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In this story, Darcy Henton from the Edmonton Journal is showcasing the increasing trend of Canadians travelling to Mexico for dental care. The costs of dental care for
Canadians are even higher than Americans.

Darcy also explores the details of how Dayo Dental fills this need for Canadians. He also highlights the strict qualifications for Dayo partner dentists in the following excerpt from the story:

“He (Dayo) offers a free service to link patients with Mexican dentists, promises his referred patients discounts, ensures the work is covered by a valid warranty and even provides a shuttle service from Phoenix. Dayo assesses Mexican dental facilities for their hygiene, ethics, training and safety practices. The nine-page assessment document includes rating the technical quality of X-rays, the quality of restorative treatment, the comprehensiveness of record-keeping, the cleanliness of the facility and equipment, compliance with health regulations, emergency protocols and stringent requirements for sterilization and infection control.“

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