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We'll make it easy for you to get Safe, Affordable, and Superior dental care in Mexico
Why Choose Dayo Dental?
  • 5-Year Guarantee
    You receive a 5-year Peace of Mind Guarantee from the Algodones dentists. As a Dayo Dental client, you protect your health investment.
  • Our Service is Free
    Dayo Dental's service is free to you from start to finish. No commitment, no cost. Let us explore what Dayo Dental can do for you.
  • Preferred Pricing
    You pay a lower price than what the dentists normally charge. You get discounts up to 7%. Price shopping? With Dayo Dental, you get both elite dentist and the best price.
  • Patient Advocate
    We help you manage your dental care. Dayo Dental tracks your dental case from start to finish. We even help you resolve any issues you may have.
  • Pre-Screened Dentists
    We’ve done the pre-screening for you, and selected only the top 5% dentists. Dentist are pre-qualified for experience, up-to-date training, and safety and infection control practices.
  • Zero-Mistake Policy
    Any dentist that receives 3 major and verifiable complaints is removed from the network. Dayo Dental takes your guesswork out of finding a dentist you can trust.
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