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Sedation dentistry in MexicoSedation dentistry in Mexico

Looking for pain free dentistry in Mexico? Dental treatment can be scary for many, especially those who have had unpleasant experiences with the dentist in the past. It is for such patients that sedation dentistry in Mexico is a great option.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation or “sleep” dentistry can also be called painless dentistry. Any dental treatment that is performed while you are sedated or unconscious is part of sedation dentistry. Pharmacological agents are administered into your body to slow down your conscious awareness during the dental treatment.

Your Mexican dentist uses sedation not only address the pain.  It is also administered to address your nervous feeling of getting major dental work.

Sedation is not recommended for every dental patient, but it is particularly suitable for:

  • Patients with
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Dental Procedures

Full Smile Makeover Zirconia CrownFull Smile Makeover Zirconia Crown

Before you travel to Mexico, learn more about Zirconia Crowns, including it’s advantages and disadvantage over PFM crowns.

What is Zirconia?

We are all familiar with the phrase “Diamonds are forever”. Diamonds are, of course, one of the hardest and most precious stones on Earth. They also happen to be extremely costly.

What if you were able to replicate the properties of a diamond?

You would certainly consider the idea.  Anything that can incorporate relatively diamond-like physical attributes must really possess superior physical and esthetic properties. What if you were told that there is such a material, known as Zirconia?

In fact, you’ll be dazzled by sparkles of Zirconia when you walk into a jewelry store.  What you see on display are mostly cubic Zirconia for big stones.  For security … Read More

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A macro shot of dental implants in the oral cavity (human mouth).A macro shot of dental implants in the oral cavity (human mouth).

Have you lost a tooth? Would you like to replace it with a Dental implant? In Mexico, you can find the best dentist for successful Osseointegration of a dental implant.

What is Osseointegration?

Osseointegration is the fusion of a dental implant post with the jaw bone. You can also call it “bone integration”. Osseointegration is what makes a dental implant successful. Without osseointegration, the dental implant fails.

Why do I need an Osseointegrated Dental Implant?

Although there are many options to replace a lost tooth or multiple teeth, dental implants serve to be the most stable. Bridges, crowns and dentures tend to be more short term as compared to dental implants. They can break, dislodge and even feel unnatural.

A successfully osseointegrated dental implant can last a lifetime, being a … Read More

Dental Procedures

This article outlines the information you need to bring to your dentist in Mexico in order to restore your dental implant post with an abutment and porcelain crown.

Are you planning to go to Mexico for an affordable crown on your dental implant? If you are like many people, you already had your dental implant titanium post installed locally by your American or Canadian oral surgeon or periodontist. The dental post has fully healed from the dental surgery, and you are ready to finish your tooth replacement.

Given the high cost of continuing the dental work locally, you are weighing the option to travel south of the border such as Tijuana, Mexico for a cheaper porcelain crown. Before you drive to see a Tijuana dentist, you can save … Read More

Dental Travel Tips, Industry News

This article outlines the travel documents you need when crossing the border to Mexico for dentistry.

The short answer is yes. Beginning June 2009, the passport entry requirement took into effect when crossing the border from Mexico to US. Here are common questions and answers about the Mexico travel passport requirement.

What are the requirements for travel TO Mexico from US?

There’s a big difference between crossing the border from Mexico to USA and crossing the border from USA to Mexico.

If you are crossing the border by land for Mexico dental services, you just walk across without the need to present your passport to Mexican customs. You don’t need to present your valid passport going to Mexico unless you are travelling more than 12-18 miles from the US-Mexico … Read More

Dental Travel Tips

Street view showing a number of Los Algodones dental clinics.Street view showing a number of Los Algodones dental clinics.

In this article, you can learn some tips on how to find a good dentist in Algodones. Near Yuma, AZ, Los Algodones is one of the top dental destinations for affordable dentistry.

The key is to plan, plan, plan.

Many of you have heard of Los Algodones, sometimes called the dentistry capital of the world. For the rest who are new to dental tourism, it is a dental city located just across the Arizona border. This destination is known for having more than 300 Mexico dentists in one square mile.

It is a very tourist friendly town, providing a much needed relief for Americans and Canadians in need of affordable dentistry. However, it gets overwhelming when you walk across the border, where you can be greeted by street “yellers” … Read More

Dental Procedures

Dental implants help preserve your dental bone and teeth.Dental implants help preserve your dental bone and teeth.

This article explains the advantages of replacing your teeth extraction with tooth implants. It also offers advice on where to get affordable implant surgery.

Due to the slow economy, many people postponed getting tooth replacements after their extraction in the US. Many dental professionals in the US perform tooth extractions each day without some kind of tooth replacement such as dental implants. It’s understandable given the high cost of a tooth implant. For $4000-$5000 per tooth implant and crown, it’s a small fortune unless you have a stable high paying job. If you are in fixed income, it’s even tougher.

Fortunately, you have the option of travelling to Mexico for affordable dental implants. Inexpensive teeth Implants are one of the top procedures that many Americans and Canadians get … Read More

Dental Tips

One of Dayo Dental's clients visiting a dentist in Los Algodones.  Start your New Year's Dental Goals by visiting your dentist.One of Dayo Dental's clients visiting a dentist in Los Algodones. Start your New Year's Dental Goals by visiting your dentist.

Forget resolutions. They never work. Once you break them, it’s over. Then guilt and back to old habits.

How about changing resolutions to goals. The good part about goals is that you can always start over the next day if you failed today. And, you have all year to achieve them. You can even schedule goals one at a time. It’s way more manageable.

Here are sample dental goals from the Dayo team in preparation for 2013.

Top Dental Goal #1: Brush after lunch

Between morning coffee, gummy bear snacks, and the onions in your Philly cheese steak, your mouth would have already been a mess after lunch.

Bring a toothbrush to work and brush after lunch when you get back in the office.

While everyone else is asking each … Read More

Dayo Experience

So we are sitting here today discussing backup plans in case the world ends on 12/21/12. Yes, that’s tomorrow.

Cancun, one of our top Mexico dental destinations, is home to thousands of Mayans. Mayans are the original settlers in Cancun and Riviera Maya way before we started sending patients to Cancun for dental work. Well, actually, way before everyone started building beach resorts in Cancun. In case you are not in the loop, the Mayan calendar predicts the end of the world on 12/21/12.

According to our dental friends in Cancun, the Mayans in Cancun are really not worried at all. Actually, they just roll their eyes about the whole talk of the end of the world.

In case the world doesn’t end (don’t listen to us silly doomsdayers), everything … Read More

Dayo Experience

A page from a critic's handwritten testimonial about Dayo DentalA page from a critic's handwritten testimonial about Dayo Dental

As you know, aside from travelling to Mexico by yourself with Dayo’s assistance, we also have an optional charter van service.  The shuttle service takes people from the Phoenix Area to their Los Algodones dentists.

We received a surprise handwritten letter from a client named Calie, who shared her Dayo Dental review and experience.  She’s completed her teeth restoration through our team of Los Algodones dentists.  She must have written the letter to pass time during her day trip with Dayo to Algodones.

Calie is also a health and beauty critic, compiling a book about “The Best of the Best” health and beauty experts for Americans.

Here’s a transcript of her letter.

Let’s say you are in great need of a good dentist, but are cash poor, with no … Read More

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