Sedation Dentistry in Cancun

Sedation Dentistry in Mexico is a new way to have dental work done. It’s painless, anxiety-free, and can save you money. Learn more about the benefits of sedation dentistry in Cancun and how it can save you time and money.

Painless Dental Care Cancun, Sedation Dentist in Riviera Maya
Sedation Dentistry in Cancun, Painless Cancun Dentist
After your sedation dental procedure, recover and relax in your hotel with a view of the blue-green waters of Cancun

For the many reasons that you may want sedation dental treatment, adding a luxurious trip to a beautiful coastal city would be the cherry on the cake.

Travelling to Cancun, Mexico, you would not only be getting the dental treatment that you need, you’d be doing so while on vacation. Imagine that!

Picture travelling to a gorgeous city with sandy beaches, being comfortably sedated with a dental problem and waking up to a completely new feeling altogether- no more dental problem and a gorgeous city waiting to be explored!

Why choose Sedation in Cancun?

It is understood that you are choosing to have a certain a dental treatment under sedation for a reason, whether it’s dental fear or oral surgery that you do not want to experience while awake.

What better than paying half the price of an extensive dental treatment such as full mouth cosmetic reconstruction, being sedated throughout the procedure and having it done in the enchanting city of Cancun you can explore once you’re better?

Cancun is situated east on the dazzling Caribbean coast of Mexico, north of Riviera Maya. The scenic beauty is what makes this city bewitching to all those to travel to it- the magnificent blue-green water and white sands are a tourism favorite from all over the USA and Canada.

What happens when I go for Sedation Dentistry in Cancun?

When you coordinate with Dayo Dental for your dental needs in Mexico, you need not worry about anything except what flights suit you best and which hotel you’d like to stay at! Dayo worries about the minor details while all you have to do is be there for your treatment.

When travelling to Cancun, you can always bring along a partner or company should you wish to, so that you may feel more comfortable and have someone to enjoy your mini- vacation with once you’re treated.

After being medically cleared by your doctor in USA or Canada for sedation dental treatment, you fly out to Cancun where you will be picked up by a member of the dental team. You will be escorted to your hotel by your own complimentary transport arranged by Dayo Dental.

Meet the Cancun Dentist

After you have settled in, you will then be personally taken to one of Dayo Dental’s partner dental facility. You will meet with the Cancun dentist who will perform your procedure, so as to acquaint yourself with the dentist and personally feel comfortable with your decision.

Your dentist will brief you on the sedation dentistry procedure and answer any questions that you may have. The dentist may require you to have a blood test at a local clinic for medical clearance for sedation procedures such as General Anesthesia. Once you are done acquainting yourself and feel ready for the procedure, you can return to your hotel or enjoy the rest of the evening in Cancun. There is so much to do, so much to see!

Having the Sedation Treatment

Should your appointment be on the same day that you arrive, you may begin once you are ready.

Once the dental procedure is complete, you’ll be allowed to wake up and regain complete consciousness at the dental clinic in Cancun. The dentist will be at your side throughout to ensure things go smoothly until you are ready to handle yourself.

Your own personal nurse provided by the dentist in Cancun will escort you to your hotel once the procedure is complete to assist you for a few hours until you are fully recovered.

Recover while you Relax

You won’t normally need to stay too long in bed after certain dental work and can easily enjoy the sights and sounds of the city once you’re feeling better. You may have restrictions on eating the tempting spicy foods in Cancun, but who said you can’t enjoy a light piña colada at the beach while you recover!

Travelling to Cancun for sedation dentistry at half the dental price is totally worth it- not only are you spending half the money you would in the US on dental care, you’re investing in a get away in a dazzling city at the same time!

Dayo Dental Team

Speak to a Dayo Professional Advisor regarding getting dental work under sedation in Cancun Mexico.

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