You don’t have to pay Beverly Hills prices for a perfect Hollywood smile. To get the same amazing smile for a fraction of the cost, many Californians travel to Tijuana.

Tijuana is a modern city filled with culture and charm. Along Tijuana’s business district, you will find shopping malls, hotels and tall office buildings. Avenida Revolucion, Tijuana’s main tourist street, is filled with famous and historic restaurants in Mexico.

Tijuana has also transformed itself as a hub for medical and dental tourism. Aside from dentistry, Tijuana is also a popular destination for affordable medical procedures such as cosmetic and bariatric surgery.

Tijuana is just south of the border of San Diego, California. It is only 25 minutes from the San Diego International airport. There are 2 ways to travel to Tijuana. First, you can drive there if you live in neighboring California or neighboring states. Alternatively, you can fly to the San Diego International Airport. From there, you can take a taxi or shuttle to the border. The dental practices are just a 5 minute taxi ride from the border

What are top things to do

  • Stay in one of the nice hotels on the Tijuana side.
  • Dine in historic restaurants run by some of the best chefs in Mexico.
  • Drive to Rosarito, a beach town 25 minutes from Tijuana, for some fun in the sand and beach.
  • Soak the San Diego sun on the US side, while visiting the beach and the many tourist attractions of San Diego.
  • Visit one of the hospitals and specialty medical offices for medical tourism procedures.
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