Dental Tourism: 4 Ways to Pay for Dental work in Mexico

How can you finance your dental work in Mexico? Do Mexico dentists offer dentistry financing? This article discusses your dental financing options for Mexico dentistry.

Dentist in Mexico offering financing to US and Canada patients
Dental Financiing options in Mexico
Algodones patient discussing treatment plan and costs with dental staff in Mexico.

When you choose to have your teeth cared for by a dentist in Mexico, you are already making a major dent in the bill you will receive – 50-70% is typical. But if you’re one of the many who look to Mexico for dental care because they need major restorative work, you may still be wondering how you’re going to finance your teeth. Most Mexico dental clinics don’t offer financing for your dental work. For example, a full-jaw implant-based restoration in the USA can run to $30,000. Even with 50-70% discount, that is still a chunk of change!

Can you use CareCredit in Mexico?

Unfortunately not right now. CareCredit is the USA’s most comprehensive dental financing provider, and we get a lot of inquiries about using Care Credit to finance dental care in Mexico. We even have lobbied Care Credit to consider covering dental work by Mexico dentists. So far they have not agreed to extend their financing for Mexico dentists. They limit financing to US dentists only. Don’t worry, though, we’ll keep trying!

So, other than your savings, what options are there for you to finance your dental work in Mexico?

1. Personal Loan from your local bank

This is likely to be the cheapest form of finance. If you qualify for a personal loan from your bank or your local credit union, it’s likely to be the best way to fund your dental treatment in Mexico. They offer the best rates that you can use for financing your medical work.

Tip: Do comprehensive research on different dental clinics in Mexico before you jump on a decision. What type of dental procedure do you need? For implants, find out the all on 4 dental implants cost in your chosen clinic.

2. Zero Percent or Low Introductory Rate Credit Card

This is not always ideal. With credit card finance, you must have the discipline to pay off your balance before the interest charges start to really kick in. Nonetheless, Dayo has many clients who have successfully taken advantage of zero percent or low introductory credit card rates to finance their dental work in Mexico. Obtain one of the many credit cards with a 12 month interest-free period, and set yourself a plan of repayment.

Most dentists in Mexico accept cash only. Dayo Dental patients, however, can use their credit cards as they would for any other purchase, with no extras, and no foreign transaction costs. Check for Los Algodones and Cancun cosmetic dentistry for top quality yet affordable dental care in Mexico.

3. Medical Finance Providers

Some specialist finance providers in the US and Canada do offer plans for Mexican dental care. If you have a good credit rating, these could be a solution for you. These lenders, however, will not usually finance people with poor credit history, and their effective interest rates are likely to be high. Contact Dayo Dental for information regarding medical finance providers that cater to Mexico dentistry.

4. Loans from Family and Friends

Many of Dayo’s clients have solved their financing with a loan from friends or family to pay for their dentist in Mexico. Is this an option of last resort? As long as you are committed to paying it back, you’d be surprised how many loved ones are willing to help you. A loan or a generous gift for dental work goes a long way towards providing goodwill to a person, especially someone you care about.

We have seen parents financing their sons and daughters, and vice versa. This is clearly a popular and practical solution.

How have you financed your Mexico dental work? Share some of the creative ways you’ve been able to pay for that big dental bill.

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