and pictures before you travel.

We go the extra mile for your perfect smile, because we care about you

We do our best to remove all your concerns so you can be confident in your decision. Get worry free dentistry knowing that Dayo Dental is your partner from start to finish. And our service is free!

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