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The Current Review with Anna Maria Tremonti

Anna Maria and rest of The Current Review staff contacted us for a radio interview about phenomenon of Canadians travelling to Mexico for dental care.

In the story, Dayo mentioned the typical profile of a Canadian travelling to Mexico for dental care. Most of them need major dental work that are too expensive in Canada.

Aside from the savings, Anna Maria focused on the safety and the general feedback of Canadian dentist about dental care in Mexico. Dayo provided an outline of we thoroughly screen dentist.

Dr. Keith Manning, President of the Canadian Dental Association, provided a good point about patient advocacy. What happens if something goes wrong? What’s your recourse? What kinds of materials are they using on your mouth? What tandards of care are you getting? Dr. Manning encourages that you have to know what you are getting into, ask the right questions, and don’t base your decision just on price alone. These are advocacy rights that you have with Canadian dentistry. Dr. Manning’s observation arises from the fact that bad dentistry exists in Mexico. It’s even more important to do your research.

Dayo was founded specifically to improve these advocacy rights for our clients. Policies in our dental network such as the 5-year Guarantee and Zero-Mistake Monitoring Policy are in place to ensure you receive the high-quality dental care. Among many things, infection control and materials use screening are in place to ensure we can deliver these same advocacy rights to all Dayo clients.

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