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Lost a tooth?  Consider a dental implant as replacement.Lost a tooth? Consider a dental implant as replacement.

This article explains what dental implants are. It describes the advantages they offer over conventional ways of replacing lost or missing teeth, and discusses how to determine if implant dentistry in Mexico is for you.

What are Dental Implants?

Our teeth and gums are amazing structures. They have evolved to chew away at our food for year after year, subjecting them to enormous bite loads, while defending us against infection in one of the body’s most nutrient-rich environments.

There’s bad news, though. Because our teeth are the result of evolution, they are only really ‘designed’ to last us until we naturally stop reproducing – 50 years, tops. And these days we live many decades longer than that. So unless we have been extremely careful with our teeth throughout our lives, … Read More

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