Imperfect teeth got you down? Dayo puts your perfect smile within reach. No need to compromise dental quality for affordable rates. With several ways to save, the dental work you need is finally affordable. Dayo is proud to offer our innovative and truly affordable option to create your perfect smile. And our service is free!

Save significantly off your local dentist’s quote

Putting off dental work because of the cost? Get your specialty dental care in Mexico with Dayo and save approximately 50-70% off your local dental office. For major and cosmetic dental work, those savings really add up. Imagine saving the price of a car and having a beautiful new smile, too!

Common Treatments U.S. Price tablelogo % Savings
4 Wisdom Teeth Extractions $1 936 $600 69%
12 Regular Extractions, Upper and Lower Dentures $5 456 $1 600 71%
4 Porcelain Crowns, 2Root Cannals, 6 Fillings $8 252 $2 220 73%
3 Dental Implants With Crown, 3 Extractions $13 047 $4 950 62%
4 Dental Implants, 4Abutments, Upper Dentures, 7 Extractions $15 180 $6 050 60%
10 Porcelain Crowns, 8 Veneers $20 520 $6 424 69%
18 Porcelain Crowns, 2 Sets of Dental Bridges $26 184 $8 040 69%

Save more with Dayo Dental's Preferred Pricing

Dayo negotiates preferred (lower) pricing with top-ranking dentists selected for our network. You pay a lower price than what the dentists normally charge for most major dental procedures. This assures you of competitive local (Mexico) pricing for U.S. quality care standards. You get a great south-of-the-border price for your dental work – without the hassle of finding a dental provider and negotiating directly.

Common Treatments Dentist's Typical Price tablelogo % Savings
All on 4 $12 500 $9 800 22%
Dental Implant with Crown $1 720 $1 635 5%
Zirconia Crown $650 $525 19%
Porcelain Crown $350 $335 4%
Root Canal $470 $320 32%
Full Upper Denture $275 $260 5%
Extraction $100 $60 40%
Consultation $50 Free -
* Prices and discounts vary for different dental practices and procedures. See individual doctor profile for prices per location.

Save even more with your dental insurance

If you have dental insurance, great! Make your insurance work harder for you in Mexico, with Dayo. Use your dental insurance coverage to pay even less out of pocket for your Mexico dental care. We’ll help you figure out your coverage and co-pay amounts and even process your reimbursement.

Save with free consultation

Get a free consultation with any dentist in the Dayo Dental Network. We want you to get to know your dentist and his recommendations without any cost or commitment.

Your Exclusive Savings Benefits Through Dayo Dental:

Pay Preferred Pricing

You pay 3-10% less than what the dentist in our network normally charge for major dental procedures.

Price Comparison

Send us local treatment plan. We will send you a detailed cost comparison.

Pay conveniently with debit/credit card

Pay with your card without any foreign transaction fees and extra charges.

Free Local Transportation Benefits

Get free local transportation and airport pickups in selected destinations

Free No-Obligation Consultations

No risk! No obligation! Get a free consultation on your dental work in Mexico.

Same Day Phone or Email Quotation

Call us or email us today to get same day price quotation.

Dayo Dental’s service is free to you

Some dental tourism companies charge you, the client. Not Dayo Dental. Our service is free from start to finish. You also pay less for the dental work than what the Mexico dentists charge their patients for common dental procedures. Dayo Dental is free to you because we charge the dentist a small percentage of the fee from your dental work. They enjoy steady patient referrals from us and you enjoy the savings.

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