Dental Work in Mexico: Why Prices Differ Among Dentists in Mexico

Know more about the quality that happens when you go to dental care in Mexico than the price. Let us show you how to be a kind of caring shopper who feels more than the looks of things.

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Have you ever had an experience of buying something valuable at a price less than its real value? Perhaps you might have. But when it comes to dentistry, such bargain seldom happens.

Common Dental Procedures Average Price Range in Mexico Average Price Range in the US
Regular Extractions $30 – $90 $140 – $240
Cleaning $20 – $70 $80 – $120
PFM Crown (Porcelain Fused to Metal) $180 – $400 $600 – $1300
All Porcelain Crown $250 – $500 $800 – $1400
Zirconia Crown $400 – $750 $1000 – $1600
Veneer $250 – $550 $900 – $1400
Dental Implant $700 – $1200 $1800 – $3000
Full Upper Denture $200 – $700 $1000 – $2000
Root Canal with Post $200 – $550 $900 – $1500

The dental price list above summarizes the average fees provided by dentists in Mexico

Dental treatment cost is a very important matter when it comes to visiting Mexico for dentistry. Some people do a lot of research to find a suitable dentist who offers quality dental work at a reasonable cost. Others focus their decision based on online dental price comparisons.

It’s easier to make the mistake of just focusing on the dental cost in Mexico. Unlike in the US and Canada, many Mexico dentists post their dental price list online. It exposes the universal truth that there are variations in fees when it comes to dentistry.

At Dayo, we always argue that quality should always be a priority over price. After all, you are already saving significantly on your dental cost (50-70%) by going to Mexico for dentistry.

Why do dental costs vary in different clinics in Mexico?

There are many reasons why dental treatment fees in Mexico vary from one clinic to another. It can be due to the differences in experience level, service and quality.

Just imagine when you buy a computer or handbag in a mall. Of course you want something cool and appealing but I bet you’d definitely want something over another because you already have an idea of its quality. You’ll surely look over cheaper brands but will definitely pick the durable and name brand item even if it’s more expensive.

Dental Cost in Mexico involve having clean and safe dental clinic
Dental cost also involves maintaining a clean and modern dental facility. In the picture above taken from our partner dentist in Tijuana, Mexico, your doctor takes pride in having a clean, safe, and modern dental clinic where you can have Peace of Mind as you sit on the dental chair.

Some Mexico dentists charge a premium, but argue that they maintain better quality and stricter safety and infection control standards. Some dentist in Mexico even charge close to US prices.

On the other hand, some dental offices in Mexico focus more on volume as opposed to quality. They price their dental work cheap to attract price shoppers. Although some still provide good quality at a discount, others cause a huge headache for some dental tourism patients who go back with faulty teeth work.

Factors affecting dental cost in Mexico:

Dental Cost Factors Dental
Expenses Involved
How it affects
your dental treatment
Dentist’s Training
  • Ongoing and advanced training courses from the US, Europe, and Mexico. Top dentists in Mexico travel to the US regularly for continuing education in schools such as Loma Linda and NYU
  • Conferences and diplomats about new innovations such as the newest surgical techniques
  • Ongoing training with new and improved dental materials
  • Better diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Predictable and longer lasting implants and crowns
  • More natural looking porcelain crowns and cosmetic dentistry
  • Faster results while following good dental protocols
Dental Materials
  • Materials such as top dental implant brands (vs generic brands) are more expensive.
  • Newer alternatives to cosmetic dentistry such as Lumineers or Minimum Prep Veneers
  • Proven and tested top quality brands deliver predictable and beautiful results
  • Stronger and natural looking results
Experience Level
  • In almost any skill based service, more experienced professionals charge more than new or less skilled professionals.
  • Hands-on training for live surgical procedures such as sinus lift and teeth implants
  • Better management of dental treatments
  • Avoids errors during surgeries by following proper precautions
  • Avoid having to back to Mexico for costly repair or rework
  • Dentist knows how to handle unexpected complications during surgery
Dental Lab
  • Fabrication of high quality crowns and dentures
  • Natural looking crowns and veneers
  • Durable dentures
Dental Equipment and Techniques
  • The use of the latest equipment such as CT scans and surgical instruments
  • Use of L-PRF and Lasers to produce faster healing times
  • Avoids errors and diagnostic mistakes
  • Saves time in rendering treatments
  • Safer and more effective treatments
  • Quicker surgery healing times.
Quality vs Volume
  • Some dentists prefer to spend more quality time with each patient as opposed to going for volume.
  • Dentist spends more time on your crown preparation.
  • Dentist spends more time evaluating and planning your case to anticipate mistakes and deliver the best treatment result.
  • Dentist focuses his attention to your optimal and convenient experience.
Safety and Dental Infection Control Practices
  • Well-maintained and clean dental office add to dental cost in Mexico
  • Special surgical gloves and gowns
  • New dental instruments
  • Avoids cross contamination
  • Better trained staff strictly follow safety guidelines
  • You can have peace of mind as you sit on the dental chair
With dental cost in Mexico, you get what you pay for

It’s always disheartening for us to receive a call from a desperate patient who received faulty dental work from other dental clinics in the US and Mexico. Rework can easily double or triple your dental cost, plus the toll on your health (and sanity!).

If you choose a specific dentist that has the training, experience, and successful track record at a reasonable dental price, you’ll be in good hands.

“At Dayo Dental, we choose only the top 5% dentist in Mexico and negotiate dental fees to be middle of the road in terms of high quality dentistry. In this way, you not only receive top dentistry, you also pay less than what the elite dentist charge their regular patients.”…Dayo Dental Team

We want to help educate dental travelers to be smart and value shoppers. We want everyone to have a good experience when they travel to Mexico for dental care. We want you to choose the doctor that suits your budget but will deliver the quality you deserve.

Dayo Dental Team
Trusted Dentistry in Mexico

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