Sedation in Mexico: Get Painless Dentistry!

Have fears of the dentist? Want to get your dental work done quickly and easily without any pain? Then look into getting sedation in Mexico! It’s a new way of getting your dental work done that is anxiety and pain-free. Find out how sedation dentistry can help you enjoy a dental procedure. Learn all about it here…

Sedation dentistry in Mexico

Looking for pain free dentistry in Mexico? Dental treatment can be scary for many, especially those who have had unpleasant experiences with the dentist in the past. It is for such patients that sedation dentistry in Mexico is a great option.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation or “sleep” dentistry can also be called painless dentistry. Any dental treatment that is performed while you are sedated or unconscious is part of sedation dentistry. Pharmacological agents are administered into your body to slow down your conscious awareness during the dental treatment.

Your Mexican dentist uses sedation not only address the pain.  It is also administered to address your nervous feeling of getting major dental work.

Sedation is not recommended for every dental patient, but it is particularly suitable for:

  • Patients with dental anxiety
  • Fear of the dentist or dental fear or phobia
  • Fear of dental pain
  • Special or non-cooperative patients who need dental treatment (e.g. young children)
  • Those who need multiple extractions
  • Patients who require sedation dental surgery such as bone grafts or sinus lift for dental implant placement

Mexico is home to some of the best dentists for sedation. In the hands of an experienced team, you have nothing to fear when travelling to Mexico for painless dentistry.

Here are some perks of sedation dentistry in Mexico:

  • More comfort during dental treatment.
  • Lower cost.
  • You won’t even know you had a major dental procedure.
  • More patient cooperation for patients with anxiety.
  • Easier for the dentist to perform treatment.
  • Saves time for both the dentist and patient.


Nitrous Oxide Inhalation Sedation
Some facilities, such as Dr. Ceballos in Tijuana, are fully equipped for Gas Sedation.
How is Sedation performed by the dentist in Mexico?

Except for Oral Sedation, all the sedation procedures are performed by an Anesthesiologist present during your dental procedure or oral surgery.  Anesthesiologists are medical doctors that have a specialty in administering a variety of anesthetics to medical and dental patients.

The Anesthesiologist administers the sedation and monitors your vitals while your dentist completes your dental work.  There are various options for how to sedate a dental patient, which are summarized as follows:

Levels Description State of Awareness Quickly Reversible? Can you drive after?
Inhalation Sedation* Nitrous oxide or “laughing gas” is inhaled through a mask to calm your nerves.
  • You can follow some instructions, such as open your mouth and move your head.
  • You won’t remember what happened after the procedure.
  • Yes
  • You feel conscious quickly after the doctor stops the inhalation.
  • Yes.
  • Your system gets rid of the gas quickly.
Oral sedation Pills or liquids are given minutes before the dental procedure to help overcome your nervousness.
  • You are aware, but you are in a very relaxed state.
  • No.
  • The effect of the drugs continues until your system gets rid of it.
  • No.
  • You have to  give your system enough  time to process the sedative.
I.V. Sedation Drugs are given directly into your blood stream through a vein. This is known as Conscious Intra-Venous Sedation.
  • You are semi-conscious and can follow some doctor’s instructions
  • You won’t remember what happened after the procedure.
  • Yes.
  • IV sedatives act fast and can easily be reversed once the procedure is over.
  • You can walk and talk shortly after the procedure.
  • No.
  • You have to  give your system time to process the sedative.
General Anesthesia Also known as Sleep Dentistry, it is preferred when you are to undergo an extensive and long dental treatment such as sinus lift or multiple extractions from an oral surgeon.
  • You are completely unconscious and unaware of your surroundings.
  • You won’t remember what happened after the procedure.
  • No.
  • You could feel sleepy for several hours after the procedure.
  • No.
  • You have to  give your system time to process the sedative.

* Unlike in the US, Inhalation Sedation is not very common in Mexico.  Mexico dentists are not allowed to provide gas sedation unless their facility are equipped with gas tanks and that they have an anesthesiologist that can administer the procedure.  In the Dayo Dental network, gaseous sedation is available for some dental facilities within a hospital dental building.

Considerations for Sedation Dentistry

Before choosing any dental treatment that requires sedation, there are certain factors to consider.

Your Health
Destinations for Sedation
Los Algodones

You need to be in relatively good health in order to be a successful candidate for sedation dentistry.  Some of the factors that can contribute to contraindications are:

  • Heavy smoking
  • Heart disease like such as hypertension and cardiac arrhythmias
  • Uncontrolled diabetes

Your dentist will check your overall health and blood work before you undergo deep sedation procedures such as IV and general anesthesia.

Your need for Sedation

Not every dental treatment requires sedation and it is a matter of your choice and need.  Your Mexico dentist will help you choose the best type of sedation dentistry for your dental case.

If you choose right, you can find an experienced Mexico dentist and anesthesiologist that are fully capable of performing painless dentistry safely and effectively.  You have nothing to fear!

To learn more about finding an experienced Dentist in Mexico who is highly qualified with sedation dentistry, contact Dayo Dental or called 877-987-3296.

This article is written by Dayo Dental to provide you general information about dentistry.  It is not intended to provide specific dental treatment advice about your dental case. Consult with your dentist for professional recommendations about your dental care.

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