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Oral Surgery in Los AlgodonesOral Surgery in Los Algodones
Oral Surgery in Los Algodones, Mexico with Dayo Dental partner dentists

Planning for your major oral surgery in Mexico?  No one looks forward to oral surgery.  But you can make it as convenient as possible.  At the least, you can avoid surprises and minimize risks by being prepared.

The last thing you want is your dental surgery postponed – even worse, complications to arise while you are abroad.

Each month, we help dozens of Americans and Canadians travel to Mexico for oral surgery.  We are confident that if you follow your doctor’s advice, you will be in good hands at any of Dayo Dental’s partner dentists.

Avoid hassles.  Before you go to Mexico, learn how to prepare for oral surgery below.

(Note: These are non-comprehensive and pre-surgery general guidelines. … Read More

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