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HDNet World Report, an award-winning news and documentary show, conducted a short documentary about Dayo Dental. Their crew joined us in one of our charter van trips as we took new clients to Los Algodones.

We loved their thorough and balanced reporting. They featured some of our clients and one of our partner dental facilities in Algodones. They also included commentaries
from US dentists.

Dr. Richard Black, a former president of the Texas Dental Association, provided an accurate assessment of dentistry in Mexico in the documentary. He is right. You can’t just rely on a friend’s referral and a decision on pricing to choose a dentist in Mexico. You have to know the dentist’s track record and specialization to match your unique dental case. A friend’s dentist, who gave her a good tooth extraction and a crown, may not be qualified if you need extensive dental treatment such as bridges, implants, and bite balancing. A dentist would require specialty training for these procedures. Unfortunately in Mexico, some dentists take extensive cases even though they are not qualified to do so. It is taking advantage of uninformed patients.

The biggest mistake we see is patients calling around for the cheapest possible price for crowns and implants in Mexico. This is a recipe for compromising your health, plus
potentially increasing your cost 2-3 times due to rework. This is also what US dentists see – the horror stories of people going back from Mexico for rework. Unfortunately, it leaves a bad impression among US and Canadian dentists regarding dentists in Mexico.

Thank you HDNet World Report for the balanced reporting and honest assessment. We hope many people can become more educated about their options with your story.

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