Tijuana Dentistry: 5 Key Steps to Get No-Hassle Dental Work in TJ

Are you considering getting dental work done in Tijuana? Tijuana Dentistry is a great option for those looking for quality, affordable dental care. Read on for 5 key steps to get no-hassle dental work in Tijuana.

Step 1: Decide if Tijuana dentistry is right for you

Do you have a lot of dental work?

  • You don’t just need one or two crowns or fillings. You need major dental work such as oral surgery, all on 4 dental implants, or cosmetic dentistry. Why? Because your savings are tremendous just by travelling the short distance just south of the border.
  • You have exhausted all your local options to get dental work?
  • The cost of dental work is too high in your area.
  • Some of our clients have been quoted as high as $50k to $70k worth of full mouth restoration with dental implants. So ask for the cost for tooth extraction, cleaning, and implant cost to get an idea. 
  • The same procedure in Tijuana would half of that price.

It takes too long or too many visits to complete your dental work locally?

  • Sometimes even common procedures like root canal can take up to 3 to 6 weeks to schedule with the next specialist in your area. In Tijuana, the specialist are usually all in one dental office. They are available during your visit to complete the work right after your consultation.
  • Some dental clinics like Dayo Dental give you a complimentary consultation with the dentist, so you can get all your questions answered and know exactly what to expect before committing to treatment. Included in this free consultation is the full price quote and numver of visits required to complete your dental work.

You are relatively close to Tijuana

  • The key to dental tourism is proximity. The closer you are to your dentist abroad, the better it will be for you. Why? Because some procedures such as dental implants require 2 to 3 separate visits to complete. Plus you want to be able to travel back to see your dentist for any issues.
  • If you’re from San Diego, you have even more reasons to get your dental work done in Tijuana. It’s just a 25 mile drive and will only take you 30-40 minutes to get there.

Guarantees in your major dental work

  • Tijuana dentist often guarantee their dental work. At Dayo Dental, you get an industry leading 5-year guarantee from the dentists in our network. It protects your investment in your health. This is something you don’t get with your local dentist.
  • At Dayo Dental, we have pre-screened the top 5% dentists in Tijuana to make the experience worry free for you. They have years of experience treating foreign patients from the US, Canada, and Europe. They have been personally vetted by our US-based team.

Comparison Guide to Choosing Between Tijuana Dentists and Local US Dentists


Step 2: Know what you need

A crucial step is to know what kind of dental work you need. Get a consultation with a local dentist. You don’t have to become an expert with dentistry, but knowing how many crowns or root canals will improve your success rate for the following reasons:

  1. You can estimate your cost before you travel to Tijuana. Call your Tijuana dentist and ask for estimate prices. 
  2. You can evaluate good talent. Do you need an general dentist or an implant specialist in Tijuana? How complex is your implant case? Is it a single tooth implant or full upper and lower implants?
  3. You’ll be able to estimate the number of visits required. This is key so you’ll know how many days you have to take time off work or how much are your travel cost.
  4. You can spot a bad or dishonest dentist. Good dentists or bad dentists exist wherever you go. But you don’t want a dentist that recommend root canals you don’t need or extracting teeth that can be saved with less expensive procedures. It can be an issue
Tijuana Dentistry
Benefits of going to Tijuana for dental work

Step 3. Search a great dentist in Tijuana

Don’t go rogue and start driving to Tijuana and picking a random dentist while you are down there. Research and preparation is 80% of the success of getting dental work in Tijuana. You’ll need to find the best dentist ideal for your specific case. You need the match the specialization, training and experience level of your dentist with the complexity of your case.

You have to do your research before you travel to Tijuana to avoid all the hassles and issues. You may be going by a friend’s recommendations who went to TJ for dental work. You find mostly young and general dentist who are not qualified to do your full mouth extractions and implants. Even worse, you are compromised because you are already in their office and they can easily upsell you.

Hopefully by the time you walk in the dental office, you already know the credentials of your dentist and you have an idea on the prices. You just have to confirm all your research on the first visit.


Here are some tips for finding the best dentist in Tijuana:

  • Ask the dentist for sample work.
  • Get a written treatment plan with detailed estimates from start to finish. 
  • Know which doctors will be performing the procedures
  • Don’t pay for the entire treatment in full on the first visit. You want to have an option to switch dentists if things are not going well.
  • Get everything in writing (including the payment plan) before starting treatment.
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate with your dentist before and during the treatment. If you have any questions or concerns, make sure you voice it out to the dentist or staff.
  • Take photos of your teeth before and after the treatment

The best way to find a good dentist in Tijuana is to use a reputable dental tourism company like Dayo Dental. We have a network of pre-screened, qualified dentists that we match with our patients according to their needs and budget. We offer free and no-obligation quotes and initial consultations so you can easily compare dentists and prices.

When you work with Dayo Dental, we do all the heavy lifting for you. We help you book your appointments, estimate your treatment plan and costs, and give you tips for your dental vacation. We even follow up with you after your treatment to make sure you’re happy with the results.


Qualifications to look for in the credential of a dentist in Tijuana:

  • US or European Training
  • Speaks English
  • Teaching or Faculty roles
  • Speakerships
  • Provides at least 3 to 5 years guarantee on your dental work

Factors to NOT consider when choosing a dentist in Tijuana:

  • Memberships
  • Advertising and marketing gimmicks
  • Too good to be true offers

Step 4: Plan your trip to TJ

Here’s a checklist during your planning phase:

  1. Block time beyond the consultation to avoid an extra trip. Block your surgeries to ensure you have a guaranteed appointment. Yes, you still have to go to a consultation and still back out if you see a red flag during the consultation. But if you do all your thorough research and confirm everything during the consultation, then you want to make sure to start or complete the work during that first visit.
Tijuana dentist
Dental work by a Tijuana dentist


  1. Schedule early during the week. Crowns take approximately 5 days to complete. If you schedule on a Monday, you can have your crowns ready by Friday. If you schedule on a Wednesday, you’ll have to go back the following week to get your final crown. You’ll want your dentist to have the rest of the week to complete your work
  1. Get Passport, Passport Card, or Enhanced Driver’s license
  1. Prepare enough funds for the work that will be completed. Ask your dentist for an estimate of the work to be done and prepare 50% more. Unexpected work could be required or you might want to speak with a cosmetic dentist in Mexico for additional cosmetic work while you are there.
  1. Prepare your form of payment. You can pay in USD cash. But we recommend just paying through card to avoid carrying too much cash in Mexico. But call your dentist first to ask if they accept card and if there are any extra fees. Call your bank to inform them that you are using your debit or credit card in Mexico to avoid red flags and the transaction not going through.
  1. Get a hotel on the Tijuana side of the border. They are a huge selection of hotels in Tijuana with prices as low as $70-90 per night. This is a lot better deal than staying in San Diego where hotels are around $150 to $250 per night. Plus you can get nice places to eat in Mexico at more affordable rates.
  1. Call your cell provider if you have a data plan in Mexico, if not, buy a Mexico SIM card with data. This will be helpful in getting an Uber to your hotel or dentist office from the airport or border.

TIP: For easy and hassle-free dental vacation in Tijuana, we recommend that you book an all-inclusive dental package with a reputable dental tourism Mexico company like Dayo Dental. We will take care of all the details of your trip so you can relax and enjoy your vacation. Contact us today for a free consultation!

  1. Plan things to do and places to see, but don’t book them yet. You won’t know how you’ll feel after an extraction or if there are extra appointments necessary after the consultation.
  1. Get a hotel that offers breakfast. It’s nice not to have to worry about it in the mornings, especially when you have an early morning appointment. Dayo Dental can give you a list of recommended hotels in Tijuana.
  1. Get pre-procedure instructions from your Tijuana dentist if you are undergoing IV sedation for oral or dental implant surgeries. You have to plan ahead on things to do and what to bring. Vist this planning your oral surgery in Mexico blog for a list of tips.

Flying to your Tijuana Dentist

You fly to San Diego International Airport (SAN). Get a taxi or Uber to the PedWest Border Entrance (across the street from the mall “San Diego Outlets at the Border”). See this map.  This takes about 25 minutes. 

Then, you take a 10 minute walk across the border through PedWest. There’s usually no line to walk across. After, you take another 5 to 10 minute Uber ride to your dentist. It’s easy and stress free. And the cost is usually less than $5.


Driving to your Tijuana Dentist

Driving allows you to be more flexible – you don’t have a plane to catch at the end of the week. Maybe your consultation didn’t go so well or you didn’t to stay for a full week. Then you can just drive back anytime. One a reverse situation, you can extend your stay if you have to extend your trip due to unforeseen issues.


Bringing your car in Tijuana

We recommend bringing your car and parking it at your hotel if you plan to stay in Tijuana for a few days. Parking is usually free in Tijuana hotels, but call to verify with your hotel. This also gives you flexibility if you want to explore Tijuana or Rosarito (for the beach). Make sure you get Mexican car insurance during your stay and have a GPS (like google maps on your phone) to navigate around the roads of Tijuana.


Parking on the US side

You can park on the US-side to avoid driving and parking in Mexico. We recommend parking at a paid lot called “Border Station Parking”. $9 per day for parking is cheaper that the daily rate of Mexican car insurance.


Travel Tips:

  1. Call your cell provider if you have at least a data plan in Mexico. You’ll need a data plan if you are using your cell GPS in Mexico. Some providers like AT&T offer free data and even calling while in Mexico. But you still have to call AT&T to add it to your plan.
  1. Avoid crossing the border back to the US by car during peak times like Friday afternoon or Monday mornings. Crossing during peak times via car can take up to 1-2 hours. But it’s usually less than 30 mins during off peak times.
  1. Have the name, address and phone number of your dentist written down on paper before you go to Mexico. I’ve had occasions when my phone stopped getting cell signal from my AT&T carrier and I didn’t have this information. GPS stopped working. I had to stop and find signal somewhere.
  1. If you are flying in and out of Tijuana, we recommend getting a hotel near the airport like Hampton Inn or Hilton Garden. You can find these on booking.com or agoda.com
  1. Get Mexican car insurance if you plan to drive into Mexico from the US side or park on the Mexican side of the border

TIP: Make sure that the dentist is taking a CT Scan for dental implants. This is standard for modern dental offices following best practices.

Step 5. What to do after your dental work

Follow your Tijuana dentist’s post-procedure care instructions strictly. Your dentist is not close like your local neighborhood dentists. You can’t just pop in for a quick control checkup for issues without travelling all the way to Tijuana. This is especially true for major surgery procedures such as dental implants in Tijuana.

What happens if there’s an issue after the dental work. This is where the guarantee we discussed earlier saves the day. You do have to cover your travel expenses, but your Tijuana dentist should be able to repair or redo your work completely during the guarantee period.

Call Dayo Dental to see one of Mexico’s top 5% dentist in Tijuana. We’ve done the prescreening for you and connect you to prevetted dentist where you can get high quality dental work without any issues or hassles. 

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