7 Top Causes Why Teeth Break

A few people suffer from teeth breakage due to some specific reasons—knowing these reasons can help you avoid this problem. Read the list of seven causes of teeth breakage and know the debilitating effects of a broken tooth.

Fix Broken Tooth
Broken tooth, what caused my tooth to break?
Many panic when they break a tooth. Not to worry, there are many solutions to fix it. Schedule an appointment with your dentist right away to avoid further damage.

Our teeth are the hardest parts of our body. It is coated with enamel that has the maximum percentage of minerals. Does that mean that our teeth are unbreakable? Well, the answer is a big ‘NO’. Our teeth can break and some of us may have even gone through the experience of a broken tooth.

Our teeth may get chipped off, fractured or broken due to several reasons. Here are top 7 causes of broken teeth.

1. Decayed teeth

If your teeth are decayed and have not been treated, there are high chances for them to undergo fracture due to reduced strength.

2. Accidents

Falling off a tree, your partner accidentally hits you while sleeping, or you take a dive while roller blading.

3. Blow on face during fights

Don’t get too carried away watching those “MMA” fights and try it yourself.

4. Biting on hard objects

Examples are ice, nuts, and candies. If you have to bite on them, just bite slowly. On second thought, just don’t chew ice. It’s a bad habit for your teeth.

5. Teeth that have undergone root canal treatment and have not been covered by a cap / crown

Teeth that have undergone root canal treatment become dry and fragile since the tooth no longer gets nutrition from the body to remain strong. That is why the dentist advises you to get it crowned at the earliest.

6. Clenching and grinding habit

You have greater chances of breaking teeth if you have a habit of clenching teeth or grinding teeth unknowingly during sleep. Undue and excessive stresses can cause your teeth to break.

7. Imbalanced Bite

When your bite is not balanced, normal biting forces become sufficient enough to cause some teeth to get chipped off. Bite imbalance can be caused by tooth loss or crooked teeth.

What are the effects of broken tooth?

Once a tooth is broken, it can have various effects that range from mild to severe. Few of them are described below-

  • No pain. If the tooth has lost only a part of its first layer (enamel), you may not experience pain.
  • Tooth Sensitivity. If the tooth has lost a part or most of the middle layer (dentin), there are chances for sensitivity while consuming hot and cold foods or drinks.
  • Intense pain. When the pulp (the innermost layer) of the broken tooth is exposed, you may experience severe pain due to nerve exposure.
  • Discomfort due to sharp ends. Apart from the effects on the tooth, you will experience discomfort each time your cheeks or tongue touches the sharp ends of the broken tooth.
  • Lowered immunity. According to the recent studies, if the tooth is decayed, bacteria find an easy access to the blood circulation of our body. Hence, your immunity could get compromised.

If you break your tooth, consult with your dentist right away to avoid further damaging the tooth. The earlier you go, the greater your chances  that you can save the tooth. By saving the tooth, you avoid more costly treatments such as a dental bridge or implant to replace a lost tooth.

Have you ever broken a tooth?  How did you break it?

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