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Affordable and modern dentistry in TJ
Dr. Ceballos has one of the most modern dental facilities in Tijuana that are fully compliant with American Dental Association (ADA) guidelines for safety and infection control practices
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Dr. Ceballos taught theory and live hands-on training for the installation of crowns, bridges, veneers, and dentures. University of Mexico Tech. 1984-1986.          
Dr. Ceballos discussed technological evolution of dental implants to the group of dentist and specialists. Dr. Ceballos, one of the pioneers in dental implant technology in Tijuana, keeps up to date on the latest innovations in dental implant restorations from the US. College of Oral Implantology in Baja, California. 2010.          
This conference highlights the newest materials used in dental implants. Soft and hard tissue management, saving bones using implants, teeth-in-a-day procedures, and extreme makeover techniques. The Nobel Biocare World Conference. Las Vegas, Nevada. 2005.          
Advancements in Nobel Biocare systems for cosmetic dentistry and dental implant restorations. Implant site restoration and bone grafting material innovations. Yorba Linda, CA. 2003.          
Dr. Ceballos received training and regularly audited dental facilities in Tijuana for OSHA guidelines and ADA (American Dental Association) quality and infection control practices for American insurance qualification of each dental facility.          
This is a 6 month comprehensive course includes the best practices in catering to the needs of medical and dental patients travelling outside the country for health and dental care. Autonomous University of Baja California, 2010.          

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