Dale Meyerson

Apache Junction, AZ

I want to congratulate Dayo Dental for having an excellent dentist, Dr. Martha at Dr. Rubio’s clinic in Algodones, Mexico on your referral list. Since January, 2011 I have been a patient of Dr. Martha’s. I have been impressed by her kindness, and compassion, and most of all her professionalism, and her excellent dental capabilities. I am grateful that you referred me to her. Thank you, Dale Meyerson.

Michael Gwaltney

Prescott, AZ

The overall result is positive. clean sharp professionals, performed a very satisfactory job. I recommended your dental network to a man i met traveling home. Thanks for what you do. Healthy mouth is healthy life.

Susan Trapnell

Rohnert Park, CA

Yes, I did the initial consultation. I am very surprised they consented to see me since I had a very bad cold. But, I am very pleased with the service. The doctors and the assistants and staff are all top rate. I had an opportunity to talk with other American patients and heard nothing but praise. I am planning on getting the major surgery out of the way before the “tourist season” completely takes hold. That will give me the opportunity to sit at home during the time when all the “snow birds” are standing in line to cross the border.

Frank Vaughan

Redwood City, CA

I want to thank you for the excellent treatment I received from you at Dr. Cesar’s clinic on monday Dec.14 and tuesday Dec. 15. I am having a minimum of discomfort from the surgery and the dentures fit so well that I hardely notice them. Once again I want to thank you, Dr. Cesar and the ladies of the office staff for the best experience I have ever had at a dental office. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

Mike Miller

Durango, CO

My experience was great. Nogales is a very easy place to cross the border. The dentist was professional and seemed knowledgeable. No complaints.

Cherise Crossman

Phoenix, AZ

Yes very relieved to be done with the work for now. I am very pleased (actually thrilled) both with your service and with the work done by Dr’s Rubio and Dominguez. I already filed for my insurance and got the claim processed by Delta Dental for the root canals. It was very easy to submit the claim, and I got my money in less than a month from the time I submitted the claim.

Su Dunn

Burnaby, BC, Canada

So far I am impressed with your Dayo Dental service and the clinic. Dr Espinosa was very thorough and was better equipped than my dentist. I did need a root canal and that was done immediately by a specialist. It did mean a change in schedule for next week, two visits instead of one but there is no way to avoid that. The staff at the clinic were wonderful and someone walked with me to the root canal specialist and back. They offered me a ride back to the border which I declined as after so many hours in a chair I felt I needed to move.

Brenda Santos

Dallas, Texas

Being a bit apprehensive about having my dental work done in Mexico I decided to travel with Dayo for a consultation with a dentist in Mexico. The Dayo team was very helpful and personable. The Dental office that they recommended was modern and clean. The staff at the dental clinic were knowledgeable and friendly. They made me feel completely comfortable having the work done in Mexico. I could not recommend the Dayo services and the clinic that they recommended more strongly.

Paul Barry

Los Angeles, CA

I came to DayoDental due to a recommendation from a friend. Dayo Dental Service was excellent, dental staff impeccable, prices about 1/2 what it was in US. I don’t speak Spanish, yet had no problem with communication since the dentist spoke English very well. I drove to Tijuana from LA twice to finish my work. The dentista was in a nice business district of Tijuana. I came home with veneers in all my front teeth. I really liked the way they turned out. Plus, the work is guaranteed. Can’t recommend them too highly, only the best reviews!

Ella Evans

Phoenix, AZ

Ron, just wanted to pass along some very interesting events that happened. Dr. Cesar’s staff called and said they made a mistake in my bill and they were sending me a check for $300. Well I said to my self “yeh right”. But lo and behold I received the attached check this Saturday. I know the dentist here in the States would never admit they made a mistake much less return the money. I just wanted to let you know what a fine group of people they have working in this office. You can use me as a testimony to the fine service you provide. I really miss going down to Algodones in your van but all my dental work is done now. Tell Steve my story as he will pass it on to other customers. (Give him something new to talk about) Thanks again Dayo Dental for your service

Rachel Rankin

Yuma, AZ

I would love to be a future reference. I had an amazing experience with your Dayo Dental. Dr. Martha and Dr. Dominguez took great care of me. I am so happy with my results and have a beautiful smile now thanks to all their hard work!! I know they took before and after pictures and wouldn’t mind if you used my pictures for future business purposes. However i would like to know so I can check them out too! Thank you so much for everything! I have definitely mentioned your name to friends for referrals. I gave good Dayo Dental reviews. Thanks again.

Violet Hill

Dixon, NM

My experience was really marvelous. I got a lot of work done in a short period of time. Everyone was so very helpful. They moved other patient’s appointments so that the work could be accomplished. I liked Dr. Espinoza very much. He did not try to sell me any work and did what could be done with great efficiency. I was also really pleased with the super high tech equipment that he used and impressed with how well it worked. I will also be sending my friends your way soon.

Kenneth Taherzadeh

New York, New York

Thank you very much for your time, you have given me the best customer service I have ever received in my life. Thank you for listening to me so patiently for over an hour, and answering all of my questions, you have been a great help. I especially appreciate that you helped me compare prices and understand my savings before I travelled. Noone else I called in Mexico wanted to give an honest answer or take the time to explain things like Dayo. Maybe they did not take the time to listen to what I needed The service down there was superb. Now that I am back, i can focus on my business with more confidence speaking to my customers. You saved me almost $9k by the way with dental implants. Keep up your good work! I might come back for more work on my lower mouth.

Maureen McWilliams

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I made it down to Cancun for my dental work and was pleased with the service and quality of the treatment I received. It was nice to be able to go on such short notice. The only thing that spoiled it was the weather – rain, rain, rain. But my teeth got fixed – that was the main thing. I am so glad you have the service that you do and I only found it by accident., But of course the dentists at home don’t like it as its competiton for them. If their prices were not so high then maybe they would get more business. My regular dentist was quite angry that I got treatment down in Mexico and quoted horror stories of people getting treatment outside of the country. However, I was more than pleased with the treatment and the quality of service I received. I hope your business continues to grow and grow enormously because there is a need for it.

Bob Thompson

Drayton Valley, Alberta, Canada

We were very, very impressed with the facility and Mexican dentists that you referred us to. They were professional and the equipment was the state of the art. The whole experience was much better than some of the dentists I have gone to in the states. We also liked the fact, that in spite of the fact I needed extensive dental work, everything most of the work was done in one day. I saw 4 different specialists and it was seamless. We would be glad to have anyone contact us that would have questions or concerns about the facility and dentists.

Ruthie Mizner-Welch

Seeley Lake, MT

I have recently returned from Los Algodones and my dental care from Dr. Rubio and staff. It was a superb experience, and the care was wonderful. I am healing nicely with my implant and the deep cleaning/abscess removal they performed. The only glitch was that my bank neglected to remove the limit on my debit card, hence I could not pay the second day’s balance. Fortunately, my friend who was also receiving dental care, was with me and had her credit card. We worked out the problem, and all has gone smoothly since then. I was able to explain the correction to the office staff, in case they encounter that issue again. Your help and instructions certainly alleviated my concerns and made the entire experience so much easier. I have been pleased to share your Dayo Dental with others at the clinic and with people I met, including many friends here at home. I appreciate having received the gift card, as well, since recommending your company is easy to do when the direction I received was so informative and professional. Thank you for the great assistance in making my trip from Montana so successful. I will be returning in March for my crowns, hopefully with several family members in tow, and will contact you for appointments and continued guidance. Thanks again for all the good help.

Kathleen Carpenter

Pensacola, Fl

I would highly recommend the Dayo Dental partner facility in Cancun Mexico. What a pleasant surprise. At first I was a little apprehensive, but after meeting my dentist, the staff and seeing how the very modern and technologically updated clinic is, I felt absolutely confident about having my dental needs taken cared of there. The Mexico dentist is a true professional in his field. He worked with experience and integrity committing himself to my needs. While I had 12 crowns put in, I was able to enjoy the sites food and fun in this Mexican city. What a fun trip. Check it out. My teeth look great, very cost effective also.

Penni Leiser

Overgaard, AZ

I have to say that the Dayo partner clinic is the nicest dental office I have ever been too. It is the most advanced technologically I have ever seen. I have never seen so many specialists in one office. Everyone was very nice and very considerate and spoke perfect English too. They have already taken the molds for my bottom denture while I was there on Monday they then asked for me to come back in an hour and surprise they already had the hard molds completed, had already created a temporary bottom frame for the denture and had forming wax in place to take a bite match to my upper. I have severe TMJ and they worked to make sure that the spacing between my upper and lower jaw will be properly set to not cause muscle spasms or pain. In other words I will never be able to thank you, Dayo Dental or the staff at Rubio clinic enough! Highest Regards, Penni Leiser

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