Dental Implants in Mexico: What Every Dental Tourism Patient Needs to Know

If you are planning to get dental implants in Mexico, this comprehensive dental tourism guide will help you select the best dentist and ensure successful treatment.

installation of dental implant

Almost every dental practice in Mexico advertises the full range of dental implant procedures, even the most complex types. In the USA, many dental clinics don’t have the same advertisements; many don’t even offer dental implants. Why?

Implant dentistry varies tremendously in terms of complexity and the required skill level. Every dental surgery is different. A dentist can prepare as much as he wants before the implant surgery, but once he is in surgery, surprises may come up that only his knowledge and experience will ensure success.

In Mexico, many dentists take short courses (as short as one weekend) and start advertising that they do dental implants. There’s no regulation that states they have to have a minimum experience level or training. Those that commit mistakes while placing dental implants in Mexico are not usually sanctioned. It’s the simple truth. Hence, some dentists in Mexico attempt to do dental implant cases that are beyond their qualifications.

In the US or Canada, dentist are more prudent because lawsuits can make them “uninsurable” by their malpractice insurance. You pretty much would have a hard time practicing if you are classified as an “uninsurable” dentist. Plus, their state dental board can punish them severely if they receive a series of complaints about botched tooth implant procedures.

Is it safe to get tooth implants in Mexico? With a good dentist, absolutely! Actually, you may be able to find a better and more experienced dentist south of the border. Here’s a quick video discussing this in more detail.

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Getting affordable dental implants is the top reason why our dental tourism patients from the USA and Canada travel to Mexico. Here at Dayo Dental, we have helped dozens of clients each day for the past 12 years to get their life-changing implant teeth replacement in Mexico for a fraction of the cost.

Yes, you can too. The cost of full mouth dental implants in Mexico is about a third of the price of the cost in the US and Canada.

If you are in the process of researching, we would like to share our experience and knowledge to help you choose the best implant dentist in Mexico and navigate the process.

5 Crucial Tips for Getting Dental Implants in Mexico:

Mexico Dental Implant Tip #1: Get a CT Scan

CT Scan of Dental Implants in Mexico Picture
Your dentist will use CT Scans to plan your dental implants in Mexico.

CT Scans are now almost a must for modern implant dentistry. When you are getting dental implants in Mexico, especially for major implant surgeries, expect your dentist to request a CT Scan.

An implant dentist in Mexico must be an expert on how to use CT Scans. CT Scans helps the dentist determine the best position of your dental implants. It minimizes mistakes by allowing the dentist to plan the implant placement using 3D software simulations. Moreover, CT Scans are necessary to assess the bone density, quality and contour of your jawbone. Using this data, the dentist will determine the areas for bone grafting and the optimal position of your dental implants. The dentist can also create the surgical guides for a 3D-guided implant surgery. CT Scan-guided dental surgery prevents accidental damage to nerves and sinus.

There are simply too many benefits from using CT Scans for your dental implant surgery in Mexico. A dentist that is still using panoramic x-ray is handicapped and simple dental teeth diagram, unless you need just a simple dental implant surgery.

At Dayo Dental, you can send us your panoramic x-rays online for pre-evaluation by the Mexico dentist. This will allow you to get an estimate for your dental implants in Mexico. However, the dentist would still need to take a CT Scan once you arrive during your consultation.


Mexico Dental Implant Tip #2:

Ensure that your dentist is using a top dental implant brand for you teeth replacement

How long does a dental implant last? Dental implants are designed to last you a lifetime.

But what if your dental implant manufacturer went out of business?

The number of dental implant manufacturers is now in the several hundred. It´s true that many newer and cheaper brands are using the same cloned technology as major brands. Sometimes, there’s hardly a difference.

The issue is that some of these generic and cheap dental implants in Mexico may go out of business due to stiff competition.

If somehow your crown broke after a decade or so, your dentist may have a hard time ordering parts for your tooth implant because that manufacturer is no longer in business. Or worse, you could get stuck for the rest of your life with teeth implants that may not have any matching implant abutments.

The top implant dentists stick to the best dental implant brands in Mexico to avoid this issue. Some of the dentists in our network even guarantee your dental implant in Mexico for life because they have the backing of a reputable dental implant brand.


Mexico Dental Implant Tip #3:

Choose the closest and most convenient location for your dental implant surgery in Mexico

Where to get dental implants in Mexico?

For any full dental implant restoration, you need to visit Mexico at least twice separated by approximately 3-6 months. Even immediate load dental implants would require another visit to replace the temporary prosthetic with permanent teeth.

Some people travel abroad – as far as Costa Rica or Thailand – when a good Mexican destination for dental implants is just within driving distance across the border (Los Algodones, Tijuana, Juarez or Nogales). A far location adds to your cost and travel inconvenience, especially since you have to make more than one trip to complete the final stage of your implant restoration.

If you live in North America, Mexico is the best country for dental tourism. Why? Because you can minimize the cost of your follow up trips. Plus, you can establish a good relationship with a Mexico dentist that you can visit once a year for control checkups.

Within the Dayo Dental Network, the dentists are required to guarantee your dental implants for at least 5 years. It’s a lot easier to travel for a warranty issue to Mexico as opposed to overseas somewhere in Costa Rica, India or Thailand.

Dental Implant Vacation in Cancun, Mexico
Visit Cancun, Mexico for dental implants. In between your appointments, you can enjoy the many tourist spots Cancun has to offer.

Many of our medical tourism travelers visit resort destinations such as Cancun because it is more convenient and fun. Cancun probably has many good deals for flights from your city, especially if you live in the East Coast. Many Canadians love to visit Cancun during winter to enjoy their savings from their dental treatments along with a relaxing vacation. You can stay at world-class resorts, enjoy the warm weather and soak in the sun at the white-sand beaches of Cancun, Mexico. It’s truly a Mexican dental vacation.

To find the best place to get dental implants in Mexico, go to Google Maps and locate how close you are to Los Algodones, Tijuana, Nogales, Juarez or Cancun. Any of these dental tourism locations have top-notched dentists that can rival the best implant specialists in your area.


Mexico Dental Implant Tip #4:
Know if you qualify for dental implants before you travel

There are several medical conditions that might prevent you from getting dental implants abroad. Here are some of those conditions:

  1. Systemic Diseases. Examples include uncontrolled diabetes, liver and kidney diseases, HIV/AIDS, ongoing cancer treatments, and alcoholism.
  1. Heavy Smoking. Your Mexico dentist will request that you stop smoking a certain number of days before and after your implant surgery. Research shows that heavy smoking can cause dental implants to fail while it is healing.
  1. Not Enough Space. For single tooth implant placement, you need enough space in between adjacent teeth to place a tooth implant.
  1. Periodontal Disease. An active periodontal disease will prevent you from getting dental implants in Mexico. Fortunately, top implant specialists in Mexico can treat your periodontal disease (or refer you to their periodontist in the same practice) before your implant procedure. Get it done as well – at a fraction of the cost you pay locally.
  1. Very fragile bone. Some older patients who have been wearing full mouth dentures for several decades develop extreme bone loss. In such cases, any type of bone grafting or block grafting would be extensive that it puts the patient´s health at risk.
  1. Physiological and mental conditions. Examples include schizophrenia, paranoia, and neurosis.

Mexico Dental Implant Tip #5:
Implant dentists vary widely in experience and training – select a dentist based on the difficulty level of your implant case

Problems with Dental Implants in Mexico | Los Algodones, Nogales, Tijuana, Juarez, Cancun Dentistry
Problems with Dental Implant: Bad Angle. The dental implant’s angle is too close to the root of the adjacent tooth. This is a case of dental implants gone wrong. The tooth next to the implant would hurt and eventually develop an infection.

They advertise it. It doesn’t mean they can do your teeth implants correctly. But who’s the dentist?

The last thing you want is to have a beginner dentist working on your advanced level dental implant procedure in Mexico. It’s your health and big investment at risk. Educate yourself. Research. And be selective.

With dental implants, fixing an error is a lot more complex than installing dental implants. As we discussed earlier, dental implant procedures vary significantly in terms of complexity and required experience level.

This is the single most important advice we can give to you as a medical tourism patient.

To get dental implants in Mexico successfully, you have to know the required experience and training level to match your type of dental implant case. We prepared a basic guide to assist you in choosing a Mexico dentist for your particular dental implant case:


Dental Implant in Mexico
Experience and Training Level Guide

This guide will help you choose the best dentist in Mexico with the right training and experience level based on the difficulty of your dental implant procedure.

1. Beginner Level Implant Dentist

Training and experience level

  • took 1 or 2 comprehensive courses on dental implants in Mexico. (Note: we mentioned comprehensive, not short 1 weekend courses).
  • installed less than 50 implants.
  • does not have one-on-one training with an advanced level implant dentist.

Types of dental implant cases you can get with this dentist in Mexico

  • simple single tooth dental implant cases for human molars (back teeth).
  • simple dental implant with bone graft.
  • you have excellent jaw bone on the dental implant site.

2. Intermediate Level Implant Dentist

Front tooth dental implant cost in Mexico Picture
Front tooth dental implants require an intermediate to advanced level dentist to get your smile line perfect. The section highlighted in green is an example of a 3 unit bridge supported by two front teeth dental implants in Mexico. You couldn’t even tell that they are dental implants.

Training and experience level

  • took several comprehensive courses on dental implants.
  • have been placing dental implants for the past 2-5 years.
  • broad one-on-one training with an advanced level implant dentist in Mexico.

Types of dental implant cases you can get with this dentist in Mexico

  • multiple dental implant placement in different sections of the mouth, such as to install a 3-unit implant bridge.
  • front teeth implant placement (incisor). Front teeth are more complex because it requires precise positioning of the implant to give you a perfect smile line.
  • dental implants with surgical tooth extraction, bone grafting, and ridge preservation in several sections of your mouth.

3. Advanced Level Implant Dentist

Fully healed full upper dental implants in Mexico for dental tourism patient
After 3 months, these fully healed full upper dental implants are ready to receive a permanent fixed bridge in Mexico.

Training and experience level

  • regularly attends advanced level courses and conferences in dental implants both in the US and Mexico.
  • have a master’s degree or specialty in oral implantology, periodontics or prosthodontics.
  • majority of the day to day practice involves placing dental implants while working with other dentists such as a Prosthodontist to take care of the prosthetic portion.
  • installed several hundreds or thousands of implants in career, including advanced level full mouth reconstruction.
  • mentors beginner and intermediate level implant dentists in Mexico.
  • have attended extensive training and courses for specific procedures such as All on 4, Sinus Lift, or Bone Regeneration courses in dental implants
  • have specific training on Prosthodontics to balance your bite.

Types of dental implant cases you can get with this dentist in Mexico

  • full mouth dental implants such as Overdenture (Implant Dentures), Fixed Bridge (Fixed Hybrid), and 4 on 1 dental implants.
  • dental Implant cases that need Sinus Lift (Sinus Elevation).
  • full mouth rehabilitation cases involving rebuilding several sections of the mouth with dental implants.
  • ridge augmentation and other major bone regeneration procedures.
  • full smile makeover on your front teeth.
  • fixed zirconia hybrid denture.
  • dental implant procedures with advanced periodontal disease.

4. Complex Level Implant Dentist

Training and experience level

  • have been a professor in surgery, oral implantology or prosthodontics.
  • have taught courses on dental implants in Mexico, including advanced level dental implant cases.
  • have attended advanced level courses or degrees from schools in the US or Europe specifically for dental implants.
  • invited in dental implant conferences and courses as guest speaker.
  • have installed at least 5,000 implants in his/her career.

Types of dental implant cases you can get with this dentist in Mexico

  • fix complex errors from bad dental implant cases from other dentists.
  • redo failed full mouth implants.
  • all levels of dental implant cases and oral surgery, especially full mouth reconstruction using dental implants.
  • block grafting, where entire block sections of the mouth are rebuilt by harvesting your bone or by placing a special donor bone.

Within the Dayo Dental Network, Dr. Carlos Rubio from Los Algodones, Mexico is an example of a dentist who has the complex level of experience. He has diplomas and certificates from dozens of U.S. dental schools and programs. He is a regular guest speaker at dental conferences throughout Mexico and South America. He also founded a popular dental implant school in Mexico for oral implantology and dental surgeries. Many U.S. dentists who travel to his school learn about live dental implant surgery from his team.

Many patients who received bad dental implants in Mexico are referred to Dr. Carlos Rubio to correct the failure or redo the work from scratch.

Do you have questions about how to get dental implants in Mexico? Call Dayo Dental at 877-987-3296 to schedule with the best dentist in Mexico for your implant dentistry case.


What are the different types of dental implants in Mexico?

As noted above, you have to be aware of the type of dental implant procedure you need. In this way, you can match the experience level you need from a dentist in Mexico.

How do dental implants work? Here is a guide to the basic types of dental implants in Mexico:

Types of Dental Implant in Mexico #1:
Single Tooth Dental Implants

Single Tooth Dental Implant Picture | Dental Implant in Tijuana, Los Algodones, Cancun Mexico
If you are missing a tooth, you can get an affordable single tooth dental implant in Mexico for a fraction of the cost.

A single tooth implant is used to replace a missing tooth. When a tooth cannot be saved with a root canal and crown, the last option is to extract the tooth. The best replacement option is a single titanium dental implant. This surgically placed implant will eventually support an implant crown after 3-4 months of healing.

Single tooth implants are the easiest to place. You can have a beginner level dentist place single tooth implants on your molar areas if you don’t need extensive bone grafting or sinus lift.

However, you need at least an intermediate level dentist for a front tooth dental implant in Mexico. A front tooth implant is trickier because you have to get the aesthetics and soft tissue to conform to the rest of your smile.

Types of Dental Implant in Mexico #2:
Implant Supported Partial Bridge

Implant Supported 3 Unit Bridge in Los Algodones, Tijuana, Cancun, Juarez, Mexico
If you are missing back molars, you can get an implant supported 3 unit bridge in Mexico. This dental implant procedure replaces missing sections of your mouth.

If you have 3 or more teeth missing in partial sections of your mouth, your dentist can create a bridge supported by dental implants in Mexico.

For example, if you are missing your 3 bottom back molars, your dentist can install 2 dental implants to support a 3-unit bridge. The first and last teeth of the bridge are supported by the implants. The middle tooth is a pontic or fake tooth that is attached to the teeth with implants.

Types of Dental Implant in Mexico #3:

Patients missing all their upper or lower teeth benefit the most with low cost dental implants in Mexico. Implants are used to attach a full upper or lower denture, so you can have a snap on smile.

Unlike regular dentures, Overdentures allow you to eat just about anything without having to worry about your dentures falling off. They are pretty sturdy. But, you can snap off the dentures yourself to clean them as often as you like.

Overdentures are also the most cost-effective way to get full mouth implants in Mexico.

Overdentures in Mexico Picture, Implant Dentures
This is an example of Overdentures in Mexico. You can replace your regular dentures with snap-on dentures supported by dental implants in Mexico.

Dentists also refer to Overdentures by the following implant dentistry terms:

– Implant denture

– Implant supported denture

– Dentures secured with implants

– Snap-on dentures

Overdentures in Mexico can also have different attachments, including o´ring, ball, locator, or bar. Your Mexico dentist will advise you on the best technique and the number of implants per jaw for your implant denture case.

Typically, your dentist in Mexico will install 2-4 implants per jaw to support the denture. The most common number of implants for overdentures is 4 dental implants per jaw.

Types of Dental Implant in Mexico #4:
Fixed Hybrid Denture / Fixed Bridge

Full Fixed Bridge Dental Implants Picture in Mexico | Cancun, Yuma, Los Algodones, Tijuana
This is an example of full fixed bridge dental implants. Eventually, the 6 holes for the dental implants will be covered to give a flawless look.

If you are looking for full upper or lower permanent teeth that are non-removable, you can choose a Fixed Bridge in Mexico.

Fixed Bridge replaces the entire top or bottom teeth. The main difference between a Fixed Bridge and Overdenture is that the prosthesis or the teeth are completely fixed – only a dentist can remove the teeth during your regular visits.

Fixed Bridge uses 4-8 dental implants per jaw. The most number of implants installed per jaw is 8 implants for a full set of teeth. A Fixed Bridge with 8 implants is also called All on 8 dental implants.

Dentists also refer to Fixed Bridge by the following implant dentistry terms:

– Fixed Hybrid Denture

– Hybrid Denture

– Hybrid Prosthesis

– Permanent Dentures

– Fixed Hybrid Bridge

– All on 6 dental implants (many patients also use this term to refer to a fixed hybrid denture, although it correctly used for tilted immediate load implants)

– All on 8 dental implants

Fixed Hybrid Dentures use two types of materials for the permanent bridge or prosthesis: Acrylic and Zirconia. Acrylic is the most common material used for the fixed bridge supported by dental implants in Mexico. A Zirconia Bridge is the more expensive procedure that uses zirconia material for the prosthesis.

Types of Dental Implant in Mexico #5:
All on 4 Dental Implants

All on 4 Dental Implants in Mexico Picture of Implant Angle Position
This diagram shows the planned position for All on 4 Dental Implants in Mexico. As illustrated, All on 4 are the only type of dental implants that uses angled/tilted implants (see outer implants)

All on 4 is a full set of dental implants that are similar to a Fixed Bridge. The prosthesis or the teeth are permanent – you can’t remove them yourself (you need to visit your dentist).

The main difference between Fixed Bridge vs All on 4 is that for the All on 4, the dentist can load the implants on the first visit (during the implant surgery) with a temporary full upper or lower plate attached to the implants. Hence, it is an “immediate load” implant procedure.

All on 4 is different from the other types of dental implants because it uses tilted or angled dental implants on the front section of the jaw. All the other dental implants are vertically-placed implants.

This procedure is also called “teeth in a day”. You can also get All on 6 dental implants in Mexico where the dentist will use 6 dental implants per jaw.

For more information about All on 4, check our tips for getting All on 4 Dental Implants in Mexico.


What is the process for getting implant teeth replacement in Mexico?

Any dental implant placement in Mexico requires at least two trips.

Actually, any top dental implant tourism clinic around the world would require you to make at least two trips to finish the entire procedure, including the final restoration of your dental implant with a dental crown or full set of permanent teeth.

So there, there is no such thing as “one-day dental implants in Mexico”.

You can get a same day dental implant in Mexico with provisional (temporary) teeth. But you have to go back for your permanent teeth.

How long does it take to get dental implants in Mexico? Here are the steps:

Dental Implant Procedure Steps in Mexico:
Stage 1 – Implant Placement

The first stage of your dental implant procedure is the placement of the titanium implant post.

During the first day, you get a consultation with your implant dentist in Mexico. Typically, he will request a CT Scan if you don’t already have one. He will provide recommendations and a written treatment plan.

If you agree, your Mexico dentist will take impressions for a temporary crown or denture. He can do the implant placement as early as the same day or the next day.

The first step of the surgery is to do your extractions (if you need extractions). Then he will install the titanium screw in the same surgery. After the titanium implant placement, your dentist will have you wear the temporary teeth so you won’t walk out without any teeth.

How long does a dental implant in Mexico procedure take? It takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour per single tooth implant. For full mouth implants, the dental implant procedure time can take all morning or afternoon. The surgery can take place with local anesthesia or IV Sedation / General Anesthesia.

How long does it take for dental implants to heal before you go back for your permanent teeth in Mexico? You allow your dental implants (or the bone site where the implants are inserted) to heal for approximately 3-4 months.

In case you are wondering, are dental implants painful? No. With a good dentist, dental implant surgeries are not painful at all! We have even heard of patients drinking margaritas shortly after their dental treatment. But then of course, we doubt your dentist would recommend this.

Note: In some cases when you don’t have enough bone, the dentist may only be able to do the extraction and bone grafting on the first visit. You wait 3-4 months to let the bone grafting heal. You can then go back after to get your dental implant in Mexico. Then you wait another 3-4 months to get your final dental crowns or full set of teeth.

Also, in some cases, the dentist may be able to attach a temporary crown or denture to the implants during surgery. This is called immediate load dental implants, such as with All on Four. However, you still have to go back to Mexico after 3-4 months in Mexico to get your permanent crown or full mouth teeth.

Dental Implant Procedure Steps in Mexico:
Stage 2 – Install Permanent Teeth

Fixed Bridge Dentures in Mexico Dentist Picture
Your dentist will install your full fixed teeth after 3-6 months of healing time. This is an example of a fixed bridge supported by 6 dental implants.

After the dental implants have healed, you go back to Mexico to get your abutment and permanent teeth.

The first step is to install your dental implant abutment. The abutment is what will connect your titanium post with your permanent crown, denture or fixed bridge.

Then your Mexican dentist will take impressions for permanent teeth. It takes approximately 2-5 days for the lab to complete your teeth. If you are on a dental vacation, this would be a good time to explore the tourist spots.

The last step is to get your new permanent tooth replacement implants. It’s time to Smile!

Note: On a case by case basis, your implant dentist in Mexico may require extra trips in between to complete the process. He may also ask you to stay longer as well.

If the dentist asks for these extra steps, make sure you agree to it. The dentist is being meticulous and following proper protocol to avoid any issues or rushing your dental work. Rushing your dental implants in Mexico leads to mediocre results.


How do you know if your dental implant procedure in Mexico is successful?

Ok, once you get your dental implant in Mexico, how would you know if there are problems with the dental work?

Here are the signs and symptoms of a successful dental implant procedure:

1. Minimal to no dental implant pain after 2 days

Two days after your tooth implant surgery, you would still have swelling as the gums heal.

However, there should be hardly any pain 2 days after your dental implant procedure in Mexico. If you are still experiencing significant dental implant pain, call your Mexico dentist. It could be a sign of dental implant failure.

2. No infection

With a bad dental implant surgery, an infection can develop anytime. It can develop during your dental implant recovery from surgery. However, this implant complication can also happen several weeks, months or even years later.

Infection can be caused by a number of reasons – from an infected surgery, body rejection of the implant (which is very rare), incorrect positioning of the implant, bad oral hygiene, etc.

What are symptoms of dental implant infection? You may have an infected tooth implant if you experience jaw pain, significant swelling, fever, secretions or bad odor from the implant site. A dental x-ray or clinical evaluation can easily verify the infection site.

Furthermore, follow your dentist’s post-procedure instructions after getting dental implants in Mexico to avoid infections and dental implant failure.

3. No numbness

Numbness on your lip, tongue or lower cheek is a symptom of bad dental implant placement. Either the dental implant is touching a nerve or a nerve was injured during placement of the titanium post.

4. No mobility

Loose Dental Implant Picture | Dental Implants gone wrong
Loose dental implant: The whole dental implant eventually came off due to bad dental implant work. To avoid this issue, choose only experienced dentist for your dental implants in Mexico.

After the permanent crown, denture or fixed prosthesis has been attached to the dental implants, there should not be any movement. Your new teeth should be strong and rigid, just like regular teeth.

If there is movement, your dental implants may be loose. It´s a sign that the dentist didn’t do a good job at ensuring that enough bone would grow around the implants. It could also mean that the dentist loaded (attached the crown or prosthetic) prematurely without properly considering if there´s enough bone holding the dental implant.

In rare cases, the body may reject the dental implant. Titanium is simply not compatible with your body. In this case, your dental implant may wiggle and eventually fall out.

5. Full use of your new implant teeth

The placement of the titanium post is just half of the procedure. The best dentist in Mexico for dental implants differentiate themselves by providing natural-looking crowns or fixed bridges that are fully functional.

If you are having trouble speaking or eating with your new implant teeth, there could be a problem with your dental implants or teeth restoration. You shouldn’t have any trouble biting an apple or chewing on steak with your new implant supported teeth.

For full mouth reconstruction using dental implants, it could be that your bite (occlusion) may be off. You may be biting on your cheek. Your Mexico dentist may need to adjust your implant crown or prosthetic to make them comfortable.

6. Enough tissue around the tooth implant

Not enough gum tissue on Dental Implant in Mexico | Tooth Implant complication picture
Dental Implants Gone Wrong: The implant did not have enough gum tissue around the screw. The eventual tooth implant complication may include infection or loose tooth implant.

Tissue management is an important skill for skilled implant dentists. Your fully restored tooth implant should have enough gum tissue around it after completion. An infection can occur if there´s not enough gum tissue around the implants.

7. Enough distance exists between your new dental implant and other adjacent dental implants or existing tooth root.

After your dental implant in Mexico has been fully restored and completed, you should get a copy of the post-procedure x-rays.

Those tooth implants in your jaw bone should not be too close to each other. Implant infections and other complications can develop if they are too close to each other.


What is the cost of dental implants in Mexico?

Did you just get your dental implant quote from your USA or Canadian dentist?

Did you almost fall off the chair? Did you almost get a heart attack? Dental implants are very expensive in the USA and Canada, which is why people go to Mexico for low-cost dental implants.

How much are dental implants in Mexico?

Here´s a sample cost of full mouth dental implants comparison between USA vs Mexico dentistry:

Single Tooth Dental Implants Cost

– Single tooth dental implant cost in Mexico: $ 1,600 (including crown)

– Single tooth dental implant average cost in the USA or Canada: $ 4,500 (including crown)


Dental Implants Cost
This is an actual treatment from a USA dentist. The cost of tooth extraction, dental implant post, and dental crown is $5285. The total cost in Mexico would be around $1695.



Fixed Partial Bridge Cost

– 3-unit bridge supported by 2 dental implants cost in Mexico: $ 3,535

– 3-unit bridge supported by 2 dental implants average cost in the USA or Canada: $9,100

Overdentures Cost

– Overdentures cost in Mexico (with 4 implants): $ 6,020

– Overdentures average cost in the USA or Canada (with 4 implants): $ 17,100

Fixed Bridge Cost / Fixed Hybrid Denture Cost

– Full Fixed Bridge cost in Mexico (with 6 implants): $ 11,280

– Full Fixed Bridge average cost in the USA or Canada (with 6 implants): $ 28,320

All on 4 Dental Implants

– All on 4 Dental Implants cost in Mexico: $ 10,500

– All on 4 Dental Implants average cost in the USA or Canada: $ 24,300

To get dental implant quotes for your procedure, you can call us here at Dayo Dental at 877-987-3296 or Get Dental Implant Quotes Here.

Dental Implants in Mexico Picture of Full Mouth Reconstruction
Are dental implants to expensive in your area? Join the thousands of people who get affordable dental implants in Mexico and save thousands.

Remember, the single most important tip before your dental travel is to know exactly the name and background of the dentist who will place your dental implants in Mexico. We do not recommend for you to go to Mexico without any research or plan.

It is easier to do your research at your home, as opposed to when you are already in Mexico. You won’t really have internet on your phone to do enough research about the dentist in Mexico before he performs the procedure.

Nice dental practices or large number of reviews don´t necessarily mean that an expert implant dentist will install your dental implants in Mexico. You still have to ask the question: Who will install the dental implants and what experience level does he have?

So yes, avoid issues or hassles, do your research first and KNOW the dentist before going to Mexico for dental implants.

Fortunately, here at Dayo Dental, we’ve already pre-screened some of the top 5% dentists in Mexico for dental implants. You can check out some featured dentists here: Top Mexico Dentist for Dental Implants.

Restore your smile and self-esteem. Eat and enjoy more foods. Live a healthier and happier life. All this is possible by going to Mexico for affordable dental implants.

It’s likely that thousands of dental tourism patients in your area already have dental implants from Mexico. You can start the process today! Call us at 877-987-3296 about getting your dental implant in Mexico. We will be happy to help you.

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