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Why go

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you can save thousands by just going for a short drive?   Savvy Phoenix and Tucson residents know it.  They drive to Nogales for world-class dental care.  Nogales is fast becoming a top destination for the rest of the US and Canada.

Nogales is uniquely welcoming for dental visitors.  Right as you cross the border, you’ll find several blocks of restaurants, hotels, bars, retail stores, and specialty souvenir shops.  Nogales has everything to make your stay fun and convenient.

What to expect from your Nogales dentist

Dayo invests considerable resources in choosing only top ranking Mexico dentists to be part of the exclusive Dayo Dental Network. We choose dentists in Nogales, Mexico that can deliver US-quality dental care. More importantly, our partner Mexico dentists follow a Zero-Mistake Policy. It means that Dayo removes dentists in our network if they fall short of high quality standards or if they receive bad quality feedback.

We also match you with the qualified specialist based on your dental case. This ensures that you don’t get a new or general dentist to perform your oral surgery or dental implants in Mexico.

We want to make sure that when you travel to Mexico for your dental work, you’ll come back with a healthy beautiful smile. At Dayo, we connect you with only the best Nogales dentist.Learn more about the Mexican dentists in the Dayo Dental Network.

Where is Nogales

Nogales is on the Arizona border.  It is approximately a 1-hour drive south from Tucson, Arizona.

How you get there

There are 2 ways to travel to Nogales. First, you can drive there.  Second, you can fly to Tucson International Airport and take a rental car to Nogales.  There are also several shuttle services that run daily routes from Phoenix and Tucson.

The dental facilities are 2-3 blocks from the US-Mexico border.  If you drive, you park your vehicle on the U.S. side of the border and walk to the dentists.

Map of Nogales, Mexico

What are top things to do
  • Savor authentic Mexican food at one of the several restaurants.
  • Shop for souvenirs from numerous retail stores across the border.
  • Buy affordable prescription medications and eyeglasses.
  • Visit tourist attractions or play golf in Tucson or Phoenix.

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