Find your dentist and choose your city

Browse our Dayo Dental Network to find detailed information about procedures and clinics. If Mexico dentistry is right for you, we proceed to planning your trip and scheduling your appointment.


Travel to Mexico


Choose the travel option that’s most convenient and comfortable for you


If you’re an independent traveler you’re welcome to drive yourself to our US-Mexico border destinations. All clinics are a short distance from the border, and we provide detailed maps and directions. You’ll park on the US side and walk or take a taxi across the border to your dental facility.

Dental Tourism Mexico border


Far from your destination? We help you find the nearest airport, give directions for your local travel, as well and accomodation recommendations. For resort destinations such as Cancun, we provide private concierge and local transportation as you start your dental vacation in Mexico.

Dental Tourism in Mexico - Flying for dental vacation


Meet your Dentist

Each Dayo Dental visit starts with a free consultation with your dentist in Mexico. Once you’re comfortable with your dentist and agree with his/her treatment recommendations, you can begin your dental work immediately.

Dental Tourism in Mexico
How Dayo Dental Helps You

Evaluate and Plan

Dayo Dental helps you:

estimate your total cost, number of visits, and length of stay

choose a destination and dentist ideal for your case

plan your trip, including directions and free Dayo Dental travel options

Schedule and Travel

Dayo Dental helps you:

schedule consultation and block procedure times

travel to Mexico on your own with our guidance every step of the way

get a free consultation and written treatment plan

Start and Complete

Dayo Dental helps you:

verify pricing and track your dental work to completion

schedule follow up visits

resolve any issues with your dental work in Mexico

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