Los Algodones Dentist: 50 Tips for Awesome Dental Work in Molar City, Mexico

Planning to visit Los Algodones for a dental procedure? This blog is your comprehensive guide to getting amazing dental care in Los Algodones. Learn how to save money, time and avoid hassles with your visit to the Los Algodones dentist of your choice.

Dentists in Los Algodones - Molar City in Mexico
Dentists in Los Algodones - Molar City in Mexico
Dentist in Los Algodones cater to thousands of Americans and Canadians each each. Americans have even named the place as “Molar City”.

They call it Molar City. Los Algodones is a very popular place to get affordable dental work in Mexico.

Perhaps you have been postponing your dental work due to cost. Or your recent dental bill is enough buy a nice Mercedes. And you are frustrated by the patchwork dentistry and the never-ending costs. That full mouth restoration is simply out of reach.

Los Algodones is the one place where you can save up to 70% on your dental and get an amazing brand new smile. Finally, you can end the bane of patchwork dentistry and fix your entire mouth for good. Period. You can get comparable, if not better dentistry, with a good Los Algodones dentist.

But Los Algodones, Mexico has more dentists per capita than any other city in the world. This Yuma border city has more than 300 dentists working in one square mile. They are located right next to each other. How do you even begin selecting the right dentist in Los Algodones?

If that’s not overwhelming enough, try sorting through each dental office’s website or outdoor sign. Almost all the dental offices offer the same full range of procedures − crowns, dental implants, All on 4, etc. They appear to be clones. But are they? Would Los Algodones dentist reviews help? So many dentists in Mexico have 5-star reviews online. Some reviews are truthful; some are questionable. Reviews are easy to manipulate nowadays.

Los Algodones is also knows as the dental capital of the world
Aside from being known as Molar City, people also call Los Algodones, Mexico as the “Dental Capital of the World”.

Dayo Dental specializes in delivering you the top 5% of dentists in Mexico. We spend a significant amount of time in each location screening Mexico dentists. And we’ve helped thousands of dental tourists get top dental care in Los Algodones, Mexico for the past 11 years.

Apprehensive about getting dental care in Mexico? Join the rest of first-time dental travelers. We will outline specific action steps to navigate Los Algodones dentistry. This blog is a bit long. But it contains comprehensive tips to choose a dentist, save on your dental cost, save time, and avoid hassles. We have arranged the topics based on the timeline you would follow from start to finish. You can also jump to sections using the links below.

And guess what? Going to the dentist in Mexico can be fun! In Algodones or right across the border in Yuma, you can find corner tables in quiet, quaint bistros (or loud, raucous ones with mariachi bands) to enjoy authentic North Mexican food. Dental tourists can go shopping for Mexican curios or also find good deals for eyeglasses. Or just enjoy the sun by your pool or personal spa in Yuma, Arizona.

A Quick Los Algodones Dental Guide

Here are some quick information and tips to help you prepare your dental visit to Los Algodones. We’re sharing all these insider knowledge and insights we have gathered since 2006. These tips have helped thousands of dental tourists like yourself get their dream dental work in Los Algodones without any problem.

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Additionally, here are the topics for you to explore about Los Algodones, Mexico:

Here are the top 50 tips to getting dental work in Los Algodones, Mexico:

Where and Why

Before we start with tips, let’s give you a short intro about Los Algodones (also called Molar City), Mexico.

1. Where is Los Algodones, Mexico?

Los Algodones is at the Yuma, Arizona border. You can find it on the map where the borders of California, Arizona, and Mexico meet. It is also part of the northern Mexico state of Baja California (B.C.).

Here are the driving distances from closest major cities:
Phoenix – 3.5 hours
San Diego – 2.5 hours
Los Angeles – 4 hours
Las Vegas – 4.45 hours
Yuma – 15 mins

Here is a Los Algodones Mexico Map:

Where is Los Algodones Mexico? Molar City Mexico Map
Los Algodones (Molar City) Mexico is the most popular destination for dental tourism patients for the US and Canada. You can finish your dental work faster and save 50-70% on your dental cost in Mexico.

2. Why choose a Los Algodones dentist?

US dentists trianing in Los Algodones, Mexico for Live dental implant surgery
US dentists travel to Molar City Mexico to train for All on 4 dental implant surgery with actual patients. The patients get their dental implants installed for free as part of the course in Los Algodones.

You’ll save up to 70% on your dental work − thousands for major dental work.

You’ll also find some of the best dentists in Mexico in Los Algodones. The top dentists in Los Algodones get US training from schools such as UCLA, NYU, UPenn, or Loma Linda. These are impressive credentials for a town that’s only one square-mile in size.

The boom of Molar City dental care is a unique phenomenon in dentistry. Nowhere in the world will you find hundreds of dentists right next to each other. It creates a healthy competition to get the best training, equipment, and techniques. With a good dentist, you probably get better quality than your hometown dentist.

Los Algodones is also becoming a center for advanced training in dentistry. Some dentists in our Dayo Dental Network train other Mexico and US dentists for dental implant surgery. Yes, even American dentists are now travelling to Los Algodones for dental training.

Comparison: US vs. Los Algodones Dentistry

US / Canadian Dentist Los Algodones Dentist
Dental Cost Variable, but costly You save 50 to 70% on dental bill
Waiting time Long wait times, especially to see specialist such as a Periodontist or Endodontist. Faster to get appointments, including same-day appointments with specialists.
Major dental work You have to see multiple dentists / specialists in different offices. You save time because all the specialists are in one dental office.
Guarantees No guarantees provided Guarantees are typically provided
Price Transparency Complex pricing with multiple dental codes;

Dental prices are not transparent until you get a consultation.

Simplified pricing;

Los Algodones dentist prices are usually posted online or provided over the phone.

Choosing a Dentist in Los Algodones

3. Research and plan before you visit Los Algodones, Mexico.

Dentists in Los Algodones, Mexico picture with NBC and Univision
The news media such as NBC and Univision has recently featured some of Dayo Dental’s partner dentists in Los Algodones, Mexico.

This tip might seem obvious. But, some people just drive to Los Algodones without any research or planning. They get major dental work on the spot without knowing their dentist’s background.

We know a man who went to Los Algodones impulsively not knowing what to expect. He talked to random “peddlers” or “hawkers” on the streets who took him to a dental office. He agreed to a full mouth crown restoration for $9,000. They finished the work in 4 days. When he came back, he was happy that he got cheap dental work. But we noticed that his teeth were too short for his facial features.

That’s not how you should do it. You risk getting bad dental work and wasting money. There are good dentists and bad dentists anywhere you go. That’s reality. It happens in your hometown; it happens in Beverly Hills. It’s true for Los Algodones dentistry.

You can go there blindly just for a fact-finding mission, if you have spare time. Some clients ride the Dayo Dental van to check out Los Algodones without committing to any one dentist.

The whole point of doing research is for you to do more work upfront and less when you get to Los Algodones. The last thing you want is pulling out your phone in Los Algodones trying to research a dentist. Not only is this stressful, but you are going to get charged roaming fees.

4. Get a consultation with your local dentist to know what you need
Dentist in Los Algodones, Mexico explaining a treatment plan
Dentist in Los Algodones, Mexico explaining a treatment plan.

It’s common to get sticker shock with your U.S. or Canadian dental estimate. If you get sticker shock in Los Algodones, then you didn’t do your research. You didn’t know beforehand what type of dental work you needed. With research on the type and extent of your dental work, you will be able to estimate your Los Algodones dental cost .Your can either call to get costs or send your x-rays for estimates. Fortunately, Los Algodones dentist prices are readily available before your consultation, unlike their U.S. counterparts.

You can also find the right dentist whose experience and training match the level of complexity of your dental work. Do you need to see a periodontist, prosthodontist, or implant specialist in Molar City Mexico? Furthermore, you can pre-schedule and ask your dentist to block enough time for the specific procedures you need.

You might argue, “It takes a long time to get an consultation appointment with my local dentist. Plus, the consultation alone would cost me $400 with the x-rays. I’d rather use that money to pay for airfare.”

That’s a valid point. You can either go just on a fact-finding mission or begin scheduling the work after your consultation. Consultations are usually free. But be prepared if you discover you need more work than you anticipated. Plus, the dentist may also not have enough time to get things started during that trip, depending on how long you can stay.

5. Know the name and credentials of the Molar City dentist you will see

During your research, choose a dentist, not a dental office. Choose a doctor, not a provider. Know the exact credentials of the dentist who will be performing the work.

Choosing a Dentist vs. Dental Clinic

What you know…
Dentist / Doctor Dental Clinic
Credentials Credentials of the specific doctor General online reputation of the dental office not specific to any dentist
Reviews Reviews of the Los Algodones dentist General reviews of the dental office, not necessarily specific to the dentist you will see
Years of Experience Number of years the doctor has been practicing Number of years the practice has been open
Ownership Doctor-owned Businessman-owned
Name of Practice Main doctor in the name of the practice General business name / franchise name
Choice of Doctor You can match the training and experience level of the dentist with the difficulty of your dental case You don’t know which dentist in Los Algodones you will see; can’t assess training and experience level
Accountability / Guarantee Main dentist / owner is accountable for the guarantee The business is accountable
Success Level Dentist is successful enough to open his / her own practice and flourish Success and experience level varies; you may get a new or less experienced dentist
Relationship-Building You can establish a long-term relationship with one dentist in Los Algodones to maintain your teeth Higher turnover rate as more experienced doctors open their own practice somewhere else

Here are items that are a big plus / standout in Molar City dental credentials:

US Trained dentist in Los Algodones
Top dentist in Los Algodones get advanced training from top US schools. Dr. Ever from the Dayo Dental Network received this dental implant training from the University of Pennsylvania.

1. U.S. training. This is a big plus for Mexico dentists. Some of the best Los Algodones dentist in the Dayo Dental Network have extensive US training from top US schools.

2. At least 10 years of experience. The more years of experience, the better of course. Ask your dentist how many years has he or she been practicing dentistry in Mexico.

3. Teaching or conference speakership experience. It shows recognition among peers.

4. Number of procedures performed. If you are getting dental implants in Los Algodones, ask how many implants your dentist has installed.

5. Specific advanced training for the procedures you need. Procedures such as All on 4 dental implants, full mouth restoration, and full upper and lower dental implants require extended training.

6. Specialty. Specialty, such as Periodontist or Prosthodontist, is a plus. However, it doesn’t guarantee good work. You may have a new primary dental school graduate jump to specialty school right away. New specialty school graduates still need years of experience to be proficient in his or her specialty.

Note that ADA membership (American Dental Association) are neutral credentials. Any international dentist can be a member of the ADA. They have just to pay the fees, no special screening required other than their dental license.

Some people get Algodones dental referrals from friends and family. Although they are good dental recommendations, you still have to follow your checklist:

Verifying Los Algodones dentist recommendations from family and friends:

1. Is your friend referring you to a dental clinic or a specific dentist in Los Algodones?

2. Did you review the dentist’s credentials?

3. Does the referred dentist in Los Algodones have enough experience and training for your complex dental procedures, such as cosmetic dental work or dental implants? Did you friend get the same full mouth dental implants in Los Algodones? Or did she just get fillings and cleaning?

4. Are you seeing a specialist or a general dentist? Are your seeing a highly experienced dentist or a newbie dentist?

5. How long ago did your friend complete treatment? If he or she just got back from Los Algodones, that’s not enough time to evaluate the dental work. The replacement teeth might look nice from the outside, but they may not be properly sealed in the inside. If problems are going to arise from bad dental work, it would take place within the first 6 months to 1 year.

6. Book with the practice owner to get the most experienced dentist
Los Algodones dental - Molar City dental group practice
Dr. Cesar and Dr. Rubio are co-owners of the practice. They are also the most experienced dentists in the Los Algodones dental group.

How do you get an experienced dentist in Los Algodones? There are two general types of dental offices in Los Algodones: businessmen-owned and dentist-owned.

Businessmen-owned offices don’t have dentist’s last names in their clinic name. Businessmen-owned dental clinics hire dentists to work for the dental office. Some are chains. It’s harder to determine which dentist is the most experienced in the dental group.

Dentist-owned practices are started and owned by a dentist. The name of the owner-dentist is usually in the name of the Molar City Mexico dental office. He (main dentist) also hires dentists to work for the practice, but he does most of work, especially more complex cases.

The bottom line − you’ll get the most experienced dentist if you book with the owner / main dentist in a dentist-owned practice.

7. Choose a Los Algodones dentist that speaks English
Molar City Dentist in Mexico that speaks good English fluently.
Find a Molar City Mexico dentist that speaks fluent English. It builds a better relationship and communication with your Los Algodones dentist.

Do dentists in Los Algodones speak English?

Most established Mexico dentists, that work with dental tourism patients like yourself, speak fluent English. But verify if you’ll be seeing a Mexican dentist that speaks English. Effective communication is crucial, especially if you are getting major dental work in Molar City. It’s one of the ways you can assess if you can trust your Los Algodones dentist. Some provide English translators. But it’s not the same as having good one-on-one communication with your dentist.

Scheduling to Minimize Time and Trips

8. Book your trip early

Top dentists in Los Algodones, Mexico are high in demand. Sometimes they are booked for several weeks, especially during the busy season of January to April. Book your appointment early if you have a target date in mind. Some of our Dayo Dental clients book their appointments as early as 3-6 months before their dental appointment. You can always change the appointment if something comes up. But you can begin planning vacation days, flights, and accommodations.

Need a companion for your dental implant surgery in Los Algodones? Give your reluctant companion enough time by planning your trip early.

9. Book your trip on a Monday if you plan to stay several days to complete your dental work
Pictures of the Yuma Mexico border crossing to Los Algodones - Molar City
Crossing the Yuma – Mexico border to Los Algodones.  Allow just 10 – 15 minutes to walk and find your Molar City dentist.  Most of the Mexico dental clinics are within 1-3 short blocks from the US – Mexico border.

The ideal day of the week to book an appointment for major dental work in Molar City is Monday. That gives your dentist plenty of time throughout the week to work on your case. This is especially true if you don’t know exactly what types of dental work you need.

Need dental crowns or veneers in Los Algodones? Your dentist can prepare and take an impression of the teeth on Monday. You can get your final crown or veneer by Friday.

Coming from out of state? You can minimize your length of stay by booking the first consultation appointment on Monday. If you book in the middle of the week, you might have to stay into the weekend in Yuma, Arizona to finish off your work by the following Monday or Tuesday.

10. Schedule an early morning appointment

Need a root canal? Arrive early in the morning to finish the root canal the same day.

Going for a one-day round trip to Molar City? You’ll get more work done if the dentist can start early. If you book later in the day, open schedules might be already taken by the early birds, or the dentist won’t have enough time to complete your dental work.

Most dentists in Los Algodones work from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Arizona Time. They take their lunch breaks from 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM. If you book in the afternoon at 2:00 PM, they only have 3 hours to get your dental work done.


Dental tourism patients enjoying a restaurant in Los Algodones, Mexico - Mola City
American and Canadian dental tourists enjoying one of the numerous restaurants in Los Algodones, Mexico. You can take a break in between your dental appointments and enjoy excellent Mexican food for less than $10.
11. Schedule during the weekday
Los Algodones Border Exit
Have an RV? Travelling to Los Algodones, Mexico is RV friendly. There are many RV parks in Yuma, Arizona across the border on the US side.

Yes, Saturdays are a convenient time to go for a day trip to Los Algodones. You won’t have to take time off of work. It’s great for consultations or short appointments. But most dentists in Los Algodones work shorter days on Saturdays. It’s understandable. They all work 6 days a week, as opposed to 3-4 days with your local US dentist.

Most Los Algodones dentists are open from 8:00 AM to 1-3:00 PM on Saturdays.

Get all those root canals, extractions and fillings done in one day. Schedule early in the morning during the weekday in Molar City, Mexico.

12. Ask your dentist to block time beyond the consultation

Some dentists allow you to pre-schedule your dental work and surgeries ahead of your initial consultation. They understand that you are coming from far and can only stay for so long. Your Molar City dentist will block enough time to get your dental work done during the days you’ll be in Mexico.

Some established dentists such as Dr. Rubio in Los Algodones don’t allow you to pre-schedule dental work before your initial consultation. But, his office is very good at starting the work right away if you agree with your treatment plan.

13. Request a pre-clinical x-ray evaluation
Get estimate cost by submitting your Panoramic Xrays to your Los Algodones Dentist in Molar City
US dental tourism travelers travel to Los Algodones, Mexico to restore their existing dental implants. This patient submitted Panoramic x-rays to Dayo Dental for pre-evaluation to estimate his total dental cost for full mouth restoration.

You can request an estimate from your dentist by sending your local panoramic x-rays or CT scans.

At Dayo Dental, we send the digital copy of your x-rays to your Los Algodones dentist for pre-clinical evaluation. We request a written estimate from your dentist. This also helps your dentist to estimate your length of stay during the first visit to Los Algodones. Likewise, your dentist can better prepare by having a background of your dental needs.

You can get those panoramic x-rays from your local US dentist if you have been to a local dental consultation. They should be able to email them to you digitally, if you paid for them.

Need full mouth dental implants in Los Algodones or other major dental work? Know how many tooth implants you’ll need and options for your full mouth teeth replacement. Knowing your various treatment options will help you make an informed decision about your Molar City dental care.

14. Estimate your length of stay and number of visits

You’ll want to get the as much work as is possible during the first visit, especially if you are coming from out-of-state. Dayo Dental actively works with dental tourism patients as far as Alaska and Hawaii who travel to Los Algodones for affordable dentistry.

Call your Los Algodones dentist. Describe all the procedures you need. Ask how long you need to stay. How many trips will it take?

Here are typical lengths of stay in Los Algodones, Mexico for the most common procedures. Note that your dentist may require you to stay longer or add more visits for more complex treatment plans:

Dental Procedure Average 1st trip length of stay in Los Algodones, Mexico Notes about your length of stay and number of trips
Dental Crown (including PFM, all-porcelain, or zirconia crowns) 5 days Preparation and impression on the first day; final crown delivery after 5 days.

Dentist may require more days for 10 or more crowns.

Root Canal 1 day Root canals are normally completed in one day.

You need to stay 5 days total for a root canal and crown.

Veneers 5 days Preparation and impression on the first day; final veneer delivery after 5 days.
Single Tooth Dental Implant 1 – 2 days Evaluation and implant surgery the same day or next day. You go back to Molar City after 3 months for your implant crown.
Dental Bridge 5 days Preparation and impression on the first day; final fixed dental bridge delivery after 5 days.
Full Upper and Lower Dentures 2 days Evaluation and impression on the first day; denture delivery the next day.
Regular Extraction, Surgical Extraction, Wisdom Teeth Extraction 1 day Single tooth extractions are usually performed right after the consultation. Full mouth extractions require at least 2 days of stay in Los Algodones.
Fillings 1 day Fillings take only 1 session to complete.
All on 4 dental implants 2 – 4 days First day evaluation, surgery the following days. After 3 months, you go back to Los Algodones for your permanent fixed bridge.
Full Upper or Lower Implant Supported Dentures or Fixed Hybrid Bridges 2 – 4 days First day evaluation; surgery the following days. After 3 months, you go back to Los Algodones for your permanent denture or fixed bridge.
Deep Cleaning / Open Flap Surgery 1 day Your periodontist can start the deep cleaning right after the consultation.
15. Save vacation days − consider breaking up long visits to shorter visits

You’ll use up valuable vacation days if your dentist asks you to stay one or two weeks in Los Algodones to complete your full mouth crown restoration. Plus you have to add hotel and food expenses. It all adds up.

Why not take shorter one-day visits to Los Algodones? After all, most of those days are spent waiting for your replacement teeth − such as your crown or fixed bridges − to arrive from the dental lab. Plus, you aren’t getting a dental vacation in Cancun. There is not much to do in Los Algodones for sightseeing, unless you drive to San Diego or Phoenix.

Need cosmetic dentistry in Los Algodones? Why not take two short visits to Mexico. The first visit would be the consultation, plus the crown preparation and impression. The second visit would be the teeth crown delivery. You can even schedule the second trip on a Saturday to avoid taking time off from work.

Weigh the travel cost to Los Algodones for both options. You save on hotel and food costs. But you spend more on two round-trip tickets or drive to Los Algodones.

Navigating Los Algodones Dentist Prices and Payments

16. Don’t Look for the cheapest dental prices
Issues with dental crown. Bad dental crown work.
Low-quality crowns might cause issues in the future. This image shows a PFM crown that broke from the metal base.

You get what you pay for. Don’t sacrifice short-term gain in savings for long-term issues that you will see everyday in your mouth.

Price competition is fierce among Los Algodones dentists − and you win. Dentists are operating on small margins. Those that charge higher prices are not making significantly more than the dentist next door that charges half the price for a dental crown. The price difference is related to the quality of the materials and training level. A dentist can charge cheaper prices with cheaper dental labs or materials and less investment on training.

Cheaper crowns may end up looking like chicklets. Cheaper dental implants could be generic brands. You won’t be able to get connectors to repair those dental implants in the future if those implant manufacturers go out of business. Similarly, less experienced dentists price their work lower.

We are not dismissing the work of cheaper Mexico dentists that charge lower prices. Many of them are good; you just have to consider quality and training, in addition to price, when making a decision.

Top dentists in Mexico still offer significant savings over their US and Canadian counterparts. The quality is excellent. You avoid having to double or triple your cost due to rework. But, bad dental work takes a big toll on your mouth. Bad crowns become root canals or extractions. Bad dental implant work becomes complex cases that many dentists don’t want to touch.

17. Go for middle-of-the-road dental prices

You don’t have to shop for the highest prices to ensure quality. Just go for the middle of the road for high quality dentistry in Los Algodones. Here is an average Los Algodones dentist price list vs. US dentist prices.

Los Algodones Dentist Prices (Estimate Price Range)
Common Treatments Los Algodones Dentist Prices U.S. Dentist Prices
Porcelain Crown Fused Metal (PFM) $180 to $420 $900 – $1500
Zirconia Crown $400 – $600 $1,200 – $1,700
Porcelain Veneer $300 – $520 $1,100 – $1,600
Simple Extractions $40 – $80 $130 – $250
White Filling $40 – $100 130 – 380
Root Canal w/ Post $280 – $500 $1100 – $1650
Fixed Bridge (3 unit) $750 – $$1,440 $2,850 – $4,260
Full Denture (Upper or Lower) $200 – $400 $1,500 – $2,500
Dental Implant $750 to $1,100 $1,800 to $2,600
Dental Implant, Abutment, and Porcelain Crown $1,250 to $1960 $3,560 to $5,272
Implant Overdentures (4 Dental Implants) $5,300 – $7,200 $13,250 to $17,800
All on 4 Dental Implants (Nobel Biocare) $10,000 – $16,550 $22,000 to $35,600
18. Know your total dental cost estimate before you travel to Molar City Mexico

The beauty of Mexico dentistry is that all the prices are transparent and readily available. Many Los Algodones dentists prices are posted online. If not, call the Molar City dental clinic to ask for prices.

It’s easier to make smile makeover budget decisions if you know prices. Keep in mind that these prices are still only estimates. The cost can change after your initial consultation. Here are some common reasons why your total Los Algodones dental cost might change:

  1. You need more extensive work that you anticipated.
  2. Your dental crown needed a root canal to fully restore the tooth.
  3. Your dental implant needs bone grafting.
  4. You upgrade materials, such as from a PFM crown to a Zirconia Crown in Los Algodones.
  5. You need more trips to Los Algodones, Mexico than originally anticipated.

Need a more accurate estimate for major dental work in Los Algodones? Send your panoramic x-rays to your Los Algodones dentist if you have one. Send some pictures of your teeth as well to help in the process. Send front pictures smiling and side pictures to show how you bite.

However, I recommend that you send these images only after you’ve narrowed your research to the right dentist. If you send your x-rays and information to 10 dentists, then you may run the risk of choosing a dentist based on price, not quality. There are plenty of ways dentists can cut costs (and quality) when you put dentists into a bidding war.

You can send your panoramic x-rays or CT Scan to us at Dayo Dental for pre-clinical evaluation with a top dentist in Los Algodones. Just call us at 877-987-3296 to make arrangements.

19. How to pay for your dental work in Mexico

Most Los Algodones only take cash for your dental work. Some accept debit or credit cards, but they typically charge a 3-5% card processing fee. Plus your bank might charge you foreign transaction fees.

Here’s another shameless plug: Dayo Dental allows you to pay for your dental work with a debit or credit card without any fees. You don’t incur any foreign transaction fees, as if you had paid your local dentist.

Do you have to pay for your dental work in full? Don’t pay for your dental work in full, unless you absolutely trust your dentist. You lock yourself with one dentist if you pay for your dental work in full.

Most dentists in Molar City don’t ask for the payment of your entire treatment upfront. You usually pay for what has been performed for the day. You risk getting stuck with that dentist if you don’t like how the work is going.

Again, we are all about teaching you how to be a smart Los Algodones dental tourism patient.

20. Use your dental insurance plan in Los Algodones if you have one
Can I use my dental insurance in Los Algodones, Mexico with a dentist in Molar City?
Do you dental insurance? You can save even more by using your dental insurance in Molar City Mexico through a reimbursement process.

Can you use your dental insurance in Mexico? Most major US or Canadian dental insurance provide reimbursements for dental work performed in Mexico. You will be reimbursed at the “out-of-network” provider rate.

Here are the steps to make sure you get reimbursed for your dental work in Mexico:

Step 1: Call your insurance provider to verify if your dental work performed out of the country (Mexico) is reimbursable. Verify percentage of coverage for the dental procedures you need.

Step 2: Get your dental work done in Los Algodones, Mexico.

Step 3: Before you leave Algodones, ask your dental clinic to prepare a reimbursement form with the proper insurance codes for the work performed.

Step 4: Mail your reimbursement form to your insurance company for direct reimbursement to you. (And keep a copy of what you send.)

Your $2,000 yearly maximum benefit will go a longer way. Instead of getting just one or two crowns in the US, you can get 4 or more crowns, plus other dental work in Mexico. In other words, your insurance dollar goes further. Insurance companies don’t mind. They are reimbursing you $350 for a dental crown in Mexico as opposed to $1,000 – $1,500 in the US or Canada.

Planning Your Dental Travel

21. Stay at a hotel on the US-side of the border
Where to stay in Los Algodones Mexico near Yuma, Arizona border.
Enjoy the sunny weather during your trip to Los Algodones. Book a hotel that has an amazing pool in Yuma, AZ. Yuma is only 15 minutes away from Molar City

Most people who visit Molar stay at hotels near Los Algodones, Mexico in Yuma, Arizona.

There is only one small hotel in Los Algodones. However, the whole town of Los Algodones shuts down at night. There’s not much to do or places to eat at night. The border closes by 10:00 PM. Most people who work in Los Algodones stay in adjacent cities 30 minutes away on the Mexican side of the border.

Yuma, Arizona is just a 15-minute drive from Los Algodones. Yuma has a big selection of hotels to suit your budget. You’ll find hotels with nice pools and free breakfast. You’ll even find hotels with shuttles to Los Algodones. Here are some hotels that are popular:

  1. Best Western Hotel
    • Have shuttles to Los Algodones
    • Walking distance from the main Yuma mall
    • Free breakfast and happy hour
  2. Quechan Casino
    • Just 1 mile north of Los Algodones on the US side
    • Offers casino and entertainment
  3. La Fuente Inn and Suites
    • Close to the main Yuma mall
    • Free Breakfast
    • Nice pool amenities

Check with Dayo Dental or your Los Algodones dentist for corporate rates with various hotels in Yuma. However, you should always verify if you are getting the best deal with online sites such as Expedia, Hotwire or Priceline. Sometimes you get a better price online with these travel sites than with the corporate rates.

22. Consider Airbnb for extended stay on a budget
Hotel options to stay in Los Algodones - Molar City Mexico for dental work
Need to stay longer for full mouth dental work in Los Algodones, Mexico? Consider booking an Airbnb in Yuma, AZ to save on your accommodation cost.

On a budget? Need to stay longer to complete your dental work in Los Algodones?

Consider finding an affordable place in Yuma, Arizona using Airbnb.com. Your dentist in Los Algodones might ask you stay at least 5 days to wait for your dental crowns. You might have to stay longer for more extensive dental work. Staying at a hotel and eating out can add up. An Airbnb is more economical since you can shop for groceries and make your own food. Plus, you’ll find tremendous deals for Airbnb in Yuma. The nightly rates are cheaper than hotel rates. You can find bargains as cheap as $35 per night.

23. How to get to Los Algodones, Mexico

Los Algodones is the most convenient location to visit a dentist in Mexico. The dental offices are right across the border. All the Molar City dentists are within walking distance once you cross the border.

The Los Algodones border is also within driving distance from major cities in the Southwest. Here are driving distances to Los Algodones from major Southwest cities:

Driving Distance and Los Algodones Map / Directions

Phoenix, AZ – 3.5 hours (directions to Los Algodones from Phoenix)
Yuma, AZ – 15 minutes (directions to Los Algodones from Yuma)
San Diego, CA – 2.5 hours (directions to Los Algodones from San Diego)
Los Angeles, CA – 4 hours (directions to Los Algodones from Los Angeles)
Las Vegas, NV – 4.5 hours (directions to Los Algodones from Las Vegas)


Directions to Los Algodones Mexico - Molar City directions - Where is Molar City Mexico?
Directions to Los Algodones Mexico. Los Algodones is the best place to get dental work abroad if you prefer driving to your Mexico dentist. The Los Algodones border near Yuma is within driving distance from major cities in the Southwest.


For an exact map of Los Algodones from your place, just follow this Google map directions to Los Algodones.

24. Should you drive or fly to Los Algodones?

Driving is king in the Southwest. Driving is more cost effective and convenient when visiting your dentist in Los Algodones. You can drive in the morning, visit the dental office in Los Algodones, and drive back the same day. However, not all of us have the luxury of driving, especially if you are coming from farther states or Canada.

How to fly to Molar City, Mexico? You have two options:

Closest airport to Molar City - Los Algodones, Mexico
The closest airport to Molar City is Yuma International Airport. However, it’s a smaller regional airport with limited airline options.

Option 1: Fly to the major airports nearby. Then take a rental car to drive to Los Algodones.

Here are the closest major airports to Molar City, Mexico:

Phoenix International Airport (PHX) – 3-hour drive to Los Algodones
San Diego International Airport (SAN) – 2.5-hour drive to Los Algodones

Option 2: Fly to major airports, then take a connecting flight to Yuma International Airport (YUM).

You can then take a taxi or rental car to Molar City, Mexico from the Yuma Airport. It’ll cost approximately $30 each way by taxi or Uber to go from the Yuma Airport to the Los Algodones border.

Rental cars would be cheaper. You can probably get a rental car as cheap as $15 per day during your stay in Yuma, Arizona. Again, you don’t have to bring the car into Mexico. You’ll just park on the US-side of the border and walk to your dentist in Los Algodones.

You can also book with hotels that offer free shuttles back and forth from the airport and Los Algodones. Call Dayo Dental at 877-987-3296 to inquire about hotel packages.

Option 1 is generally cheaper than Option 2 to fly to Molar City. The main reason is that Yuma airport is a smaller airport with limited flights. As of this writing, American Airlines appears to be the only major airline that fly to Yuma, Arizona. The cost of taking that connecting flight to Yuma can get pricey.

Do you live in Phoenix, Arizona? Inquire about a free ride to Los Algodones, Mexico through Dayo Dental.

25. Do I need a passport to travel to Los Algodones, Mexico?

Yes, US Border Patrol requires you to have a passport or passport card to cross back into the United States. But, you get flexibility.

You don’t have to present anything to the Mexico border agents when going into Molar City by foot. You just walk across.

You present your documents going back into the United States. But many people who are waiting for a passport use any combination of the following documents to cross back into the US from Molar City Mexico:

  • Driver’s license
  • US birth certificate
  • Expired passport
  • Receipt of application for passport

The border agents in Los Algodones provide flexibility with these documents since it is not a major port of entry. I wouldn’t try this in major entry points like Tijuana or Juarez. The border agents will put you in a separate line that’s slower and longer.

It takes 4-6 weeks to get a passport. It takes 2-3 weeks if you expedite your application. Bring any combination of the documents above if you can’t wait to see a dentist in Los Algodones.

Click here for more details about passport requirements to see a dentist in Mexico.

26. When is the best time to travel to Los Algodones?

The lines and the dental offices are busy when all the snowbirds are in town.The busy season for Los Algodones is from January to April. The lines to cross back to the United States by foot can be 20 minutes to 1.5 hours during these months. The lines are shorter for the rest of the months.

Travelling to Molar City during the summer? The weather is hot, but there are no lines.

Snowbirds visit Los Algodones during the nice weather time to get dental work in Molar City
Thousands of snowbirds from the US and Canada visit Los Algodones, Mexico during the wintertime to get dental work in Molar City.
27. What to bring when travelling to Los Algodones, Mexico?

Here’s a checklist of what to bring during your dental visit to Molar City Mexico:

1. Passport or other documents.

2. Cash to pay for parking and things you buy in Los Algodones. Most Los Algodones dentists, pharmacies, shops and restaurants only accept cash. You may have to pay for the cost of X-rays during your consultation. Be aware of the cost of CT-scans if you are getting dental implants in Molar City. You usually have to pay for those in cash.

3. Printed map to and address of your dental office − so you don’t get tempted by local street vendors who try to take you to a different dental office other than the one you have thoroughly researched.

4. Jacket (during winter) − It can get windy and chilly during winter months. Plus, it can get cold in the dental offices.

5. Comfortable shoes for walking and standing in line at the Los Algodones border.

6. Book, tablet or some form of entertainment − in some cases, you may have to stay all day to complete your dental work. Bring something to read while waiting in the dental clinic lobby.


Dayo Dental patients waiting to see their Los Algodones dentist
Bring some reading materials if you plan to be all day at the Los Algodones dental office.


7. Phone charger or portable powerbank − they come in handy to keep your cell phone charged while in Mexico.

8. Your calendar − in case you have to schedule your follow-up appointments at the dental office in Los Algodones.

9. List of meds you are taking − you’ll have to fill out an intake form the first time you see your dentist.

You can buy prescription meds without a prescription in Mexico. But it’s good to bring the names of meds you can buy cheaper in a Los Algodones pharmacy. Here are some rules and tips for getting prescription meds in Los Algodones, Mexico.

10. Any recent CT scans or x-rays − although your Los Algodones dentist may have to take new X-rays if you get a procedures such as dental implants. They come in handy if you are just going for a consultation. They have to be no older than 6 months.

11. Snacks − bring some light snacks so you don’t get hungry in between your dental appointments. You can of course eat at any of the numerous restaurants close to your dental office. Water? Your dental office usually have bottled water at the lobby.

12. Eyeglass prescription − if you need eyeglasses, you can buy bargain eyeglasses in Los Algodones. They can measure your eye prescription in Los Algodones, but bring a prescription if you already have one.

28. Can I bring my dog into Molar City?

Can’t go for dental work because you can’t find a sitter for your dog? Dog owners don’t fret! You can bring your dog into Mexico as long as his/her immunization records are current. Bring those records with you and present them to the US customs agents if asked.

Most Los Algodones clinics don’t mind if you bring your dog into the office. The front office can look after him/her while you brave your dental work. You dog will cheer you up afterwards. If you have a cute dog, then you make the office staff and the nervous patients happy while waiting for their turn at the lobby .

Don’t want to bring your dog into Mexico? Just arrive early and take your dog to pet sitter / hotel in Yuma while you visit Molar City for the day.

Quick Facts about Los Algodones, Mexico

What does Los Algodones mean?

“Algodones” means cotton in Spanish. Los Algodones literally means “the cotton”.

What timezone is Los Algodones in?

Los Algodones is in Arizona Time Zone. The city considers itself part of Yuma, even though it is technically on the California-side of the border. Your smartphone might change to Pacific Time as soon as you cross the Yuma border to Los Algodones. Just be aware that your appointment in Los Algodones is always Arizona time.

What time does the Los Algodones border open and close?

The Los Algodones, Mexico border opens at 6:00 AM and closes at 10:00 PM everyday.

Should I bring dollars or pesos in Los Algodones, Mexico?

Los Algodones dentists and businesses, just like any popular Mexico dental tourism destination, prefer you pay in dollars (USD). Restaurants, shops and pharmacies all accept dollars.

What time do dental clinics in Los Algodones open and close?

Dental clinics typically open by 8:00 AM and close by 5:00 PM during the weekday. Their lunchtime break is from 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM.

Dentists in Los Algodones work 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday. Molar City dental clinics close early on Saturdays; offices are only open from 8:00 AM to 2 -3:00 PM.

What’s the weather like in Los Algodones?

The Los Algodones, Mexico weather forecast is typically sunny. The weather is very nice throughout the year except during the hot summer months of June to August.

Los Algodones weather - Molar City weather
Molar City weather is always sunny and nice. It’s the perfect place to get relax while getting your dental implants done in Los Algodones. Source: Weatherspark


In which Mexican state does Los Algodones belong?

Los Algodones belongs to the state of Baja California, Mexico (B.C.). It is located on the map exactly where the states California, Arizona, and Baja California states meet.

How long have people been getting Los Algodones dental care?

Americans and Canadians have been travelling to Los Algodones for dental work for the past 40 years. It is arguably the first real dental tourism place abroad. Now, thousands travel every month to take advantage of this low-cost dentistry option in Mexico.

Molar City Mexico Dental Procedure Tips

We provide hundreds of tips about visiting a dentist in Mexico throughout this blog. Feel free to browse in our Mexico dental blog. Here are summarized tips for getting dental work in Los Algodones for the most common procedures:

29. Tips for getting dental implants in Molar City, Mexico

1. Verify that your Los Algodones dentist is using top dental implant brands.


Bad dental implant work in Los Algodones Mexico Sample Pic
This picture shows a bad dental implant that came off from a patient.
Low-quality dental implants are not worth the cheap price. Ensure that your dentist in Los Algodones are using good dental implant and abutment brands.


2. Ensure that your dentist is basing the implant teeth replacement diagnosis on a CT scan.

Have cash to pay for CT Scans during your initial consultation for dental implants in Los Algodones. Expect your dentist to require a new CT Scan when you are going for a consultation for dental implants in Molar City. Mexican dentists that don’t use CT Scan to plan implant teeth replacements are not using the latest techniques. CT Scans allow the dentist to avoid mistakes and see your bone structure in more detail. CT Scans are around $150 to $250 in Los Algodones. You usually have to pay this in cash.

3. Match the level of training of your Molar City dentist with the complexity of your dental implant case.

Almost every dental office in Los Algodones claims that they do dental implants. But their level of training and experience varies widely.

4. Get a copy of your dental implant titanium post specifications after the tooth implant installation.

Keep this together with your important documents. You’ll thank us for this tip 10 or 20 years down the road when your tooth implant needs rework or repair. The specification for the tooth implant includes the size or length, diameter, brand, and if it’s internal hex or external hex.

5. For more details, check out this blog about tips for getting dental implants in Los Algodones, Mexico.

30. Tips for getting dental crowns in Molar City

1. Opt to get All Porcelain or Zirconia crowns if you don’t want metal in your mouth.

If you are going to a top dentist in Los Algodones, then they are using high quality metal alloy in your Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns (PFM Crowns). Opt for no-metal crowns if you are bargain shopping for crowns in Los Algodones. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting cheap crowns with cheap metal that might corrode in your mouth in the future. It happens, unfortunately.


Tooth Crown in Los Algodones - Molar City Cost
Tooth Crowns made by Dr. Ever in the Dayo Dental Network. High-quality tooth crowns look every much like natural teeth. They have good translucency and natural color.


2. Get post-procedure x-rays to ensure that your crowns are properly sealed.

3. Don’t just see any new or general dentist for cosmetic dentistry or full mouth restoration in Los Algodones.

For 10 or more crowns, consider seeing a prosthodontist or other more qualified dentists.

31. Tips for getting root canals in Molar City, Mexico
Root canal procedure in Los Algodones - Molar City near Yuma Mexico border
Dr. Dominguez finishing up a root canal procedure with a patient in Los Algodones, Mexico.

1. Schedule an appointment early in the morning to give your dentist enough time to finish the root canal and crown impression.

Schedule a time no later than 10:00 AM.

2. If you have a pre-dental work infection or swelling, allow the infection to subside with antibiotics before going to your Los Algodones root canal dentist.

Your endodontist may not be able to finish your root canal on the first day if it is infected. He would start the root canal, place medications on the infected area, then send you home to let the infected area heal. You incur an extra trip to Los Algodones.

3. Check out this blog for more tips about getting a root canal in Los Algodones, Mexico.

32. Tips for getting extractions in Los Algodones, Mexico.

1. Avoid taking any blood thinners such as aspirin 3 days before your extractions.

2. For multiple extractions with local anesthesia, eat well before the extraction.

For full mouth extractions, you might as well have a feast a few days before. You’ll be on a soft diet for a few days after the procedure.

3. For full mouth extractions under IV sedation, follow pre-operative instructions strictly.

We encountered a patient once who had breakfast and drank coffee during the day of his 9:00 AM IV sedation extraction surgery in Los Algodones. The surgery had to be postponed because you have to fast (no food and water) 8 to 10 hours prior to IV sedation surgery in Molar City.

33. Tips for getting dentures in Molar City
Getting dentures in Los Algodones, Mexico - Molar Ctiy
Arrive early in the morning on the first day when getting dentures in Los Algodones. This will ensure that your Mexico dentist can deliver your dentures by the next day.

1. Plan on being in Los Algodones for two consecutive days for full upper or lower dentures.

The first day is the measurement and impression for the full denture. The next day is the final full denture delivery. However, partial dentures usually take 2 – 5 days to complete.

2. Stay for an extra day or two to test drive your new dentures

Dentures are one of the best dental deals you can get in Los Algodones. It cost only $235 to $275 per full upper or lower plate. But they are pretty expensive to adjust in your hometown. So try out your new denture before you drive back home. There’s a good buffet place in Yuma called Lins Grand Buffet.

Feel any discomfort? Have your Los Algodones dentist do the free denture adjustments while you are in town.

34. Tips for Getting Major Dental Surgery Under IV Sedation
Oral Surgery with Yuma Mexico Border Dentist in Los Algodones - Molar City
Dental tourism patients save the most on their dental cost by travelling to Molar City for oral surgery, such as full mouth extractions and dental implant surgery.

1. Bring a companion to Los Algodones to assist you and drive you after the oral surgery.

2. Don’t bring any valuables or jewelry during the day of your dental surgery in Molar City Mexico.

3. Get any necessary medical clearance from your local doctor if you have a medical condition before getting oral surgery in Los Algodones, Mexico.

For example, you are required to take antibiotics before any dental work on certain medical conditions such as hip / knee replacements or heart problems.

4. Get written post-procedure instructions and follow them strictly.

Your dentist will not be just a few blocks away when you get back to your house. It’s even more important that you follow your Los Algdones dentist’s post-procedure instructions on how to take care of yourself after the surgery to avoid any complications. It would be a hassle to go back to Mexico for post-procedure issues because you didn’t follow instructions.

5. Check out this blog for more comprehensive tips about getting a dental surgery in Los Algodones, Mexico.

35. Tips for Getting Full Mouth Implants in Molar City
Full Mouth Implants Los Algodones - Molar City Mexico
Before you travel to see a Yuma border dentist, get a consultation with a local implant specialist to get an idea regarding which type/s of full mouth implant procedure would be ideal for your dental case.

1. Choose the top dentists for full mouth dental implants in Los Algodones, Mexico.

These are complex procedures that require years of training. Dayo Dental only sends these types of patients to dentists in Mexico that have had US training. We prefer Mexico dentists that have surgically placed thousands of teeth implants in their careers.

2. Learn the difference between Overdentures / Denture Implants, All on 4, and Full Fixed Bridge to get the best possible solution for your unique full mouth teeth replacement.

Check out this blog to learn about different options in getting full mouth implants in Los Algodones, Mexico.

36. Tips for Getting All on 4 Dental Implants in Molar City

1. Know that All on 4 Dental Implants are not for everyone.

All on 4 Dental Implants is the most commonly recommended procedure for full upper or lower teeth replacement in Los Algodones, Mexico. However, it is optimal only for certain dental situations. Visit this blog about tips for getting All on 4 dental implants in Los Algodones, Mexico.

37. Don’t demand rush dental work; avoid same day or next day crowns.

Your Los Algodones dentist might skip dental protocols if you demand rush dental work.

Similarly, dentists that provide fast delivery crowns might use low quality labs or their own lab, which may not be the best possible lab for your dental work. Top dentists in Los Algodones send their labwork to the best labs − which can be as far as Tijuana or Guadalajara − to get the best possible results. Some, such as Dr. Ever in the Dayo Dental Network, even use U.S. labs for your dental work.

We had a client once who made his choice of dentist based on the longest length of stay. He figured that the one who asked him to stay the longest would probably be the one who takes extra care and attention to complete his dental work.


Full Mouth Restoration in Los Algodones Molar City Mexico
Amazing results come from methodical and patient restoration of your teeth. Rushing the dental work could yield mediocre or bad results.
38. Don’t get braces in Molar City if you live far.

There are plenty of orthodontists in Los Algodones. However, be aware that getting braces requires regular monthly visits for adjustments. You can’t get the braces in Los Algodones, Mexico and use your local U.S. dentist for adjustments.

Unless you live close such as in Yuma, Arizona, braces are not very convenient and cost effective to get in Molar City Mexico. Yes, you save around $4,000 to $5,000 upfront. But you use up your savings for your monthly travel cost for braces adjustments. Braces often take 1 to 3 years to complete. Plus, you devote at least a whole day to travel to Los Algodones, Mexico.

Arriving in Los Algodones

39. Avoid dentists from hawkers or dental peddlers on the streets

They call them hawkers, pickers or dental peddlers. You encounter them walking into Los Algodones on your way to your dentist. They lure you with unbelievably cheap prices and promise of better dental care. “You need a dentist? Your dentist is too expensive. I got a better dentist here for $125 per crown, $10 cleaning.”

They work for themselves. They take patients off the streets to any dentist that would pay them the most commission for the walk-in patient. They are nice and respectful if you decline their offer. They are just trying to make a living to provide for their families.

You may get tempted to question your hours of research to go with these peddlers’ recommendations. The issue is that good and reputable dentists and businesses in Los Algodones don’t like to work with these people. So you may be taken to non-reputable dentists that would expose you to the risks of bad dental work.

Also, cheap dental work in Los Algodones means lower quality or less experienced dentists. The $125 crown cost doesn’t even cover the materials cost for some of the best dentists in Los Algodones. They would have to use cheap dental labs and materials to give you these cheap dental prices in Los Algodones. It’s not worth the risk. Bad dental work would wipe out your savings, and you’ll see the proof of it everyday when you smile. Some dental mistakes are irreversible. You get what you pay for.

Remember the top tip – do your own research before you go. Unless you want to just discard all that research and go at your own risk with random recommendations from hawkers off the streets in Los Algodones.


Streets of Los Algodones, Mexico - Dentist near yuma
The streets of Los Algodones, Mexico are safe and easy to navigate. There are lots of friendly vendors that are eager to show you their goods along the streets.
40. Park on the US side of the border

There is a huge parking lot on the US side of the border run by the Native Americans. It is safe and gated. The cost to park for the day is $6, cash only.

Your dentist in Los Algodones is likely within 2-3 short blocks from the border. Some dental offices in the Dayo Dental Network have shuttles that pick you up once you arrive on the Mexico side of the border. It’s harder to find parking on the Mexico side. And although Mexican car insurance is not required when you cross the border to Mexico, it is often recommended. Check with your car insurance company.

Oftentimes, especially during the slow season, it’s faster to go through the US customs by walking. The Los Algodones border crossing car line is always longer to go back to the US.

Street Map of Los Algodones, Mexico Border. Molar City dental in Mexico border near Yuma, AZ
Molar City Map. It’s easy to navigate this Mexico border dental destination. Once you arrive, you park your car on the US side on the border at a safe and gated parking lot run by the Native Americans. You just walk to your Los Algodones dental office, which is anywhere between 1-3 short blocks away.
41. Drive your car in Los Algodones, Mexico for the following situations
Border lines in Molar City Mexico, how long
The border walking line in Molar City can get long during the months of February, March, and April. Sometimes it’s better to bring your car in Los Algodones if you have a hard time standing in line.

So when should your drive your car in Los Algodones? Yes, for certain scenarios, we recommend that our clients bring their car in Mexico:

1. You are having IV sedation surgery.
You will be drowsy probably 30 minutes to 2 hours after your implant surgery under IV sedation. You don’t want to be walking around Los Algodones and risk falling. Bring a companion with you, park your car in front of the dental office, and have your companion drive you back after your dental implant surgery in Los Algodones.

2. You have a hard time walking or standing in line.
The lines can get long during the busy season of January to April. It’s better to just bring your car in Los Algodones and park it in front of the dental office if you have a hard time walking or standing in line.

You’ll thank me for providing this tip, especially during the months of March and April when the walking lines to cross the border to the US can be more than 1 hour or so. The car line is still long, but at least you are sitting in your car comfortably and not standing in a long line.

Big caveat − call your Los Algodones dentist to make sure that they have a parking spot available for you. Los Algodones is small; parking is scarce. However, the prominent dental offices have parking spots in front of their clinics.

42. Los Algodones Crime? It’s one of the safest cities, period.
Los Algodones Crime - Is Molar City Mexico Safe?
Kristy, a 25 year old patient from Arizona, travelled on her own to Los Algodones to get dental work. She enjoyed Molar City as a safe, friendly, and fun place to visit.

Dayo Dental has sent thousands of dental patients to Los Algodones for the part 11 years. We have not had a single complaint about Los Algodones safety. You see Americans and Canadians everywhere on the streets. You see them enjoying the restaurants, browsing the vendors on the streets and waiting at dental offices. Los Algodones is such a small community. Everyone knows each other. The people there look out for the safety of their visitors, their main source of livelihood.

People are friendly. You can freely walk anywhere around Molar City. It’s mostly just dental offices, pharmacies and shops. Most regular visitors say it feels much safer walking in Los Algodones than most major cities in the US. So no, it’s not like walking in downtown LA; it’s better.

43. What are things to do in Los Algodones?

It’s not the same as visiting a dentist in Cancun, Mexico. There are no beaches or resorts in Molar City. But there are still fun things to do in Los Algodones. There are plenty of restaurants to enjoy authentic North Mexican food. Dental tourists also find good deals for eyeglasses. You can also go Los Algodones shopping for Mexican curios.

Shopping in Los Algodones, Mexico, Things to do in Molar City
You can go shopping in Los Algodones, Mexico at one of the many Mexican curios shops in between your Molar City dental appointments.

The second most common reason people take a short trip across the border is to get prescription medications. Here are some rules for buying meds in Los Algodones, Mexico.

If you want to soak in the Southwest sun while visiting the dentist, find a hotel on the US side that has a nice pool. You can also take a short drive 2.5-hour drive to San Diego to see the beach in between your dental appointments.

Meeting Your Los Algodones Dentist

Now that you have done all the due diligence and planning before you travel, it’s time to meet your Molar City dentist.

44. Be thorough in disclosing your medical history

Complete your dentist’s medical history report thoroughly and honestly. Nothing annoys or makes dentists skeptical more than when you don’t disclose current medical conditions or meds you are taking. This is especially important if you are getting any kind of dental surgery, from simple extractions to full mouth dental implants.

What’s the risk? Your dentist might turn down your case if he suspects you are not being truthful. Even worse, you place yourself at risks for procedures that should not have been performed because of your medical condition.

Get medical clearance from your local doctor if you have conditions that require medical clearance before visiting a dentist. These procedures including previous heart surgeries, diabetes, or medical implants such as hips or knees.

45. Bring a checklist of questions or concerns

You might be the type who gets nervous when sitting in the dental chair. But the first meeting with your Mexico dentist is very important. You are trying to assess if this is the dentist to trust for your dental work.

You are making procedure, budget, and travel decisions. It’s a lot, so it’s better to come prepared with questions. I suggest writing them down or making a checklist so you can be thorough.

Tooth Implant Consultation Dr. Rubio in Los Algodones, Mexico
Dental Implant Consultation in Los Algodones, Mexico with a dentist in the Dayo Dental Network.

Concerns to bring up with your Los Algodones dentist:

  • Pain or sensitivity in parts of your mouth
  • Areas that are bleeding
  • Grinding
  • Previous bad dental work that is bothering you
  • Areas where food gets stuck constantly

Example questions to ask your Los Algodones dentist:

  • Tell me more about your qualifications and experience level.
  • How many cases have you performed? (e.g. How many dental implants have you surgically placed? How many full mouth restoration cases have you done?)
  • Can you show me examples of your work? How many smile makeovers have you done in Los Algodones?
  • How many visits to Los Algodones will this take? What’s the timeframe?
  • What type material do you use for a dental crown?
  • What brand of dental implants do you use?
46. Get a guarantee on your dental work

The major advantage of Mexico dentists over US dentists is that Mexico dentists are willing to guarantee their work. So ask for a guarantee on your Molar City dental work.

At Dayo Dental, we want you to have peace of mind. That’s why we require dentists in the Dayo Dental Network to provide you a 5-year guarantee if you go through Dayo Dental for your dental work.

47. Is it ok to ask your dentist for a discount on your dental work?
Discount Dental Los Algodones Mexico
Ensure that your dentist in Los Algodones provides you a written treatment plan with the exact prices and procedures for the entire dental work (from start to finish).

This is a tricky subject. On one hand, you are trying to save on your dental work. Any amount that offsets your travel cost would be a big help. On the other hand, price competition for dental work among Los Algodones dentists is stiff. It’s not like US dentists where if they give you a price of $1,500 per crown, they can lower the price to $1,000 and still make a big profit.

In Los Algodones, the price you are getting is cut-throat pricing for top quality work. The difference between a $400 crown and a $200 crown comes down to the quality of the lab and material that the dentist is using. The same porcelain crown for $400 is made from a higher quality dental lab and material than the $200 crown. The cut-throat price points have slim profit margins. That’s why the average dentist in Mexico makes $30,000 a year and the average US dentist makes $170,000 year.

The bottomline: it doesn’t hurt to ask for a discount from dentist in Mexico. But don’t be surprised if you get minimal to no discounts, especially if you are dealing with a top dentist in Molar City. The only way they lower their price is if they use a lower quality lab or cheaper material. Most good dentists would rather turn down your business than compromise quality. They are, afterall, guaranteeing the results of your dental work.

After Your Dental Work

48. Don’t drive back if you are tired after a long day of dental work

You can get a lot of dental work done in one day in Molar City. You can get through fillings, root canals, crowns, extractions and even implant placements all in one day. Los Algodones dentists are fast and efficient. Oftentimes, the only limitation is how long you can have your mouth open.

But that means you may be getting dental work all day. That’s tiring. Just spend the night at a hotel in Yuma, AZ instead of driving back 3.5 hours to Phoenix or 2.5 hours to San Diego. It’s safer.

49. Fill your prescriptions in Mexico

Fill your prescriptions from any one of the numerous pharmacies in Los Algodones, Mexico. Ask the dental office for recommendations for pharmacies close by.

You can bring back up to 3 months personal supply of medications. You can even buy other prescription meds in Mexico without a prescription. You just have to declare your meds and anything else you buy at border. Here are tips for buying meds from Mexico.

50. Tell your friends and family about your dentist in Los Algodones
algodones mexico dentist recommendations
Refer Los Algodones, Mexico to your friends. You might even be able to carpool with them during your follow up dental appointments.

Share and recommend your dentist to your friends and family if you had a good experience. Many people are struggling with the cost of dental care. The best referrals for Molar City are those that come from trusted friends and family.

What’s the side benefit? Maybe you’ll get people to carpool with you in your future visits to your Los Algodones dentist.

You may still be apprehensive about travelling to Los Algodones, Mexico for dental work. Just follow the tips and advice above meticulously. You’ll have a great experience while saving thousands on your dental work.

You can also call Dayo Dental at 877-987-3296 or sign-up. We can assess your dental case, provide estimate prices, and schedule you with the right dentist in Los Algodones for your dental situation. We even provide transportation.

Americans are the ones that coined the term “Molar City”. It’s also often referred to as the “dental capital of the world”. There is no place like it. It is truly a mecca for affordable dentistry!

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Dayo Dental is a US-based company helping American and Canadian customers find the most reputable and qualified dentists in Mexico. Through Dayo Dental Network of pre-vetted dental practitioners, clients can find the top dentists in their field offering top-notch dental services for, often times, a fraction of the cost of US/Canadian prices.

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