Are Dental Implants Covered by Insurance? How to Maximize Your Insurance Benefits and Coverage

Curious about dental implant coverage? This article explores the varying coverage options and limitations of dental implant insurance and helps you understand what to expect from your plan.

Are Dental Implants Covered by Insurance

Dental implants are a popular choice to replace missing teeth. However, they can be financially demanding.

Forbes Health reports that a single tooth implant costs $3,100–$5,800. Full arch dental implants are at $20,000–$45,000, according to the American Dental Association. Meanwhile, full mouth dental implants are at $60,000–$90,000.

We understand—cost can often be a major concern for dental procedures. This is why the question of whether they’re covered by insurance always comes up. With the different types of insurance plans available, it might seem difficult to answer this question.

In this article, we’ll discuss insurance coverage for dental implant procedures. We’ll also explore how you can maximize your dental insurance benefits. And lastly, we’ll dive into your best option of using your insurance for high-quality dental implants for less.

Does dental insurance cover implants?

The answer is yes and no. It all depends on your individual insurance plans.

In most cases, dental implants themselves are not covered. However, many companies offer dental insurance coverage for additional procedures involved.

These additional procedures can include the following:

  • Consultations
  • X-rays
  • CBCT Scans
  • Extractions of problem teeth
  • Bone grafts
  • Anesthesia
  • IV Sedation
  • Dental Crown for single implants
  • Temporary and Final prostheses for full arch and full mouth implants

Your treatment plan will determine which of these you need. And your insurance policy will determine which of these are covered.

How Do I Know If My Insurance Covers Dental Implants?

Contact your insurance company. Ask for your plan’s specific exclusions, limitations, pre-authorization, and waiting periods.

You can also consult your dentist. They will help you better understand the cost and coverage under your plan.

Does Medical Insurance Cover Dental Implants?

Some medical insurance policy covers implant procedures. However, there are very specific conditions. These conditions are also very rare. They include:

  • Physical trauma caused by accidents
  • Congenitally missing teeth
  • Tooth loss caused by medical conditions

Cosmetic procedures are typically not covered by medical insurance. They may categorize the procedure as cosmetic if not for any of the reasons above.

Contact your insurance company to confirm their coverage.

Does Medical Insurance Cover Dental Implants
In some cases, medical insurance provides dental implants coverage. However, these cases are very rare and specific.

We understand—cost is a major factor when getting dental work. That’s why we compiled a list of tips so you can maximize your insurance benefits.

How do I save on dental implant costs using my insurance?

Here are some steps you can take to save on your dental implants costs.

#1. Get quotes and treatment plans from different dentists: Shop around to compare costs. Some providers may offer more competitive rates for the treatment.

Make sure to ask for the price of the procedure from start to finish. Some dental clinics may quote you on the cost of dental implants alone. This may not include abutments, prostheses, and other procedures.

#2. Explore dentists outside your neighborhood: Do not limit your shopping within your neighborhood. You might find more practical rates for implants in other cities or states.

Urban and more affluent areas charge more because of higher overhead and labor costs. For example, dental care costs more in New York than in Oklahoma.

#3. Review your dental insurance plan: Contact your insurance provider to determine what’s covered. Some plans cover the entire costs of other procedures involved. Others may provide partial coverage.

#4. Check for network discounts: Many insurance companies have a network of dental providers. Some of these providers offer discounted rates for specific dental treatments. Check if your plan has one of these services.

#5. Review your plan’s annual limits: Your plan may have an annual limit on the amount of coverage. Be sure to understand the limits of your plan. Also, determine how much you will be responsible for paying out of pocket.

#6. Negotiate better deals: Do not hesitate to ask for better deals with your dental provider. Ask if they offer payment plans for the amount you’re paying out of pocket.

You can also ask if they offer package prices for the entire procedure. This will help you save on the costs of individual materials and procedures. But remember to do this after you get your treatment plan instead of during your consultation.

#7. Join a dental discount plan: These plans offer discounted rates for dental services. Some of the procedures involved in your dental implants might be covered. Thoroughly review the terms and conditions of the discount plan before joining.

#8. Plan the timing of your appointments: Dental implant treatment can take up to 6 months to complete. If possible, schedule your first appointment near the end of your annual renewal. This way, your next appointments fall in the new annual benefit cycle. This can help you maximize your insurance benefits.

#9. Go to Mexico: The cost of dental implants in Mexico is significantly lower. You can save up to 50–70% on costs for dental implants.

Below are the differences between the US and Mexico cost of dental implants.

Estimated Average Cost of Dental Implants: US vs Mexico

Dental Implant Appliance Unit Average US Price Average Mexico Price Savings in %

Dental Implant with Porcelain Crown

Per Tooth




Implant Post

Per Tooth




Implant Abutment

Per Tooth




Implant Crown – Porcelain

Per Tooth




Implant Crown – Zirconia

Per Tooth




Overdentures with 4 Implants

Per Arch




Fixed Hybrid Bridge with 6 Implants (Acrylic)

Per Arch




Fixed Zirconia Bridge with 6 Implants

Per Arch




All on 4 with Hybrid Prosthesis (Acrylic)

Per Arch




All on 6 with Hybrid Prosthesis

Per Arch




All on 4 with Zirconia Prosthesis

Per Arch




All on 6 with Zirconia Prosthesis

Per Arch




Even the costs of other procedures are significantly lower in Mexico. Let’s look at the price difference.

Estimated Average Cost of Dental Procedures: US vs Mexico

Procedure Unit Average US Price Average Mexico Price Savings in %


Per Mouth




Periodontal Evaluation

Per Mouth




X-ray Complete Series

Per Mouth




CT Scan

Per Mouth




Panoramic Xray

Per Mouth




Temporary Full Denture

Per Appliance




Temporary Partial Denture

Per Appliance




Regular Extraction

Per Tooth




Surgical Extraction

Per Tooth




Bone grafting

Per Site




Sinus Lift

Per Quadrant




You might be wondering, “Why go to Mexico? Can I even use my insurance there?” Let’s discuss that.

Can I use my dental insurance in Mexico?

That depends on your insurance plan. Most PPO insurance plans will reimburse you for dental work done in Mexico. The coverage and percentages remain the same.

The only difference is that your Mexico dentist won’t handle the insurance process directly. They’ll give you a form after the procedure. You have to submit it to your insurance company for reimbursement.

How do I use my dental insurance in Mexico?

Using your dental insurance in Mexico is quite different. Here’s how it goes.

#1. Verify the coverage: Call your insurance and confirm if they cover dental work in Mexico.

#2. Proceed with the treatment: Get your treatment. You’ll need to pay for the procedure done in Mexico.

#3. Collect the necessary documents. Ask your reputable Mexican dental office for an insurance reimbursement form and pre-op xrays. These are the X-rays taken before any procedure is performed.

#4: File a claim. Submit your insurance form along with your pre-op xrays. Once your claim is approved, your policy provider will send you a reimbursement check directly. It’s that simple!

How to Use Dental Insurance in Mexico
Using your dental insurance in Mexico is quite different. You need to pay for the treatment first and get reimbursement later on.

It might seem like a lot of work. But it actually isn’t. It also comes with many other benefits. Let’s explore these.

Why Go to Mexico for Dental Work?

Going to Mexico for dental work gives you many benefits. Here are some of them.

#1. Significantly lower costs of dental work: You can save up to 50–70% on costs for your dental implants in Mexico. Plus, you get reimbursed for the covered procedures by your insurance.

TIP: We have negotiated preferred pricing with our trusted partner dentists in Mexico. They’ve agreed to give you an additional 3–10% discount on what they charge their regular patients for common procedures.

#2. Treatments from US-trained and recognized dentists: Trusted and reputable Mexico dentists are just as good as your local dentists. Many of them come from top institutions like NYU, UCLA, Loma Linda, and UPenn.

Some of these dentists are even renowned speakers, post-graduate school professors, and organizational leaders. They are recognized and respected by their fellow dentists. All these ensure that your dental implants are done with precision and care.

TIP: Dentists within the Dayo Dental network are some of Mexico’s top 5% dentists. They are former and current professors, guest speakers, and oragnization leaders who set the forefront of dentistry. For example, Dr. Ever De La Toba is the founder and instructor of cosmetic and implant dentistry courses. He has trained US dentists on All on 4 procedures.

#3. Guarantees for dental work: Many Mexico dentists offer guarantees for their work. You can always go back and have them fix your dental implants for free. This type of guarantee is uncommon in some US dentists.

TIP: All our partner dentists in Mexico offer a 5-Year Guarantee. You can have the peace of mind that your investment is protected

#4. Faster appointments and turnaround times: In the US, you need to see an oral surgeon in a separate office from your general dentist. Getting an appointment can take weeks. Plus, you might also need to wait 3 to 6 weeks for the surgery.

However, many trusted dental offices in Mexico have different in-house specialists. You can have implant surgery the day after your consultation.

Why Go to Mexico for Dental Work
Getting your dental implants done Mexico offers many benefits. You can save on costs and get quality dental work too.

Are you ready to enjoy your new smile with the help of your dental insurance? Don’t let the cost of dental work stop you.

Contact us today at 877-987-3296 to book your free consultation. We’ll pair you up with one of Mexico’s top 5% implant dentists. We’ll help you maximize your dental benefits to get your dream smile.

Dayo Dental 5 Year Guarantee

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