Is It Safe to Go to Mexico for Dental Work? Debunking Common Myths and Misconceptions

Are you having doubts about your safety when going to Mexico for dental work? Discover the truth about the safety, affordability, and quality of dental care in Mexico.

Going to Mexico for dental work

Jessie and her husband had been planning to go to Mexico for dental treatment. However, many of their friends and family who haven’t been to Mexico discouraged them. They told Jessie that it’s not safe to travel to Mexico.

We understand that safety is always the top priority. But there is no need to worry.

Mexico is a safe and practical alternative for your dental work. We know this because we help dozens of people like you get affordable, high-quality dental work in Mexico every month.

Perhaps, like Jessie, you have been discouraged by friends and family to get dental care in Mexico. Or maybe you’ve seen movies or news that made you hesitate. Don’t worry; we’ll address those concerns.

This article will discuss the common safety concerns when getting dental work done in Mexico. We’ll also debunk myths and misconceptions about these concerns.

Is It Safe to Go to Mexico for Dental Work?

Overall, YES, it is safe to travel to Mexico to get dental work done. However, many people fear traveling because of what they see in movies and the news. We’ve all seen at least one action movie showing cartels.

However, some of these stereotypes are far from the truth. What we may have seen in movies does not actually represent the country as a whole.

In fact, there has been a continuous decrease in the crime rate in Mexico.

Crime Rate in Mexico
Mexico’s crime rate has consistently been decreasing since 2018. Going to Mexico for your dental work is generally safe.

You might even be surprised that some crimes are committed more in the US than in Mexico. Let’s take a look at these crime rates between the US and Mexico.

Crime Rate US vs Mexico
Despite the media representation, Mexico has lower crime rates than the US in these aspects.

We have helped thousands of dental tourists like you get their dental work done in Mexico. We’ve been doing this for the last 15 years. And we’re proud to say we never had any safety complaints.

Let’s take a look at the common misconceptions about dental work in Mexico. You’d be surprised that those aren’t the case.

Common Dental Tourism and Safety Concerns

Jessie and her husband’s relatives have raised many concerns about their safety in Mexico. Perhaps you have the same concerns. Let’s examine these common concerns about dental services in Mexico.

Common Safety Concerns of Dental Tourists

#1. Low-Quality Treatments: There are good dentists and bad dentists anywhere you go. That’s true in both the US and Mexico. But actually, you’ll find many honest and qualified dentists in Mexico with the right research.

Here’s what Loretta, a dental tourist, has to say about her experience in Mexico:

“I saw Dr. Ever in Los Algodones, Mexico, at the Dr. Parra Implant Clinic. I highly recommend this place and every member of the staff. I have had previous dental work and am scared usually but this whole experience was amazing. I had 4 implants placed, the all on four, and then the full denture on my bottom. Never have I experienced such professionalism and knowledge as I have here. Also, I got a 5-year warranty; now that’s someone who supports and stands by their work. I’ll definitely be going back for all my dental needs.”

#2. Low-Quality Materials: This makes many people think that Mexico dentists ignore dental protocols or use low-quality materials.

However, many dentists in Mexico use quality dental materials. The quality of dental procedures is not compromised by expert and conscientious dentists like the ones in our network.

Steven went to Cancun for dental work, He came back home with this testimonial:

Dr. Carrasco gave me back my smile, and I can’t thank him enough. Dr. Carrasco’s staff is incredible, and the team he assembled to address my various issues did fantastic work.

There is simply no way I could afford to see a Dentist of Dr. Carrasco’s skill and reputation in the United States or choose the high-end zirconia crowns he created for me. I would have had to take out loans and travel extensively over many weeks to achieve the same results Dr. Carrasco completed in six visits over eight days in beautiful Cancun.”

#3. Unsafe/Unhygienic Practices: Some media stereotypes make people think dentists in Mexico have unsafe or unhygienic practices.

However, trusted dental clinics, like those in our Dayo Dental network, follow similar protocols set by the American Dental Association for Safety and Infection Control. You will be immediately at ease when you walk into a modern and ultra-clean dental office.

Another dental tourist who wishes to be anonymous tells us of their experience:

“Dr. Ever in Los Algodones, Mexico, including Tim, his trustworthy front office receptionist/manager; Dr. Carboni, and all the staff were very professional and pleasant. The office is very clean and with the latest equipment. I had eight implants put in; four on top and four on the bottom. Everything went well.”

It’s always best to listen to people who have been to Mexico for dental work. Don’t let fear and misconception hold you back from the benefits you can get.

Benefits of Dental Tourism in Mexico

#1. Lower Cost: Mexico boasts affordable dental prices. You can save 50 to 70 percent on costs by getting dental treatment in Mexico. Check out the differences in cost below.

Cost Comparison of Dental Procedures: US vs Mexico

Procedure Unit Average US Cost Average Mexico Cost Savings in %
Evaluation Per Mouth $185 FREE 100%
Periodontal Evaluation Per Mouth $250 FREE 100%
X-ray Complete Series Per Mouth $168 $50 70%
CT Scan Per Mouth $475 $150 68%
Panoramic Xray Per Mouth $115 $50 57%
Cleaning Per Mouth $185 $60 68%
White Filling Per Tooth $300 $100-$150 50% – 66%
Porcelain Crown Fused to Base Metal Per Tooth $1,300 $335 74%
Porcelain Crown   $1,800 $480 73%
Zirconia Crowns Per Tooth $2,050 $560 73%
Zirconia Veneer Per Tooth $2,150 $550 74%
Emax Veneer Per Tooth $1,950 $580 70%
Root Canal Anterior with Post Per Tooth $1,550 $400 74%
Root Canal Molar with Post Per tooth $1,750 $400 77%
Deep Cleaning Per Quadrant $404 $180 55%
Open Curettage / Osseous Surgery Per Quadrant $2,022 $250 88%
Full Denture Per Arch $2,400 $780 68%
Partial Denture Per Appliance $2,150 $780 64%
Overdentures with 4 Implants Per Arch $20,000 $7,700 62%
Fixed Hybrid Bridge with 6 Implants (Acrylic) Per Arch $26,500 $11,800 55%
Fixed Zirconia Bridge with 6 Implants Per Arch $29,000 $14,700 49%
All on 4 with Hybrid Prosthesis (Acrylic) Per Arch $26,500 $11,800 55%
All on 6 with Hybrid Prosthesis Per Arch $29,250 $12,800 56%
All on 4 with Zirconia Prosthesis Per Arch $29,000 $13,700 53%
All on 6 with Zirconia Prosthesis Per Arch $32,000 $14,700 54%
Regular Extraction Per Tooth $307 $100 67%
Surgical Extraction Per Tooth $485 $250 48%
Wisdom Teeth Extraction Per Tooth $650 $250 62%
Bone grafting Per Tooth $1,111 $450 59%
Sinus Lift Per Quadrant $4,075 $1,700 58%

TIP: Did you know you can also use dental financing in Mexico? You can also use dental insurance in many dental offices in Mexico. Just reach out to your insurance company and confirm your eligibility.

#2. High-Quality Treatments: Many dentists in Mexico are at the top of their fields. Many of them also have access to advanced technologies and techniques. These make them qualified to provide high-quality treatments for your dental needs.

TIP: Dayo Dental only works with Mexico’s top 5% dentists. These dentists are at the top of their field. For example, Dr. Dominguez in Los Algodones is One of the few endodontists in the world with a Master’s in Laser Dentistry. He has also performed over 12,000 root canal treatments over the past decade.

#3. Guarantee on Work: Many trusted and reputable dentists in Mexico guarantee their work. You can always go back and have them fix the work at no extra cost should it go awry. This is uncommon in the US.

TIP: Dentists within the Dayo Dental network offer a 5-year guarantee for their work. You can have the peace of mind that your investment in your dental care is protected.

#4. Faster Appointments: It normally takes weeks to get an appointment with your local dentist. This is not the case in Mexico. You can even have same-day or next-day appointments.

Plus, the wait times are shorter. They understand that you’re coming from abroad. This is why they prepare everything needed to start your treatment when you arrive.

#5. Accessibility: Major dental hubs like Los Algodones and Tijuana are near the border. You can just drive to and cross the border to get your dental work done. Likewise, there are direct flights to Cancun, another major dental hub.

Advantages of Dental Tourism in Mexico
Going to Mexico for dental work is a practical choice. You enjoy many benefits with dental tourism in Mexico, such as these.

Do you still have some safety concerns despite these advantages? Don’t worry. We’ll explore some steps you can take to make your trip to Mexico safe.

Safety Measures for Dental Tourists in Mexico

We help dozens of Americans and Canadians to Mexico to get top-quality dental care every month. Your safety is always our top concern as well.

Here are some of our recommendations to ensure you have a safe and successful dental vacation in Mexico.

#1. Research the dentist and their reputation: Take time to get to know the dentist you plan to get your treatment from. Scrutinize their credentials, qualifications, experiences, and expertise.

Remember, you’re not just looking for affordable dental work. You’re investing in your well-being. It’s always quality first and price second.

Do previous online research and due diligence. Then stay with that dentist. Politely decline hawkers and their offers.

#2. Connect with a reputable dental tourism company like Dayo Dental: This will help you find trusted and reputable dentists. We have been helping Americans and Canadians find their best dentists in Mexico since 2006.

We’ve done the research, so you don’t have to. We’ve partnered with Mexico’s top 5% dentists to help you access affordable, high-quality dental care.

Plus, we even negotiated preferred prices for you. You’ll pay even less than what they charge their regular patients.

Best of all, our services are free. Yes, you do not need to pay us.

#3. Use reputable transportation: Use reliable transportation companies in Mexico, such as Uber or a top-rated Taxi and shuttle company. Only take public transportation in the morning and if you have a travel companion.

TIP: Our partner dental offices in Los Algodones and Tijuana are just blocks away from the border. You can park your car on the US side of the border and walk to the clinics. Also, our partner dentists in Cancun offer complimentary shuttle services. They’ll take care of your transportation from the airport to your hotel or AirBnB and to the dental clinic.

#4. Be aware of the common sense red flags: Here are some common signs of malpractice.

  • Using unsanitized equipment
  • Performing procedures they’re unqualified for
  • Charging for services not provided
  • Advertising services not actually offered
  • Giving incorrect diagnoses
  • Recommending unnecessary treatments
  • Charging for the entire procedure upfront

#5. Stay in safe areas: Stay close to your hotel or AirBnB and the dental facility. Stick to popular tourist areas and sites. Alternatively, you can hire a trusted tour guide to show you around.

#6. Avoid dangerous situations: You know what they say, “You find trouble when you go looking for trouble.” Keep in mind that you’re there for dental appointments. Avoid sketchy bars and strip clubs.

#7. Be aware of cultural differences: Mexico and the US have different cultures. What we consider normal or polite may seem uncalled for in their culture. It’s best to become aware of these differences to avoid misunderstandings.

#8. Avoid traveling at night: Use the night to recover from your dental treatments. This will also help you prepare for your next appointment. You can always enjoy the nightlife when you feel better.

Safety Measures for Dental Tourists in Mexico
Staying safe in Mexico during your dental vacation is a top priority. These tips will ensure you enjoy your stay and Mexico and keep yourself safe.

Final Takeaways

Going to Mexico for dental work is indeed a practical choice. It combines safety, affordability, and quality. This is what Jessie and her husband experienced.

They went to Mexico, got their full mouth dental implants, and went back home safely with their new smiles. Their experience proves that affordable, high-quality dental care is accessible.

Like them, you can save on costs without compromising your health and safety. Plus, you can skip the hassle of looking for a trusted dentist. We’ve done that for you.

Contact us today at 877-987-3296 to learn more about dental treatments in Mexico. We’ll pair you up with one of Mexico’s top 5% dentists for your dental needs.

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