Top 12 Tips to Find the Best Dentist in Mexico

If you’re looking for a new dentist, or just want to make an informed decision before your next dental appointment, here is a comprehensive guide to help you find the best dentist in Mexico.

How to find the best dentist in Mexico

Are you looking for the best dentist in Mexico?

Many Americans and Canadians get good dental work when they go to Mexico. However, some receive average or substandard quality. Just like anywhere you go, whether it’s the US, Canada or Mexico, you can find good dentists and bad dentists. But one thing is for sure, the dentist cost in Mexico can be 50 – 70% much cheaper compared to your town dentist.

If you want to be successful at finding the best dentist in Mexico for your dental case, a little bit of research is a must. It’s your money, your appearance, and your health at stake. Trial and error is not practical with out-of-town dentistry. It’s also a bit hard just to trust nice looking websites and positive reviews online.

We had a young man who contacted us just recently after getting bad cosmetic dentistry in Mexico. He had most of his teeth crowned. Unfortunately, the porcelain crowns were too small it made him look 10 years older! After a costly mistake, he felt he was worse off than when he started.

But for all of you who want a smile makeover, Dayo Dental is here to help you find the best cosmetic dentist in Mexico. We want to ensure you get only the best dental care, without hassles and headaches. We work hard to bring you only to the most trusted and qualified dentists—whether you’re looking for the best dentist in Mexico for veneers, implants, or oral surgery.

Yes, you can do this on your own as well. Here is a comprehensive guide to help you find the best dentist in Mexico.

Top 12 Tips to Select the Best Dentist in Mexico

Tip 1. Choose a dentist, not a dental facility

Wondering how to find a good dentist in Mexico? You are seeking the right dental professional, not a business entity. You want to establish trust with a dentist, not a clinic. It’s the same thing when you choose a local dentist in your area.

You might see a clinic with glowing reviews, but then you’ll end up with a newbie dentist on the dental chair. If we were allowed to provide only one advice, this would be the one.

The Dayo Dental Network includes some of the best dentists in Mexico that you can trust for your dental work. Check out some featured profiles here.

Tip 2. To find the best dentist in Mexico, choose quality first, price secondary

Best dentist in Mexico for Cosmetic Dentistry
The best dentists in Mexico can dramatically change your smile and improve your overall health.

You get what you pay for. You are already saving 50-70%. Online comparison shopping to find cheap dental care prices in Mexico can get you in trouble.

Don’t sacrifice quality over price. It will save you hassles of costly rework, which can easily double or triple your cost. Plus bad dentistry is emotionally draining, sometimes traumatic. Imagine having your teeth ruined by a bad dentist. It’s a teeth clenching, vein bulging, I am really pissed experience!

In good humor, we commonly hear from older clients, “I am not going to live more than 10 or 20 years, I don’t need to see the best dentist in Mexico. I just want a cheap dentist in Mexico.”

Unfortunately, bad dental work is likely going to fail within 6 months to 2 years. It’s best to invest a little more with a better dentist.

Tip 3. Know your dental case

Know a little about your teeth before your dental travel. How many fillings or crowns do you need? Do you need bone grafting with your implant? Does your crown need a root canal in Mexico?

If you know what’s going on in your mouth, you’ll be able to spot an unethical dentist that’s trying to recommend more than what you need.  The best dentists in Mexico will always be honest – they put your interest first.

A good way to educate yourself is to get a local dental consultation first to understand your treatment plan.

Tip 4. Don’t demand rush dental work

Best dentist in Mexico for CAD / CAM crowns
The best dentists in Mexico use the latest technology such as CAD/CAM to make dental crowns.

Rush dental work can force an unethical dentist to bypass proper dental protocols. You don’t want crowns that are not sealed properly or dental implants that fail within 1-2 years.

Be careful with offers like same-day or next-day crowns, especially if you need major dental work. They may not be using the best quality lab or technician. Even crowns made from the latest CAD-CAM machines need at least 4-8 hours to sit in the oven to achieve full form and strength.

Likewise, experienced dentists may tell you that you are not a candidate for immediate loading of implants because they need to first build up the bone.

A good and ethical dentist in Mexico will not sacrifice quality for speed and convenience. They would rather turn down your business, because they care enough not to give you poor-quality-rushed dental work.

Do you want a dentist that brags about spending 15 minutes clumsily preparing your tooth for a porcelain crown? Or, do you want best dentist in Mexico that pours his heart and soul for 45 minutes meticulously shaving your tooth to get the perfect fitting crown?

Tip 5. Match major dental work with up-to-date training

Best dentist in Mexico US trained
The best dentists in Mexico travel to the US regularly for advanced training.

A dentist that does crowns may not have extensive experience to do cosmetic or full mouth reconstruction. Similarly, implant installations have 3 levels of difficulty: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. You want to find the best dentist in Mexico that has the extensive training necessary to deliver superior results.

Even a specialty degree does not guarantee qualification. Some students graduate with a Periodontics degree having installed less than 5 implants at best.

At Dayo, we pre-screen dentists for up-to-date training to match the difficulty level of your dental work. Many dentists in our network have specialized training from top US dental schools.

Tip 6. Ask your Mexico dentist, “how many years of clinical experience do you have for my procedure?”

Getting implant supported dentures? If you’re looking for the best dentist in Mexico for implants, you should avoid a dentist that just finished an implantology diplomate course last summer on installing simple dental implants.

An experienced dentist has seen it all. He has been exposed to a huge variety of cases. For example, no dental surgery is the same. An experienced dentist in Mexico knows what to do when unpredictable situations occur during the surgery. Similarly, he’s been able to refine his technique for cosmetic dental restorations over many years of practice.

Some of the dentists in our network have 30 years of experience. Many have installed more than 5000+ tooth implants in their career.

Ask questions like, “How many implants have you installed? How many years have you been practicing prosthodontics? How many full mouth rehabilitations have you completed? Can you show me samples of your work?”

Tip 7. Find the best dentist in Mexico that provides a reliable guarantee

Best dentist in Mexico that provide dental guarantees of their work
At Dayo Dental, we require all of our partner dentists in Mexico to provide you a 5-Year Guarantee.

Avoid costly mistakes, especially if you need extensive dental work. Even though it’s in Los Algodones—the popular dentist town in Mexico, you are still making a significant investment in your health. Ask your dentist, “How long is your guarantee?”

Make sure you can trust your dentist in Mexico to stand by his guarantee. Dayo clients receive a 5-year Peace of Mind Guarantee from the dentist.

Tip 8. Check the reliability of referrals from friends, family, and online reviews

A dentist in Mexico who installed a crown on your friend may not be the most qualified to do your smile makeover or dental implant. Just like any other medical field, dentistry has different specializations.

You might end up with a general dentist profusely sweating as he is installing a complicated tooth implant and reciting Hail Mary’s after he sends you off. You want someone who is confidently humming his favorite tunes as he is painlessly gliding your implants with micro precision in your mouth.

The best dentists in Mexico focus on dentistry every day.  They typically don’t bother or have the time to check their online reviews.  Some of them don’t even bother getting a good website!  They already have enough clients to worry about marketing.

Similarly, take good online reviews with a grain of salt, as you do with any other service or product you buy. A quick search on Google for the best “dentist in mexico near texas border” will reveal a list of numerous dental clinics. However, online reviews can easily be manipulated by anyone. So dig deeper in Google for “bad reviews” as well. Then weigh the good and bad.

Tip 9. Verify safety and infection control guidelines

This includes proper sterilization of dental equipment, safety guidelines in emergencies, and clean and well maintained facilities.

Ok, we understand that this is a bit technical for anyone. We provide some info in our blog to help you.

However, a good dentist in Mexico and all other nearby towns would prioritize safety at all times. But, you’d be surprised how much you can learn about a doctor’s attention to safety details by visiting the clinic and sitting on the dental chair.

Tip 10. The best dentists in Mexico use top dental laboratories

How to find the best dentist in Mexico who own lab
Dr. Espinoza, one of the best dentists in Mexico, owns his own lab. The picture above shows his technician preparing a crown. He produces top-quality crowns in his lab. However, he still uses other labs in Mexico or US to get the best results for other specialty dental procedures.

You don’t want cheap dentistry in Mexico. If you look for the cheapest price, you may be getting low quality lab work.

To our surprise, some dentists in the industry pay their lab $15 for a porcelain crown. That’s a cheap crown that probably uses low-quality porcelain brand. It’s not going to last very long; it probably looks terrible as well.

The best dentists in Mexico use different specialized labs that are known for delivering the best quality in the industry.

A dentist that owns his own lab does not necessarily have the quality edge over others. He may not have the best technicians and equipment in his dental lab. A tooth numbering chart is just a bare minimum.

Some of the best dentists in our Dayo Dental Network continue to send their dental lab work to other established Mexico labs and US labs even though they own their own labs. They know that a specialized lab with better technicians can deliver stronger and better looking zirconia crowns for your dental case.

A Mexican dentist is only as good as the lab he uses. A bad lab work cancels any of his superior crown preparation and installation skills.

Tip 11. Verify if your Mexico dentist uses brand name dental materials

Best dentist in Mexico uses top dental implant brands
The best dentists in Mexico use only top dental implant brands, not generic brands.

Not all Porcelain (for crowns) and Acrylic (for dentures) are the same. A low-quality porcelain material would not have translucency. It would look fake and unnatural in our mouth.

It’s similar to buying a leather jacket. Not all leather jackets are the same. You can tell a cheap-quality brand from a high-end brand.

The best dentists in Mexico use name brand dental materials. They don’t use generic implant brands; they use the top brands such as Nobel, Straumann, BioHorizon and MIS implants. These are the same brands used by the best dentists in the US or Canada.

Why? These world-renowned brands have predictable and longer-term results than cheaper dental implant brands. These implant companies spend millions in research to deliver superior products.

Tip 12. The best dentists in Mexico speak fluent English

best dentist in Mexico speak English
The best dentists in Mexico speak fluent English.

Effective communication is crucial, especially if you need major dental work. It’s hard to build trust if you can’t communicate effectively. Plus, you need two-way communication to establish the best treatment plan.

The best dentists in Mexico speak English fluently. Communication is as good as visiting your local neighborhood dentist.

Your teeth, your health and your self-confidence are at stake. At Dayo, we feel it’s important that we send you to a dentist that speaks English effectively.

Some dentists in Mexico offer translators as you are sitting on the dental chair. It works, but it can get quite challenging when you are discussing technical information about your teeth.

Dayo Dental has done a lot of this research for you. We can help you find the best dentist in Mexico for your particular dental case.  Feel free to call us at 877-987-3296 or Contact Us.

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