It’s your money, your appearance and your health at stake. So how do you find a dentist you can really trust? At Dayo Dental, we choose only the top ranking dental professionals for our network. We continue to screen our dentists based on client feedback. And, your work is backed by a 5-Year Peace of Mind Guarantee.

Don’t settle for less. Choose the best.

We’ve done the hard work for you. The Dayo Dental Network includes only the most respected specialists in Mexico. Our strict qualification guidelines include years of experience, advanced training, and track record providing successful treatments. Likewise, each Mexico dental facility is credentialed for A.D.A. safety and infection control practices

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Make your first choice a proven choice.

Until Dayo, choosing a good dentist was trial and error. But with out-of-country dentistry, that’s not practical. All Dayo dentists have a solid treatment record and follow Dayo’s Zero-Mistake Policy. If they don’t meet Dayo standards they’re removed from our network. It’s one more way we maintain superior quality.

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Protect yourself with the 5-Year Peace of Mind Guarantee.

Dayo’s elite partner dentists stand behind your dental care with their professional credentials and exclusive Peace of Mind Guarantee. That’s right. We require that each dentist in our network guarantee your dental work for 5 years. Choose Dayo and protect your investment, knowing you’ll receive top dental care in Mexico. Guaranteed.

Best dentists in Mexico Guarantee | Warranty from Mexican dentist

Travel safely to a safe destination.

Patient safety starts well before you cross the border. Dayo chooses only the most tourist-friendly and safe resort and border destinations in Mexico. So travel with confidence and enjoy your stay, just like thousands of American and Canadian patients who trust Dayo for their Mexico dental care.

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The Dayo Dental Network

When you aim for the best, you can trust the Dayo Dental Network’s exclusive group of Mexico’s top 5% dentists. With the help of American dentists, each Mexico dentist is hand-picked and screened based on stringent selection and maintenance standards. You can be assured that you will get superior-quality dental care utilizing the following standards.

Pre-Screening Standards

  • Academically Accomplished + Vast Clinical Experience

    Choose from the most-distinguished dentists who are current and former professors, guest speakers, and organization leaders who set the forefront in dental care.

  • US Standards in Infection Control and Safety Practices

    Get the peace of mind you want knowing that your dentist adheres to strict US safety and infection control practices.

  • World-Class Training, Facilities and Equipment

    Get the latest surgery techniques and advanced equipment from dentists who constantly take post-graduate training from top schools and institutions, including the US.

  • Practices Owned by a Dentist, Not a Businessman

    Establish a trusted relationship with passionate dentists who practice with accountability, reliability and highest ethical standards.

  • Name Brand Materials + Top Dental Labs

    Get the latest surgery techniques and advanced equipment from dentists who constantly take post-graduate training from top schools and institutions, including the US.

  • Communicates in English Effectively

    Eliminate hassles and confusion by seeing dentists who can speak to you in English effectively.

Maintenance Standards

We are relentless in ensuring you get a high quality experience and dental care. You deserve it. Dayo Dental holds each dentists in the network to the following maintenance standards:

Zero-Mistake Policy

Rely on proven performance - any dentist that receives 3 major and verifiable complaints from Dayo Dental clients is removed from the Dayo Dental Network.

5-Year Peace of Mind Guarantee

Get the peace of mind you want with a 5-year reliable guarantee from the dentist.

Preferred Pricing

Save approximately 3-10% for the most common dental procedures through Dayo Dental’s Preferred Pricing with each dentist. Dayo tracks your payment to ensure accuracy and integrity of your treatment plan.

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